39 Mother of Two, TT, abdominal repair & Flank Lipo.

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It's been 20 years since I've been able to show my...

It's been 20 years since I've been able to show my stomach. My stretch marks and ugly belly button have always made me self conscious. Looking forward to being able to wear any top I fall in love with. Happy 40th birthday to me!

I can't began to explain how many times I caught myself pulling down my shirt when ever a hard breeze came by. How many times I was the girl with a tang top over my bikini top. And worst that loose jiggling skin that found its way out of my jeans. :(

This site has been so much help. I feel normal reading up on all these amazing women going through similar emotions.

Nervous yet excited!!!!


I'm 5'8, 172 pounds, 39 years old and have two children.
When I gave birth to my daughter 21 years ago I got the worst case of stomach stretch marks. Then 13 years ago after I gave birth to my son that sealed the deal with saggy skin and a bulky stomach. I'd have to admit I have gained some wait. My usual weight has been around 145 - 150. So as of July of last year I've gained weight. Ouch.....

But never the less the dream of tightening up my saggy stretched up tummy, is finally going to come true!

Here are some pre op picture's.

Pre OP appointment

Ok so I went in for my pre op appointment. So far so good, TT still scheduled for March 18th.
The nurse asked me if I was excited and I told her I wasn't excited nor nervous. Well she said it will all hit me in due time.

I think I may be holding back on my emotions in attempts to not freak out! Hahaha But I am happy my dream is finally coming true.

Ok I'm counting down the days.

Really can't wait for my TT. Tired of looking and worst feeling my saggy tummy. Last night I was sitting on my couch snuggling with my yorkie on my lap. I reach forward for my cup of coffee and I actually pushed my dog off my lap. I laughed as my dog looked at me all confused. lol

I explained to him that soon mama won't knock him off her lap. Hahaha crazy yorkie Mami!

My boyfriend just looks at me is not being too supportive but I guess it's ok. He doesn't agree with it but keeps his opinions to himself. Hopefully he will lighten up after the surgery. I know I said I want feeling nervous or anxious yet. And I guess I'm not but I am feeling annoyed the day is not here sooner. And I know I'm not ready to come home after the surgery. I don't have a recliner, a toilet seat booster and what's worst I only have four pillows. Oh well it will have to do. Crossing fingers and hoping I can suck it up.

Made it to the flat side.

Well all I can day is time heals all. Still feel sore, don't have a recliner so getting on and off my bed is a mission. Happy healing.


Well I guess it's time to play the waiting game. The drains are on my last nerves. Hopefully they will be removed on Tuesday. I haven't clearly scene my scar. I have all this tape and dressing. But so far it looks great. I peeked at my belly bottom!! Very cute, it's perfect. All my stretch marks have now moved under my belly bottom. So far so good, happy healing to all!


Yippy got a glympse of my BB. It looks just like I remember. I am able to walk around. I washed my hair,legs, feet and arms. And had to use a Wipey to clean the rest. Got a little tired. But I was so happy to have clean hair that it inspired me to make breakfast. Well in the end I'm pooped. Can't wait to take out these drains.


Well today is officially the 6th day. Everyday gets better. I wish I could take off this itchy thing! Tomorrow is my doctors appt. hopefully he will remove my drains. I'm barely draining anything. Emptied it last night around 9 and it only had 10ml.
This morning it had 6ml on each one.

I haven't been able to see my scar yet. The doctor put some thick dressing on it. He said he will replace with thin one tomorrow. Can't wait. I'm excited last Thursday he cleaned the cut and I was able to see along my pubic area. The cut looked so thin! :-)

Crossing fingers for tomorrow's appointment. I guess my only worry is that I can't feel the middle of my tummy. It's weird. Has a nice color but it's numb.

I will post pictures as soon as I can. Happy healing everyone.

