37, 3 Kids, 5ft 7in, BA W/lift, Lipo on Flanks and TT - Glendale, CA

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In less than 36 hours I will have my procedure and...

In less than 36 hours I will have my procedure and I'm getting a bit anxious about it. I've read so many stories on this site and appreciate all the feedback from all you ladies that have gone through this already. I've always wanted bigger breast. I got them for a while after having my two youngest but only because I nursed them for so long. Once that was over my poor breasts looked droopy. I didn't decide on the mommy makeover until this year. After my first child I got horrible stretch marks and could never show my tummy. That was 18 years ago. Then after my other two I simply felt my tummy was too loose. My kids get a kick out of poking it because it wiggles like jello, lol. I could always hide it well with clothes but I finally want to feel good when I see myself naked. Wish me luck ladies. Here's to hoping my recovery is quick and the pain is something I can tolerate.

6 days later

So today I have an appointment at 9am to see the doctor for the first time since the surgury Tuesday. I don't know what to expect. One of my friends had hers the day after. Is is normal to wait this long? I'm all bandaged up still so I can't see anything.

Bandages are finally off my girls

So I went today to my first post op appointment. I was disappointed that my drains could not come out. The want less than 20mls in a 24 hour period to avoid seroma. Here is a picture of the new girls, mind you my nippers are big but the doctor said they will get smaller as they heal.

Drains are no joke- sorry for the close up!

Please excuse the close up but I don't think anything can prepare you for these darn drains. It's 4:51am and I've been up since 4. I had a bad night and despite taking Tylenol (I'm trying to stay away from taking any more percocet) I found the need to take a valium. My back muscles were killing me! It's better now but I can't seem to find my way back to sleep. Tomorrow I have another f/u appointment. I truly hope I can get these drains out. It will make is so much easier to move. Good night to all you realselfers and good luck to all you who are recovering or will be having this procedure soon!
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