Coolsclupting using new applicator on Upper Arms 39 Y.o in calgary.

Always in my life I feel my arms are huge as if I...

Always in my life I feel my arms are huge as if I am a heavy lifter athlete who gained weight. Even in my thinnest these arms still show fully nutrient thanks to maternal gene. I am 5'3" and 134.8 lbs now 7 months post partum and can't wait till finish lactating to get this issue tackled. Measured around 33 cm on my arm currently hoping to shade lots of fat in this area.

Here are my pics before the coolsclupting using zeltic new applicator 35 mins each.

24 hrs post procedure

Hello, it's 24 hrs post procedure as I am writing this. Right after the procedure it was kind of stiff on treated area. I felt a bit sore at night especially being touched. Nothing major.

Photos right after procedure

They measured me prior to the procedure of course but I am sceptical because of the way she took the measurement. She rolled the tape so loose and read it not at the point the tape first touch each other but she read it after it overlap, I will measure my arms separately later today.

1 week post procedure

Am I halusinating? I find the arm measurements r going down!

Today left; right :
32/31.3/30 ; 32.5/31.2/30.3
None of them 33 cm
So I am going down about 1 cm ? Omg!

But unfortunately the picture doesn't show any reduction in size so I cannot visualize this 1 cm.

I will check again next week. I am still not convince.
Trish-coolsclupting technician

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