Removed my drains

Well my drains are gone. I feel much better. I have to admit, it wasn't what I expected. The doctor removed my left one, didn't hurt at all. Felt a little weird though. I could feel the drain move inside me. Then the nurse removed the right one. Oh boy, that one stung a bit. But not too bad, I think I was more nervous then anything.

I have to wear my garment for another month, not too bad.
So I took a picture of my incision. I was immediately sad when I remembered the doctor saying that it's too soon to see the final results. After all today is the 7th day of my journey on the flat side.

He did cut all the way down to my pubic area, so that's good. I'll take more pictures tomorrow.
Happy healing every one.

8 days and counting

Well this morning was the first time my doctor allowed me to take a full shower. It felt so weird to stand with out my garment.
I had purchased a shower seat and oh man how it came handy.
It really helped to relax and not put too much strain on my stomach muscles. Well as I showered my boy friend washed my garment. So I had to face a good couple of hours with it on. I spend most of the time laying on my couch with my legs on a couple of pillows. The nurse really scared me yesterday, she said to relax and walk minimal as possible for the next week. She said if I swell and develop liquid inside, the doctor will have to make a hole and squeeze around to remove it. Eeww Mind you they just removed my drains yesterday. Sounds scary, really trying to avoid that.
Well when I put my garment back on I felt more at ease. Happy healing everyone.

14 day mark

Well yesterday I saw my Doctor for the 14 day mark. He was very pleased to see how straight I was standing and how well I moved. He checked out my incision and felt it was healing just fine. He said to soap it up in the shower, put lotion on my tummy including incision. And wear compression garment 24/7. Oh and he said I can wear a spandex under my garment too. One week of no driving, he said I can go out and have dinner, go on minor activity adventures. But take it slow. And in two weeks I will be ready for Disneyland. Not that I am going to Disneyland but it's his way of explaining my rehab stage.

So I guess it's good eating, lots of water and taking it slow for the next week.

- wear my CG 24/7
- buy spandex
- take it easy
-no longer have pain
- minimal discomfort
- scabbing stage
- no itching thank God
- flanks are less swollen

Happy healing every one!

Tummy board

Hello everyone, I was hoping someone could help me on where I can find a good tummy board. I've found some online. A bit confused, some are bigger then others. I'm with great hopes that I can get some great suggestions from other that have used boards on here.
Thank you and happy healing.

23 days

Well I have to say I'm feeling much more stronger.

I can get out of bed with out help
Wear spanx and CG 24/7 air out my stomach for 20 minutes after daily shower.
Soap up incision with antibacterial soap. And lotion up right after shower.
Stop drinking pain medication at my 12 day mark.
Swelling seems to be going down. Although I get some swelling at end of day.
Walk around the block 3 times a day.
Had sex, carefully with CG for first time today. Had discomfort in abdominal area but nothing I couldn't handle.
Had two martini's yesterday for dinner. Did not swell.
Standing up much better, about 90%. Finding my breast and butt are coming back.
Scar looks thin, but gets darker by bedtime.
Belly button still has some scabbing, and seems to be getting smaller everyday. Still numb.
Still feel tightness after getting up after sitting for a while.
Sleep on bed but with two pillows under my legs.
Can sleep on right side. Still feels uncomfortable on left side.
Can stand for longer periods of time.
Do house work, do not lift laundry basket yet, or take out the trash.
Driving automatic car is ok, standard is a bit uncomfortable.
When laying flat on couch or bed I have to grab on what ever I can for support to get up.

Well happy healing everyone.


22 day pix

Coming along

Well every day is new to me. I see a difference every morning. It's amazing how our body works double time to heal.

Happy healing everyone.


Can't believe It's been a month!
Last week my pelvic area was swollen and it felt as if I had a huge bruise. I wasn't bruised just trying to describe the feeling.
I would massage my pelvic while laying down with two pillows under my legs. And let warm water run on swollen area during my shower.
Wore spandex and CG 24/7 and just like that yesterday I woke up with an in swollen pelvic and it no longer hurts.

