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After thinking about doing a breast augmentation...

After thinking about doing a breast augmentation for so many years I decided it is finally time! I'm Swedish but currently live in Australia. I had a consultation with a very good Swedish plastic surgeon about 3 years ago, but since I was at the moment living and working in Norway there was never a good time for me to do it. When me and my partner moved to Australia a year and a half ago we decided I would do one before I started looking for jobs here. We went to The Cosmetic Institute (TCI) in Gold Coast to meet Dr Nguyen, and that consultation really put me and my partner off. I thought he was quite rude, and wouldn't let me know what size I was trying on and just rushed through the consultation. The smallest he said I could get was a D-E cup, which i thought sounded really weird as I am only an A cup at the moment. He tried to do some "locker room" talk with my partner, who is NOT that kind of guy, and just didn't "feel the room". In addition he made me feel quite stupid. English may not be my first language, I'm still pretty good tho after many years of studying and working in an english speaking environment, but I know one thing for sure and that is that I am not stupid. That he made me feel that way honestly made me feel a bit angry. We ended up cancelling the surgery with him straight away.

Anyhow, a year has passed and my partner noticed I couldn't stop thinking about getting a BA. We therefore decided to do some more research, and found Dr Ces Colagrande on the Gold Coast. I had my consultation with him a week and a half ago, and oh my god were those consultations miles away. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable and patient. He went through everything in detail, were interested in hearing what I was after, and discussed how we could achieve the results I was hoping for. Me and my partner just looked at each other in disbelief of how those consultations were just worlds apart. I decided on 395cc anatomical "furry" Brazilian implants, which is the largest size he recommends due to the small area I have between my nipple and my fold on my right breast. I'm happy going with brazilian implants as they have a lower risk of CC. I've got my surgery scheduled for the 21st of November, which is just a little bit more than a week away! The price ended up being almost twice as expensive, but since it is surgery I'd rather pay more and feel confident in my surgeon. Anyhow, I've attached some before photos and photos trying my sizers on. Today I'm a 34A, and Dr Ces believes I will end up being a D-cup after surgery.

PO day 1

So yesterday I had my surgery with Dr Ces in Brisbane, and everything went super smooth. I have never had surgery before, but all the staff was so nice and friendly that I didn't get nervous. I usually hate needles, but even the anaesthesia went well without me getting worried. I woke up with some pain and was given pain relief through the IV plus a pill. After a short while when the pain had decreased I was given some food and drink. I have drains in both my breasts, and the nurses went through how they work with me and my partner. I haven't been in a lot of pain, it's more like discomfort. My chest muscles hurt when I move around, but as long as I'm in bed I feel pretty good. My boyfriend has been taking a wonderfully good care of me as well. So far I am really happy with the process and so glad I went with the biggest size implants I could, as I don't feel as if they're overly big on me.
Dr. Ces Colagrande

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