23yr Old - GC - Looking for Some New Boobs :) - Surgeon Suggestions?

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Hello, This site has been so helpful to my...

This site has been so helpful to my journey toward some lovely new assets I thought I should contribute. It might also give me a good outlet because if my boyfriend has to hear one more thing about boobs I think he might cry. After years of wanting and wishing I have decided to start the process and get me some new boobies. I'm 23yrs old - 10B , 160 cm, 46kg, no kids , living on the Gold Coast in Queensland. I have saved all of the money I need and its really just about finding the right surgeon and making the right choices so I can be boobalicious.

So far I have booked a consult with Dr Phil Richardson - due to take place on 5/11/14. This one is going to cost me $150, which I can pay on the day. The annoying thing for me about the consult was although Dr Richardson performs surgery on the Gold Coast he only consults in Fortitude Valley and North Lakes - so i'm gunna have to road trip for that one. I decided to have a looky with Dr Richardson because I know some girls with killer racks and sure enough he is their surgeon. I have also read some not so great reviews on him so I'll have to see the vibe I get and let you know. I see some people don't find him to be very personable which kinda worries me because I can be a bit shy when I am not confident in my environment (aka have my boobs out in front of a stranger) and I don't want to miss any info cause i'm to nervous to prompt him on things.

I have also contacted Esteem Medispa on the Gold Coast their surgeon is Dr Terrance Scamp. I only emailed today and i'm waiting to hear back. Dr Scamp wasnt even on my radar at all and then I stumbled across some before and after pictures of his I liked and thought i'd give him a go on that basis. I think he also has one of those vectra machines so you can see a profile of what you will look like after surgery, and because i'm totally lost on the whole size issue this would be helpful. I have hear Dr Scamp is quiet matter - of - fact, which might not be so bad because I can be pretty indecisive.


I've also sent off and online assessment to 'cosmeditour' on the Gold Coast. This company does trips to Thailand (which I am not comfortable doing - even though i've some beautiful results) but they now offer a deal on the Gold Coast - $6880 for breast augmentation. The deal is that a more junior surgeon does your surgery under the supervision of Dr Layt or Dr Luke Stradwick (both of whom I was seriously considering seeing/going with). I'm a bit unsure about this because it seems like good value - but I don't really want to be taking short cuts/cheaping out with my boobs - or any other part of my anatomy. I'm going to see the advice I get and compare it to the others so I can better judge if theres any compromise for the lower price.

I'd really appreciate any suggestions of other surgeons or feedback on the ones I mentioned. I'll pop some 'before' pictures up aswell so everyone knows what i'm working with!

Update on consults!

So I thought I'd write an update on my progress so far! I wasn't able to go with cosmeditour as I wasn't considered a 'standard case' because I have mild ptosis (aka sagging) :(

But I have had a consult with Dr Richardson and one booked next week with Dr Scamp.

The consult with Dr Richardson was a pretty confusing experience to be honest. We ran through the basics very quickly - we agreed an incision under the breast fold and he recommended a textured round silicon implant which I was happy with. He didnt think the ptosis was significant enough to warrant a lift and that implants should help. My breast are uneven (well everyone's are) so he recommended 40cc more in one implant. Then we got to sizing - and I was lost! He didn't really offer a recommendation and I wasn't sure what sizes I was trying on - I do understand choice of size is a personal decision but I would have liked a recommendation and then to go from there (aka see if it was to big or small) . So as a result I've come out confused with no idea about size! I was quoted 10,200 for the whole shebang. I am defiantly going to need another consult if I do go with him and I think I'll take someone to help me with size cause I felt so out of my depth in that department despite living and breathing boobs for the last 3 months. Dr richardson seems lovely and a competent doctor but I suppose I was hoping for more guidance because this is a big decision and he is the expert. I have a consult with Dr Scamp next week so I'll see how that goes. Maybe it was just me being
nervous who knows lol. How was everyone else's experience?

Found 'the one' aka my surgeon! :)

Well today I had my consult with Dr Scamp and I definitely left with a spring I my step! He was really through and informative - in comparison to Dr Richardson he did heaps of measurements and drew on me etc. I got to have a look at the 3D Vectra machine so i could see what they'd look like (uhhh big!!!) and he helped guide me to a size I was happy with - this consult felt like a breeze and I left feeling confident and not confused and unsure. I tried on the sizers and was happy - 375cc round textured silicon, under the muscle high profile. I felt really comfortable and didnt feel pressured Dr Scamp was down to earth and went through everything with me in detail. He was realistic in explaining my left breast is a different shape to the right and that this will be the same after surgery - he said that the actual size difference isn't significant it's the shape and he took photos so he could show me. He said there was a bit of sag but nothing he'd worry about just yet. I feel really at ease and confident with Dr Scamp he spent a good 40 minutes with me in comparison to my last consult that was 15 minutes. And the consult was free...not $150 like my last one! My quote is about $7361 - plus hospital and anaesthesit it's rounds up to about $9500. So I've just got to check dates with work for leave but I'm looking at the 21/01/15 for my new rack! There were dates on the 17th and 18th of December but I don't wanna be out of action for Christmas so I'll stick with January I think :)

Seven days post op!