Goes to show how fragile we are.
Please keep activities to a minimal.
I believe that I may of hurt myself by walking around for 3 hours at a car show. And I thought I was doing good by sitting and resting every now and then.

My body showed me who's boss.

Well good news is that everyday gets better. I have Minimal swelling at the end of the day

- started taking arnica montana (helps with swelling, muscle ache & stiffness) also reduces bruising.
- started taking graphites (helps reduce scars)
- taking garcinia cambogia (increases fat burning, curbs appetite to aid weight loss)

Now for those of you who are blessed to be skinny or lived in a gym before surgery. Well you obviously can do with out garcinia.
I started taking it because I can't work out as much as needed to burn fat. Now that I lost my tummy the rest of my body is mismatched and I need to loose my FAT! Lol

Walking around the block multiple times a day. Doing household chores, some light gardening, watching what I eat, and drinking water, fresh homemade juices. Combined with my vitamin intake has really shown improvement.

- today I showered with out shower seat. Relaxed and was careful when lifting legs. :)
- weight 173lbs day of surgery
This morning I weight 160.3lbs
- had sex extremely careful with out spandex or CG :) nervous yet relieved that I'm one step closer to getting back to normal.
- tried on clothes at the mall, used to wear size 13-15 dress, pants, shorts. Or size x large :/ yesterday I fit in size 10-12, median. And no gut!!

So it makes sense I'm 5'8".
- still get muscle spasms in the morning or after laying for a long time. Good news is it no longer hurts. Just feels uncomfortable.

- wore high heels for a couple of hours felt amazing but got tired and swollen real fast.
-still wash incision with antibacterial soap
-applying lotion is getting easier

For those of you who saw my pre op "jeans" picture. Well here are updated post op "Jean" pictures.

Btw although I tried on clothes I did not purchase any because I'm with great hopes I'll continue to loose weight and un swell.

Happy healing everyone!


Forgot pix

Feeling great

Well yesterday I went in to see my doc and he was very pleased with how well I'm healing. It's late and I'll be posting pictures tomorrow. But ladies please know the pain becomes less and less as time goes by. :) happy healing everyone!

Good bye CG

Well it's been a week since my Doctors follow up. He took my CG away and I have to say I was a bit worried. Well I've been wearing spandex so far so good. I walk around the house airing out my stomach a few hours a day. Have gotten swollen but believe it or not it's been a lot less then when I used to wear my CG. Weird but I'll take it.

I've been working out my hands and legs. Feeling GREAT!

-Still can't sleep on my stomach
-only put lotion and sun block on tummy
-still clean area with antibacterial soap
-I've worn a faja twice- very snug
-still feel sore at times
-have to hold on to something when I step onto high truck
-BB is turning red but looks healthy and it's becoming more round.
-my scar looks so thin


Well ladies it's been a while since I've checked in. I had a follow up appointment two weeks ago and sadly the doctor agreed I had a dog ear. I have to set up for a revision on January. Other then that everything is great! My biggest concern is lighting up my scar. Obviously the doc is going to cut the love handle area so I'm more focused on the rest of the scar. I started using a formula that seems to be floating around IG.
It's a mixture of awake and brilliant both products of Younique. Apparently awake helps clean and purify the area.. Then brilliant does the hard work... Starts to heal the skin. I only started two days ago.. So wish me luck!!!

BTW I purchased my products from my girl.

I'll keep you guys posted on my outcome????

Scar treatment

Well ladies not much has changed just trying to lighten up my scar.
Was meaning to start using some products I received but I haven't lol...

Ok so basically I am going to start using Awake + Brilliant and I will do a daily log on the progress. Hope it helps all of us find a great solution to lightening our scars.
Dr. David Kahng

Dr. Kahng has been very informative and patient with me. His bedside manners are incredible. Very attentive and answers any questions I may have. The staff is great too! I was very blessed to have found such a great staff. :-D

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