Excellent doctor/Injector, Medspa Front Service was anything but.

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I WALKED OUT IN TEARS. When: Friday, March...


When: Friday, March 29, 2013
Appointment: 12noon

I had 2 different experiences here that day. The very end/check out leaving me feeling like piece of trash, walking out the door.

I had spent over ten years of my young life in a really abusive relationship that left me far more aged than my years. Bad habits, and physical abuse can take a really bad effect on your face, even 2 years out of it. I decided this was the best place for great customer care and price.

I walked in, checked in with the receptionist, who was kind, and quickly checked me in and took me to the waiting room to fill out paperwork, and wait for the doctor. (Still didn't know who I was meeting).

In comes the Dr., he introduced himself to me and asked me to follow him. We went into the medical room, and I told him that It was my first time ever having a procedure, it was a special gift to myself, and that I wanted to take advantage of the check-in special that was on the Yelp app.

He looked at it, and said, "oh ok you want that one". He leaves, and returns to set up, and we decide that I don't need anything other than ice to numb me. He was very nice, but it did seem like he was in a hurry. So I took it upon myself to just ask a few things, seeing that what I was trying to achieve wasn't asked. I asked if the whole 1ml was going to be used (seeing that I'm paying for the entire 1 ml and I wanted obvious results). He said probably not, but I continued with "I don't want a modest look, I want a very full look). So he agreed kindly to just see how it turns out as we go.

He was super sweet, and paid close attention to how I felt, and the symmetry being well executed. He even brought me a banana and ice cold water when my low blood sugar threw me into a dizzy sweat mid session. Very appreciative of this, he didn't have to do that, but he did and that means a lot to me, especially on a very sensitive day like this one.

He was perfect, kind, gave me the EXACT result I was looking for and treated me with great care and like a human being. I have zero complaints there, and in fact know that he is indeed an excellent expert in his field. I hope that I can gather up the strength to return ONLY for the purpose of receiving his services. Other than that..I'm weary about the desk service and polar opposite treatment I received there. On to that...

I'm at the counter, face to face with the same receptionist that kindly greeted me earlier. I tell her, I am going to retrieve the check in offer. She was confused. I opened up THEIR OFFICIAL BUSINESS page on yelp that THEY PUT TOGETHER and proceeded to show her the banner that reads: "$295 for Restylane (Full size 1.0cc!)" It said that VERBATIM. I had even taken a screenshot that same day just in case they were to try and delete it as I was trying to retrieve it. (That's how much faith I have in humanity and customer service, sad)

The girl then was joined in by another woman at the front desk, and they both just proceeded to go onto their computers and show me that it is not on the yelp page. THEN i proceeded to tell them that it is a CHECK - IN OFFER that shows up on the MOBILE APP because that is how people CHECK-IN on yelp when they are physically at the place of business. You CANNOT CHECK-IN with a computer, only a phone APP, hence why it is called a CHECK-IN OFFER. They proceeded to talk to me like I was some piece of trash idiot in the MOST CONDESCENDING verbal demeanor. I immediately started to feel like nothing I was saying mattered. I even told them that BEFORE my procedure was done, I showed the check in offer to the Dr. and he acknowledged it and did the procedure accordingly. Then one of the girls tell me "he has nothing to do with the pricing". At this point, they weren't understanding that this was their check in offer, that they put up, and I INNOCENTLY read, and decided to use that day. I then told her "you should probably delete it then, before someone else comes in wanting it) she rolled her eyes to turn to look at me with the most catty look on her face and said "NOBODY would try that here, you're the only person that will". I'm sorry, i'm just a working class woman who wanted to feel better about herself. As I was finally granted the advertised price, I broke down. 3 women talking down to you, even though you are in the right after what was supposed to be a special birthday and not knowing if I could come back for more treatments. In tears, as I walked out, I looked at the eldest of the 3 women and said "that was very, very mean". I walked out in tears. I felt weakened, bullied, and like a 2nd class citizen. I run 2 businesses, all of my reviews are positive as is my reputation. I am DEVASTATED. Cancelled all birthday plans.


My lips stayed lumpy, and deflated only 3.5 months after my TERRIBLE experience. I did some research this past August, and have been going to a new, better, more professional and talented doctor. Please find my experience, review, photos, and info in my profile. Thanks!

Dr is talented. Front Desk is the problem. Now, leave me be.

I would like to update this review because I cannot just remove it and forget it ever happened. I WISH. But, I have come to realize that my experience with the doctor was so contrasted to the service from the front desk that I would update with a statement. I would follow this doctor if he moved. He is great at what he does. In fact, I have failed to find someone who can create the shape he gave me that is exactly what I want. Seeing that it was my first experience with injecatbles and ever even entering a medspa, I stand behind the fact that it was really mixed. WONDERFUL on Dr Kojian's behalf and exactly what I wanted....to really horrible experience with the front desk employee and the manager that made it worse by being dismissive and mean-girl in demeanor.

If the staff changed in the front, I would go back. I deleted my Yelp review once I realized all of the fraud happening within Yelp and the effect it was having on small businesses. No business deserves that crap, bad experience or not. It should be a fair playing field.

I would like to also note: I lost my mother to a failed liposuction a few months ago. I am not looking to make enemies or slander anyone. I want to be LEFT ALONE and for Doctor Kojian to stop harassing me and MY FATHER who I left as an emergency contact in CONFIDENTIAL paperwork 2 years ago ALONE. WE ARE GRIEVING. I want nothing to do with any of this anymore but I cannot delete this so HERE's AN UPDATE. Now, leave me alone I am with my family in a difficult time.
James Kojian, M.D.

Personal research. My own accord.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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