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Hello World! I know that everything I say here has...

Hello World!
I know that everything I say here has already been said by so many women on this site.
I first met with my plastic surgeon Sept last year, I've lost 20kg in weight since then and this has now slowed but I am trying to loose another 8-14lb before surgery. As the weight loss has slowed it I will be happy with another half a stone and then maintain.
Touched base with the surgeon again at the end of May and have now set a date at the end of September.
As a nurse, I have to reconcile myself to the fact I am putting myself through a fairly extensive operation but the Flab.... well its just not going and now following the weight loss is just saggier flab.
Its got to go.
I cannot tell you how excited I feel at that prospect, how the thought of regaining a proportioned shape will affect my life or my self esteem. If you are reading this... you will know what I mean.
I love the web site 'tuck that tummy'. Have read every page many times. Have been searching Utube for personal stories and WOW! there are some amazing ladies out there.
So here I am at what is probably the serious start to this journey. Three months to D-Day.
Open to any great tips you have for me. I'll be checking in here often!

Things I didn't know 3 days ago

So I've been chatting with a few peeps on the site and reading loads too.
I feel I am gaining an education!
Hopefully for the better.
I have learnt about Experol - sounds great.
Does anyone know if it is used in the UK?
And I've learnt what a "go girl" is!!!

I knew my TT experience was going to be enlightening but apparently in ways I could never predict lol!

10 weeks today

It is creeping round slowly. Got my surgical confirmation date yesterday. Beginning to feel real!
Trying to loose another few pounds pre-op however e r the take out pizza the family had was too tempting...... back to being good today :s

Last chat with Surgeon

So excited. No actually, excited is not the word, more like a relief that in one month I will emerge from behind the skin and find me again.
Yes, the road ahead is tough.
Yes, I'm going to be sore.
Yes, I will be in Swell Hello.
But you know what?
That will pass, like a butterfly shedding its cocoon.
It's almost time.

Time to be

It needs to go my needs to go!

7 days post operative

Swollen post photos. Despite this I am so happy. Rejoice with me xxx

3.5 weeks post surgery pictures

Well I am back to work tomorrow having been off 3 and a half weeks.
I feel very lucky that I have had minimal problems throughout.
Drains were removed after 16 hours, no seroma, walking normally by end of first week, minimal pain relief after 2 days.
I have had a small superficial skin infection over the centre of my scar line but that resolved with a short course of antibiotics but that is why there is a small dressing present.
My belly button looks slightly heart shaped and I think that's rather cute, I may or may not, chose to round it out.
I knew from the outset that I was not going to achieve a washboard tum and I am rather relieved that I a small bit of podge. As I told my surgeon pre-op I was happy to pinch an inch. ...I just didn't want to pinch 10 inches.
I am so unbelievably happy with my result. For the first time in 25 years I am in proportion. I tried several dresses on and instead of being stretched across my stomach in a fat swag they fell straight and swung sexilly.
To all of you who have made it to the flat side - I salute you my sisters and brothers.
To all of you embarking on this journey - welcome, we have gone before you, we have stood where you are standing right now and we are standing taller and prouder than ever.

Two months gone already

Today I had my check up with my plastic surgeon and it was really good, really pleased with the effects of the liposuction and tummy tuck looking amazing. I had very realistic expectations about what I would be able to chip achieved from the surgery and the use of been surpassed. I've seen a lot of comments from a lot of ladies you seem very disappointed with the results I have to say I am not one of them. I think it's really important if you can find yourself an honest surgeon who is prepared to give you the truth about what you can achieve, mine did that for me and I am very grateful. So with no further ado....I post my 8 weeks photos.

Seasons Greetings

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, my brave and flat-sided friends.

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