Going to Remove My Chin Implant After 9 Years

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I had a small, silicone chin implant with wings...

I had a small, silicone chin implant with wings put in (inside the mouth) 9 years ago. I am scheduled for removal on Wednesday. I am a little nervous, but also a little excited. I never liked having a receding chin, but I also don't like the blocky appearance of an implant. Coupled with a nose that is a little large (just my opinion), it doesn't seem to minimize it - it just makes me look less womanly. I think a weak chin feminizes a larger nose on a woman. And I have big eyes. I am afraid of any possible after-effects, but since I am 38...I think I should do this now rather than later. I don't think anyone has complimented my smile since I had a chin implant put in...but I had a few compliments prior to having one. Well, I think people need to think twice prior to having chin implants. I think everyone is aspiring to look like a mannaquin without realizing it. Just consider that maybe your imperfections (if not vulgar or too over the top) can come together to attract certain people. I married a man with opposite features to mine...small eyes, strong chin--and our daughter is beautiful.

I had it taken out approximately 2 days ago about...

I had it taken out approximately 2 days ago about the same time as now. My PS said I can remove the postoperative bandage today and use the light one he gave me, but I haven't done that yet. I think this postoperative bandage gives more support. He said the implant was "relatively small, but there was some grooving of the underlying chin bone where it had rested. The suspension of the mentalis muscle was also without significant issue". The part about the grooving worries me. I look like a chipmunk right now with the bandage all around my head. I'm at my mother's. I work from home so that's not a problem, but I plan to go back to my apartment when I think no one is there. I told my neighbor about my breast implant removal, but I don't want to discuss this. I told two friends about this and that was probably a mistake, too. They always stare at my chin area to see if I decided to remove the implant. Looking back at the pics I took WITH the implant, it did seem to masculinize my face. I don't have fat under my neck, so that usually softens the look of an implant. Anyhow, I'm feeling swollen, ache in my mouth where the stitches are, but kind of relieved to not have that plastic in my face. If you take pictures when you're slightly sweaty like on a hot summer day, the implant can appear shiny and unnatural because it is perfectly smooth and sits over your natural bone. I've seen pictures of Angelina Jolie where I think I see that she has an implant for this reason. Anyhow, I'll update later for anyone who might consider this one day. I'm a little scared/excited.

5th Day after Removal: The swelling has gone down...

5th Day after Removal: The swelling has gone down some more. I'm still puffy, though, around the chin area. Nonetheless, my face looks better in a slight way to me. Yes, my nose looks a little bigger to me, but my face also looks a bit more feminine. My features are rounded, my face shape is round/ovalish naturally. The heavy 'block' appearance of my chin is gone. I still have puffiness/fullness that I'm worried about. I want it to go down--but it hasn't even been a week yet and it seems to slowly be minimizing. I may consider a nose job in the future. I think people need to question the nose job/rhinoplasty combination. It may be overkill. And I think facial implants are not a good idea. I saw Sharon Osborne saying that she payed to look plastic in an article. Yes, she does look plastic. My chin looked plastic too. I think it's actually better to age than to look 'done'...I mean, people still want to look human/organic!

It's been 6 days since the removal. I am still a...

It's been 6 days since the removal. I am still a little swollen. I hope the scar tissue will go down. It's a little puffy and makes my mouth area seem old ladyish. The healing inside of my mouth feels like a bunch of canker sores that I'm ignoring. I'm glad that the 'ball' on my chin pad is not there when I smile. I obviously don't like the puffiness, but I still hated the implant more. I weigh about 9 lbs. more than I did 9 years ago, too.

8th day after removal and I'm almost back to...

8th day after removal and I'm almost back to normal - yay! I am feeling fine. Everything is shrinking down. I can see that my face definitely looks 'shorter' and more rounded on the bottom. The cleft on my chin is reappearing. Mrs. Big Square Jaw no more! I can look on my webcam at myself and everything looks more balanced. I look in the mirror and I don't see a very slightly 'off' angle to my face that looks scary. I am too embarrassed to post my own face, but I will show a pic of my maternal grandmother to give an example of my face shape- short and round. Just imagine a blocky look to the chin area and that is how it was for me. There is still a tiny bit of swelling. Just want that to go away and the stitches inside my mouth.

My chin is almost back to normal. I am so...

My chin is almost back to normal. I am so relieved and this was a very good decision. My face looks about an inch shorter and my normal proportions are back. There is no abnormal 'big chin' look when I turn my face from side to side. Pictures look more natural and the squareness and protrusion of my implant are gone. Maybe they need to invent a chin implant for people with more rounded features. I don't know. I feel so much better without it.

I've had requests for pictures, but I'm sorry. I...

I've had requests for pictures, but I'm sorry. I can't do that. My chin still probably has a tiny bit of swelling. Honestly, the people close to me don't notice a difference and just say that I look the same to them. I am the only one who really notices such detail on my own face. Here is something to consider. I have very big, deep set eyes. The chin implant rested on my chin bone and made the bottom part of my face project outwardly more. This made my deep set eyes look even deeper by comparison to me. Having less of a chin balances this out more so my eye sockets appear less like the holes in a bowling ball. If you have very deep set eyes, think twice about getting a chin implant.

Overall it is gone, but there is still a very...

Overall it is gone, but there is still a very small amount of scar tissue there. People don't really notice the change. I feel better, though, because (at times) I could see the implant before. That was what bugged me the most.

There is a tiny bit of scar tissue left ...but...

There is a tiny bit of scar tissue left ...but over all, it is back to how it used to be. I'm just glad not to be able to see the implant anymore jutting off of my real face. If you are young, realize that as you age--unnatural things become more obvious. I wouldn't recommend an implant unless you have no chin at all...like a deformity.
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