Thought I'd write a quick update as I just returned from my first post operative appointment and all seems to be going well. I had my surgery last Wednesday - was admitted at 6:00am and home by 11:30/12:00 with the new girls. Everything went like clockwork, I had my surgery at Pacific Private in Southport on the Gold Coast and the staff were lovely and made for an easy experience. I might give you a little timeline overview of my recovery:

Day One (day of surgery)
*Admitted at 6:00am - home by 11:30am/12:00pm. Implants felt very tight and high, given pethadine in my IV and couldn't feel any pain. Threw up once upon arriving home (after eating some dry crackers) so I laid off the food and pretty much slept the rest of the day.

Day Two
*Woke up and my chest felt less tight, but by midday I took some Endone before this I had only taken Panadine Forte for the pain. The pain wasnt so bad when i was lying down propped up and not moving but getting up and walking was a struggle. My boyfriend had to push my back so I could get up. I was able to manage the toilet by myself (much to my boyfriends relief lol).
*In the evening I started to feel quiet sick and threw up everything I had eaten - you realise how many muscle are in your chest when its heaving as you throw up ! I was a bit naughty and after consulting Dr Google (I know - terrible!) I took some phenergen that I already had as I know it helps with nausea. This did the trick and I was able to take my pain medication and not throw up.
* Discomfort continues, still not so bad when lying down within minimal movement but getting up and walking is a challenge. Moving my arms upwards isn't really an issue and my postoperative instructions encourage this so I try to do it abit. I continue to take pain meds - including Endone and do a lot of sleeping
*My first day trip! I feel a bit more like a normal functioning human being today so I decide to go out for breakfast with my boyfriend. I also have my first proper shower - no more baby wipes. My post operative instructions say i can shower normally (from day one) by i still cover up my incisions with a a plastic bag because I'm paranoid. The shower experience is bitter sweet lovely to be properly clean but painful to execute. As we walk to breakfast I begin to feel tired (real quick) and the new puppies are feeling really heavy and akward, I feel better when we sit down and enjoy a meal. This little adventure really takes it out of me and I need a lie down when we get home. My surgeon hasn't had me in a bra since day dot and i'm beginning to think about getting a sports bra because of the weight and discomfort.
* I sleep in my bed for the first time, not on the couch. I'm still propped up by a tower of pillows but I wake up at 3 in the morning with the WORST back pain from a few solid days of sleeping on an angle. I then go to sleeping on one pillow flat on my back, which helps with the back pain and i have no issues comfort wise.
* Nothing much new happens today pretty similar to the previous day. I'm pretty much off my pain medication. Its still uncomfortable and the girls are really tight ,high and heavy. They also have a funny shape and are quiet boxy at the top - I try keeping a good sense of humour about it and pray for them to drop so I don't look like frankenboob.

* My boyfriend/ nurse goes back to work today and I realise how tiring it is to do everything by myself. I do a bit of sleeping, today I feel like i've been knocked back a few pegs because i get tired and sore, possibly for going for to much to soon.

DAY SEVEN (today!)
* I have my first post op appointment and everything seems to be going well. My dressing are changed and I get tape put on the incisions - I have to continue putting this tape on for 2-3 months. Still no bra (I'm told I can wear a soft sports bra) as my implants need to drop - so I'm gunna try to tough it out braless as much as I can cause I wanna see some dropping action. I'm not told to massage or anything like that - I can buy a normal bra in five weeks! I make another appointment for a months time.
* I drove to this appointment and I would say if you have another option to get to this appointment take it because it was a painful little experience. I wasn't unbearable but I would have preferred not to do it.
* Sleeping on my back is getting a bit harder (I'm a tummy sleeper) but I'm still managing with some tossing and turning.
* The girls still feel tight and a bit like they are 'sticky taped' onto my chest - can't wait til they feel normal
* The bottom of my boobs feels like its softening but the tops are still rock solid!

Overall the recovery pain has been better than I expected - i'd explain it as uncomfortable and discomfort rather than pain and agony but i'm sure the pain meds helped me with that! I'll upload 3 pics - the first one is day 4, then day 6 then day 7. I cant really notice any difference but its early days!

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