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I went to see Dr. Rachel in Glenview and schedule...

I went to see Dr. Rachel in Glenview and schedule procedure in June. I am working and have commitments so it is not easy to find free time and I wanted to have at least 4-6 weeks. Now I am thinking about my eyes since I will be there already and not sure about recovery. any suggestions to do it together?

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I've decided to see few more doctors just to make sure and after each visit I was more and more comfortable to go back to Dr. Rachel. Also with other doctors there are additional information and some of it was very educational. So I went back to Dr. Rachel and we decided that summer may not be best time of the year for me. In addition to that I ask him to look at my entire face and tell me what he would do if I was his wife or someone he cared about. He did say that my eyes are not real bad but since I am doing it he will do them the same time - especially upper eyelid. He also suggested to do Lipo with Harvest - something I did not consider. He would extract my fat and process it and injected when needed around face and lips. He will also freeze remaining of the fat so I can add more during the year. He thinks I need fat in my cheeks but will go slow since it can be added anytime within next 12 months. They will keep my fat in freezer and add at later time. He suggested to do it all in one step since it will be considerable large savings and definitely one recovery. I am taking his advise and will be scheduling it week after Thanksgiving. I can work from home and don't have any plans for several months. I was concerned about recovery and Dr. Rachel suggested to send a nurse home with me for the first 24 hours to keep me company - help with ice, medication, stay with me all night and in the morning remove dressing and help me to take first shower. That sounds real wonderful and my husband is relived. He is scared about me doing all this but went with me to all doctors, like this doctor and promised to support me even if he thinks I am nuts and I don't need to do anything at all. I will post pictures once I figure how to do it. I am leaving for vacation in Europe next week and will be back in 3 weeks. I will then reserve my date and start countdown. I don't feel bad about spending money since it is for me to enjoy my face. I am 58 and slim and my face is sadly looking at me. I have million questions and started making list when I will see doctor. Good luck to all of you.
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So far I like this doctor and he is board certified and I had lots of research done.

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