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Hi. I'm a guy aged 24'from Singapore. I'm 6'1 and...

Hi. I'm a guy aged 24'from Singapore. I'm 6'1 and used to weigh about 332 pounds. I'm current 193 pounds, lost around 139 pounds over the past 3 years. I was glad to see i am losing so much weight with proper dieting and exercising which means I am becoming a healthier and more confident person however at the same time i realize at my tummy area it has left me a very ugly and unappealing thick saggy skin as well as at my under arm and inner tighs. After much consideration and having my parent's support, I have decided to go for this operation although I am so fear of the post op's tough time but I believe after the tough time there will be a rainbow awaiting for me.

I'm done with my operation on 5/8/13. It lasted 6 hours. And right now it's my 2nd day after the operation. I still haven't got down the bed and I'm still on drains. It's pretty inconvenient since I'm having 2 on my arms and 2 on my tummy. I hope this will be over real soon. I am very looking forward to be back to my normal life and of course to see the final result of my tummy and arm.

Po 1st day

Lying on the hospital bed for the whole entire day... Feeling drowsy and scared... Can't and afraid of moving much due to inexperienced on handling the 4 tubes on my body. Most Part of the body are still having numbness guess the GA hasn't subside. Had dressing in the tummy changed.. The feeling it's kind of creepy and disgusting but it wasn't that bad after all.. What I can say is bearable :) I begin to miss my normal life like running and gyming with my friends and started thinking was it a wrong choice to have begin with the surgery in the first place however all these thoughts vanished whenever I kept myself reminded that I will be able to fit in clothes nicely in the future. Achieving a nicer body will be do- able without the loose saggy skin. More motivation to hit the gym as goals are foreseeable and reachable unlike before the surgery. Personally I think that having a more positive thoughts would be Important as it will keep you hanging on and bite through the tough days easier. Lastly I am so so so glad that my best friend came with flowers and fruits, was very delighted and feeling so much better.

Po 2nd day

The moment I woke up, I felt my appetite was back. I am able to finish my entire breakfast and feeling abit better than yesterday. Was alone in the ward for the entire day. Still bed ridden wasn't moving yet as I fear that I might tear any of my stitches on the tummy and arms. Back feeling super ache yet not able to move to ease the ache was pretty sucky and annoying. Just the moment to feel the lowest of my day, my nurse came telling me that I am able to remove my drains on my arms, It feels great to hear that but at the same time the creepy sensation came across my mind too. My nurse was very patient and caring Throughout the process of removing the drains and changing the dressing on my arms, it definitely minimize as much pain as it could be. After slight mental and physical struggle finally everything was done and I really felt more relaxed with my arms being able to move about. 2 Drains down and 2 more to go!! :)

Po 3rd day

Beginning to feel the swell and bruise sensation on my arms and tummy. Whenever i move or stretch to an extent It feels like there's bruise pain on the veins. I feel the my entire body was very stiff perhaps due to continuously bed ridden for days. To prevent it get worst I decided to attempt on getting out of the bed.. Few nurses came and encourage me both physically and mentally... Its pretty tough to get out of the bed due to surgery on both at my arms and tummy... The only few body parts I can rely on are my legs and back. I can say that today is my toughest day so far. After soo much of struggle, finally I am able to get myself seated to a chair. Rested awhile and I continue...tried to stand and sit to get my leg's muscle warmed up and begin to small walk around my ward.. Couldn't stand up straight not sure why but I feel so much. Able to walk to my bathroom and wash my face and brush my teeth .. It feels awesome! Mentally was much more stable after that. Feel proud of myself and I must also thank the nurses who are there with me.

Po 4th day

Unsure when to get discharge... Additional of looking forward to time get pass faster was terrible. The moment I woke up, I started staring at the clock hoping it ticks faster...every min to me is like an hour this is horrifying... I knew I have to do something to stop this negative thoughts.. I decided to get myself out of the ward and go to the nearest outdoor. I went to the sky park and found myself a most comfortable spot to settle down. This sit lasted for 7 hours until was told to return back to consume my dinner and medicine. During the time seated at the sky park, I felt most relaxed and chilled ever. Never look forward for time to pass faster anymore at the same time able to look at some usual things at a different angle. This is pretty amazing I guess... For instance when i starred into the sky..the movement of the clouds seems very graceful and It gave me a peace sensation to my mind.. Looking at parents bringing their kids to the garden gave me a warm feeling..all these emotions and thoughts are things I am so sure i won't understand before the surgery. I begin to see the need to have someone beside you, it can be a soul mate or even a good friend who you can share your happiness and sadness to and wealth does not necessarily bring happiness but health do..

