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So I am probably one of the younger ones on here...

So I am probably one of the younger ones on here who has gotten this treatment. I'm only 16, but I have had a hair problem ever since I hit puberty, which was when I turned 11. I live in California, where it is hot most of the time, so shorts and skirts are the perfect things to wear year round. Unfortunately, I have a lot of body hair that prevents me from having the confidence to wear cute shorts and skirts. Basically I'm just a hairy beast! Every time after I shave my legs, they still have black dots on them and they get prickly after 8 hours! I also can never get smooth underarms; they are always prickly even right after I shave them! I think that is mainly because I'm too lazy to actually shave properly, but nonetheless, I am fed up with my hair problem!

I have been researching laser hair removal for about 1 year, but 2 months ago I finally convinced my mom to let me get it. Keep in mind that she did not pay for all of it. I wish she did though! We agreed that I would pay for half, which is gonna be expensive, but in the end, hopefully worth it!

About 1 month ago I got my first treatment on my lower legs. I'm not gonna lie; It really hurt, but beauty takes pain, right? The hair started falling out a little after 2 weeks. About 40-50% of the hair has fallen out now! I'm so happy. My legs still get prickly pretty easily and I still have black dots, but I'm hoping those will disappear after my treatments! Cross your fingers!

I also am going to get my upper thighs and underarms treated soon. In the future I would also like to get my arms treated as well, but I don't have enough money :( But my birthday is coming up...take note mom! Also, when I turn 18 I would also like to get the brazilian treatment for my bikini line, but that's a whole different story. I'm just focusing on my legs and underarms now.

I will try to post pictures 2-3 weeks after each treatment and give updates about my progress. I'm really excited about this treatment and I am looking forward to having smooth skin! :)

Today I got my second laser hair removal treatment...

Today I got my second laser hair removal treatment on my lower legs and my first on my underarms. It still did hurt a lot, but not as much as the first time, which I was happy about. I took 2 tylenol about 1 1/2 hours before the treatment, and that definitely helped. I also chewed gum and squeezed a tennis ball during the treatment. My mom was in the room with me and she was quizzing me on SAT vocab words, which helped distract the pain. I think my legs hurt more than my underarms, but both areas were pretty painful. The area right above my ankles and the area by my shins hurt the most.

After the treatment I noticed I had bright pink blotches on my legs, but not on my underarms. I asked my technician about it, and she said it was normal and that it would subside within 48 hours. The weird thing is that 30 minutes after the treatment, the pink blotches did subside. I wish I took a picture of them. My legs are still a bit red now, but that's normal.

I'm excited to see the results! :)
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