38DDD to C! Was Super Excited, Now I Am SO Nervous and Scared! - Glendale, AZ

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I am 38 year old 38DDD. I have had neck and back...

I am 38 year old 38DDD. I have had neck and back pain for years along with physical therapy, chiropractic care, some neurological treatment, etc. My ins. is paying for the reduction. I am SOOO nervous now. I am afraid something will go wrong and it won't turn out right. I am not scared of the pain, I know that is to be expected. I am not a nervous/scared person so this has me a bit troubled. I think I have been taking the surgery too lightly, thinking a week off work would be enough. I have so many questions. I know they are Drs. but they are still human. I have pre-op in 6 days. I even had a moment of reconsideration.

I am finally to the point where I am excited...

I am finally to the point where I am excited again! Tuesday is my pre-op. I do have a few questions written down to ask my PS. Friday is my surgery. I am posting my before pics right now.

For tomorrow I shall join the Itty Bitty Titty...

For tomorrow I shall join the Itty Bitty Titty Committee!!!

I have to be there at 10:30, surgery is at 12:30 and I am his only one for the day.

Tuesday was my pre-op, since Tuesday I have been SO motivated and excited. The Dr. only came in the room briefly, he has a very dry sense of humor but I like it and am trusting him.

Nurse went over pre-op and post-op. Got my 4 post-op perscriptions filled--valium for muscle spasms, antibiotic, something for nausea and percocet. I was also told to start Vit. C and a woman's multivitamin which I did today. I will also be getting colase and tylenol. I would rather have everything available so I don't need to send the husband out. He will already be doing enough.

My only concern was that I wouldn't be small enough when this is all over. I realize it takes months for complete healing and swelling to go down. I just don't want to go through this and just be A LITTLE smaller. I am leaving it to my Dr. to put me porportionate and make me look great. Tonight I get groceries, clean and get my bedroom comfy for recovery. I will respond as soon as I can on how everything went! Thank you everyone for the support and prayers!

Day 1 Post Op I just wanted you to know that I...

Day 1 Post Op

I just wanted you to know that I am home and doing well!

Here are details...maybe more than you require :)

Thursday night I went to Penny's and got a cute teal with black polka dotted pj pant and short sleeve button up shirt set, my nurse was SO happy I had that when she had to dress me in recovery yesterday!

Friday I had to be at the surgery center at 10:30 but went early to Tina's Treasures on campus to get fitted for post op bras and a cami. I felt a little sad, this place was mostly for people who were battling breast cancer and here I was having an elective surgery. Nevertheless, the ladies were amazing and kind. 10:30, I went to get registered for surgery. It was a bit of a wait, didn't get back into the room until 11:00. I was dressed in a gown and stockings on my legs then wrapped in velro things on my calves which would be attached to electric or something and compressed on and off during surgery. This was to prevent blood clots They attached a hose to my gown where hot air would blow in to kept me warm :) The nurse put the IV in, which was painless. Finally the Operative nurse and anesthesiologist came in then my surgeon who drew all over me. Shortly thereafter, they started the meds through my iv, i was wheeled into the operative room. I remember moving to the operative table and that was the last thing I remember. I woke up crying and in pain in the recovery room. I ended up being kept a little longer in recovery than usual because I was having problems with my breathing. Or lack thereof! I just wanted to sleep. SO I couldn't leave until my breathing was under control. All in all it was a total of 5 hours.

I got home and started taking my pain meds and antibiotic. The first several times I got up, I got nauseous so started taking the anti neasea meds too. I also started taking my valium because I couldn't relax my chest. At first I had some major pain in the left nipple but that went away and only comes rarely. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband taking such great care of me. He sets his alarm when it's time for my medications. I do have pain but not much and ALREADY feel lighter! No neck and back pain and feels like 20 pounds off my chest!

Thank you all for your prayers and support. I will be getting my bandages off Tuesday. I know everyday will be better and better!

