African American Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty

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So I am looking to get my nose done but I am doing...

so I am looking to get my nose done but I am doing a lot more research as to my previous elective surgeries because this is my face and it can't go wrong. I've did online consultations with three surgeons who are experts in rhinoplasty per say.. My first choice is dr Vladimir Grigoryants in Glendale, California. I love in North Carolina so I would have to fly out stay a total of 10 days. Can someone tell me about their experience with Dr Grigoryants ? Has anyone had a good experience with rhinoplasty in North Carolina ? I searched but did not see results like Dr G. Thank you for any advice !

Cast off tomorrow

My face blew up like a blowfish! I had surgery June 30th at HK centers in Huntsville with Dr Hunstad. I'm still very sore, bruised and swollen ... But not in pain to the point I need pain meds. This is my 4th surgery at HK and I've been satisfied with every one so far, I'm just anxious to see my nose. There were no before and after pictures for ethnic rhinoplasty but Dr Hunstad was rated top surgeon in America. The price seems a little steep but... I got an open rhinoplasty, he broke my nose, shaved the sides and added a piece of my own cartilage from my nose to make it come to a point. Also he cut my turbinates to improve my breathing which is the main reason I got my nose done. He did lipo to my lower back at the "V" to graft to my cheek because one of my cheek bones were higher then the other. Lastly he created dimples in my cheeks =)

So it was a total of 4 procedures.

7 days post op

I am still swollen but not as much as before, it's mostly my left cheek swollen where fat was grafted, that side of my face is tight and I'm hoping once that goes down some my nose won't look crooked... My tip and nose is swollen so it looks piggish and the surgeon said that was normal and my nose won't be so turned up after swelling subsides. On the other hand my breathing is on 1000%! Liposuction really hurts, my back is swollen and very sore. My neck pillow fell off my shoulders and hit my back ???? it was excruciating pain but still kind of numb. Ouch!

Almost 3 months post op !

Here is an updated picture of my new nose with most of not all of the swelling gone.
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