Thought it will be another night in the ward again after my dinner.. However things changed.. My doctor came and visit me.. After looking at my wounds and etc, he said you can discharge tomorrow... Woooo woooo this is exciting and something I am looking forward to since day 1.. :) :) :) I am soo happy even I have to go home with the 2 drains on my tummy!!

3 years back till present...

past & present

Po 5th day

Today is a exciting day... I woke up with a positive mood. The moment I'm awake I alerted the nurse telling her that I wish to take a shower myself and it was granted. Having the first time of brushing my teeth, washing my hair and cleaning up myself throughout the stays was awesome! I feel the energy has return. After learning how should I manage my drains and how to wear my clothes with the tubes kept well inside, I am free to go woo woo!! Finally the day has arrive and officially I'm discharge.

Post 6th day

Feeling good to be at home although it's quite a tough night for me to settle my sleep on a non adjustable bed. Couldn't find a comfortable spot to be on... Most positions to me felt uneasy as there's like a strechy sensation on my lower tummy .. It's pretty creepy haha.. Perhaps I maybe too paranoid to such sensation. Adjusting myself for a pretty long duration until unknowingly I give in to my fatigue and finally I am asleep through the night.

Po7th day

Went back to visit my PS... Wasn't able to remove my drains yet but was given compressed's pretty up tight to wear it but it kind of lesser pain after wearing it perhaps the compression helps a lot.

My arms are healing pretty well i guess as I don't have to wrap thick compressed bandage around it anymore.. :) guess my arms are just waiting to get the stitches remove.. :)

Po 8th day

Have wore the given compression binder for a whole entire day.... Although it may feel compressed on the tummy and stuffy feeling but other than these it's pretty comfortable... I find it less pain sensation after wearing it. Shall continue wearing it for the next few months :) as long it can shape out a good body, why not haha? After all already been through the surgery.. Haha

Po 9th day

It was a bad day but there's nothing got to do with the operation.. I developed a very bad constipation fecal impaction. This is extremely exhausting and miserable. It brings me so much pain far more than my operation. I had to get myself to the nearest hospital for manually evacuation :(.. After a painful night.. Finally I think I'm alright. Hope it doesn't affect my operation's result... On the side note... Each day I'm feeling less pain on my incision line.. It gets better each day!! May this continue till I'm fully recover!

Po 10th day

Drain is out already! Just went to visit my ps.. He said wounds are healing pretty well, there's no infection or any minor complication so far.. Able to remove stitch next Tuesday. It's pretty ouch to remove drain however I manage to pull it through haha. I can feel the freedom now! On a side now I've gained like 7 - 8 pounds right after the surgery till now... I am sure that it wasn't caused by impulsive eating during these 10 days because I am eating real healthy... The weight hasn't gone down yet not sure why? What's wrong man!!

Po 11th day

When the drains are out, it really feel so much difference. Convenience to the max is the only words I can say :). I'm pretty alright with the results of my surgery... Scars and wounds are healing fast. Not much of complication so far but the only worry I have now is the arm lift on my left. As I'm having slight problem when stretching it fully straight.. There's a tightness sensation inside, not sure is the nerve,vein or tendon that caused it... I hope this problem will be cured as time goes by...

Po 12th day

Hello everyone..I'm 2 more days to get my stitches removed! This is a good news to me! As i have pull it through for almost 2 weeks since the surgery day! :) right now I am only waiting for speedy recovery so I could get back to my normal life. I miss myself from wearing on my favourite running shoe.. Run around my area.. Hit the gym... My favourite sport badminton and etc. I miss to perspire! The only time I get to perspire now is when I'm on my compression binder and then the climate is sizzling hot. Is good to see my upper abdominial's swell has gone lesser.. I hope my lower abdominal's swell will be gone ASAP! I can't wait to see the final result! But then I'm only at my 2nd week.. Still a long way to go. Nevertheless I will be patient as long I get to see good result :)

PO 13th day

able to go school like usual! just that having the compression blinder in it.. it's kind of suffocating and slight discomfort as it will caused itchiness due to heat i guess... bear with it is all i can say...

PO 14th day

have my stitch removed! was introduce on laser treatment to accelerate and recover the scars faster.. not cheap but still considering.. after all been through a major surgery already.

Po 16th day

Decided to go for laser treatment to improve my scars around... Hoping the scars able of getting back to as original as possible. And swell swell swell please go away~~
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