Post Op Day 2--Sunday

Saturday was a day to get organized and see where I felt more comfortable. I have had good meals and great comfort. Today is Sunday, I slept through the entire night with no problems. It's 6:00 PM and up until now, I have only had to take Tylenol for the pain. I was sitting up today a lot and might have over done it. I have been enjoying watching the Olympics on and off as well as the storms. The only thing I can't really do on my own is get up from the lying down position...man that hurts. And all I want to do it stretch! I can tell the swelling is going down because my bandages don't feel as tight. By Tuesday, I will be ready to have them off. Laying down is def nicer, when sitting or standing, gravity takes over! oweweee

I do hope you know that I have appreciated ALL your prayers and warm thoughts.

Thanks for your kind words!

Post Op Day 3

Today was a bit rougher. Mostly just woke up in pain and nausea...but slept a lot and feel better. Tomorrow I get my bandages off. I am nervous. I posted pics and will add more tomorrow.

Post Op Day 5 I posted photos yesterday. I got...

Post Op Day 5

I posted photos yesterday. I got my bandages off and LOVE my new little boobies. I think they look great. My incisions are nice and nipples look good. They took the bandages off and cleaned everything up and re taped the incisions and put my in my sports bra. It feels tight but I guess that's to be expected. Being up and around yesterday in the AZ heat made me a bit sick to my stomach...nothing a jamba juice cant fix. I can take showers now but really can't get too much water on the incisions.

I am doing well and everyday I suspect will get better and better!

Post Op Day 6 I am able to be up and around...

Post Op Day 6

I am able to be up and around more and more everyday. Still no lifting and getting lots of rest. Just a few more things I remembered. My throat was sore for the first 2 days probably from the tube during surgery and my JAW was killing me too. Having the bandages off I have seen more bruising but not too much drainage from the incisions. I am just in awe with the amount of weight that is NOT sitting on my chest. I am in Heaven! I still have to remind myself to eat before I take some of my meds, I don't like feeling naseous. I will find out at my next appt. how much pounds were taken out, I am curious. I have minimal pain at this point, it hurts most on the sides under my armpits. I didn't realize how far the incisions went back. I still have feeling in my nipples and I don't know if that is a good think yet! haha.

Until next time!

Post Op Day 10 Hi ladies: Just thought I...

Post Op Day 10

Hi ladies:

Just thought I would give you an update. I am doing very well. Have gotten out of the house briefly twice, it's a big exhausting especially in this AZ heat! I get tired easily. I drove for the first time, that wasn't too fun, just hard to turn the wheel. I did make sure I just was taking Tylenol at that time. I am updating my photos. My one nipple is clearing up. My left side looks bigger than the other. I also took pictures of how far the incisions go back under my armpit. That's where I have the most discomfort. That are is still swollen. Tomorrow is my second appt. I am assuming they will just change the tape on my incisions. I am still taking if very easy and resting a ton! Hope you are all doing well also!

Today is Day 19 Post Op. Yesterday I got the tape...

Today is Day 19 Post Op. Yesterday I got the tape off of my incisions. I will begin scar treatment this weekend using New gel from my PS. Today might have been one of my worst days. I am not taking anymore pain pills, just tylenol. I am so tired of sleeping on my back, but can't seem to get comfortable on my sides at all. I have major bloating in my stomach but the most painful thing now is right under my breasts, my upper abs hurt like MAD! Even starting to get lumps under my skin. I am going to call the dr. tomorrow. I am posting updated pictures. Obviously still swollen but the bruising is going away and the incisions are healing nicely.

Post Op Day 26 Had one final follow up appt and...

Post Op Day 26

Had one final follow up appt and don't need to go back for 3 months unless I have issues or sutures coming through that need clipped. Still no exercising. He did say I could ride a bike, but I am not ready for that bouncing yet.

I went back to work (I am an Exec. Asst.) so sitting in the upright position that long took a toll. Just got a little warm, and weak, went home the first day at 3PM. Stayed all day yesterday but stayed home today. Since I am back to work I am back to a normal sleeping schedule. Even though I have a desk job, I become exhausted and have no problem falling asleep. Still not able to sleep on my sides.

Asked the dr and nurse if there was anything I could do to speed the process of the swelling to go down and there is not. I have to be patient, which is fine with me. I am happy. Still very bloated in my abdominal area and tender on my left side under my breast...rib cage area.

I am posting a pic.

Thanks for all your support and kind words. I hope you are all doing very well also!!
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