47 Years Old 2 Kids 3 Including Hubby Saying Bye to the Big Boobies - Glasgow, GB

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I wasn't sure if I wanted to share this journey...

I wasn't sure if I wanted to share this journey but I have sought so much advice reading other reviews here I thought it only fair to tell my story.
I'm booked for my BR on Tuesday the 20th September and to say I'm nervous is an understatement! I've talked about BR for years and now I'm about to get it done I'm starting to question my decision I've lived with these big girls for so many years it will seem strange not to have them! Hopefully saying goodbye to big boobies will alleviate my neck and shoulder pain I've already had my left shoulder operated on with not huge success and I'm really hoping BR will help my pain.
I will get some before pics posted I'm a 36GG and my PS has said I will be around a C/D cup I've already bought one bra and I showed it to my mum today and we had a good laugh when I tried to put it on and thought how are these big girls ever going to fit in this!! It's a really scary thought I'm so glad reading reviews that I'm not the only one apprehensive my main fear is waking up in terrible pain and just general fear of the Unknown

Before photos

Here's a couple of photos with my sports bra on and without!

5 days to go

I'm getting really nervous it's all I seem to think about I ordered lots of things online last night gauze, tape,bras, creams etc I keep asking myself should I get this done I want it done but I'm scared.

The next two days I'm away moving my youngest into his university halls in Manchester then it's home to cook, clean and get organised.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated

Just had a meltdown!

I'm hoping I'm not the only one who has felt this way but I'm an emotional wreck, I think between saying goodbye to my son who's left home for uni and the thought of this op round the corner it's all got on top of me. It's all I think about small boobs, pain, scarring and everything else that comes with it! So I had a meltdown in the kitchen this morning and asked my hubby if I'm doing the right thing he's told me I need to be doing this for me and my own reasons there is no doubt the benefits far outweigh keeping these big girls and the problems that come with them but I am just so scared I think it's fear of the unknown and having had big boobs for 30 years it will be strange not to have them anymore. Thanks for all the support girls I'm so glad I found this site 3 days and counting x

Final night with the big girlies

Well tomorrow's the big day I think I've gone through every emotion possible today I've had my shower washed my hair taken off my nail polish packed my bag everything is ready except me! I'm hoping when I get to the hospital in the morning it will all just fall into place I guess my next update will be on the other side keep your positive thoughts for me it truly has helped me along this journey night x

I'm here and ready

Well I'm at the hospital now had a bit of a wobble when my Hubble left me here PS been to see me and draw on my boobies I will be in for one night then return Friday to get dressings changed

On the other side

Well that's me done woke up from the anesthetic in a bit of pain so the nurse topped up my morphine which was great I've had quite a lot of leaking out each side (no drains in) so I've had new dressings on which was a little uncomfortable getting changed but totally manageable I've felt really lightheaded and a big sick not managed to eat just sipping water and tea also got a sore head hoping I get a good sleep tonight and home tomorrow I definitely already know this was the right decision to make thanks for all your kind words and continued support x

Home now

Well that's me home in my own bed now didn't manage to get much sleep last night I wasn't in too much pain I think it was just strange surroundings so I'm really tired now.
My stitch areas have leaked a bit so my dressings were changed this morning from what I seen everything is looking fine I've to go back on Friday to have the dressings changed again I've got my sports bra on now it's a 36E plenty of room in the cups but feels tight on the stitches under the bust line. Pain wise not too bad taking 2 paracetamol and one dihydrocodine every 4 hours and that seems to be doing the trick the car journey home was about 40 minutes and was a little uncomfortable I had a pillow for under the seatbelt area which helped I will try and get some pictures on ASAP

Day two

Got some sleep which I needed been taking the paracetamol regularly today sorest area is around the anchor incision lines think my bra is too tight there I'm feeling quite dizzy at times been eating small amounts but overall feeling better than I thought I would be I'm having my dressings changed at hospital tomorrow so hopefully I can get some photos to post hubby said there's a lot of bruising on left side somehow I've lost a day can't believe it's Friday tomorrow I hope everyone reading this is healing well x

Post picture

This was today getting my dressings changed quite a bit of bruising looks worse than it feels probably not the best photo as I'm lying down but thought I would update anyway

New photos

Thought I would post a few more pics still a little sore and bruised looking not needed any pain meds today I'm happy with the results so far

Two weeks post op

I can't believe two weeks have past since the op was carried out I think I may have overdone things at the weekend and I've been quite uncomfortable the past few days, I feel very tight and a bit sore on the anchor lines I've also got lots of zingy sensations in my boobs and nipples, I've been getting my dressings changed every 2-3 days and had a small amount of leakage again from the anchor line scars.
I'm really happy with size so far and from reading other reviews I think there will still be swelling to go down I'm back at consultant tomorrow so hopefully I can post some more photos safe healing ladies and good luck to those just starting the journey x

Two week review

All went well today at my two week checkup consultant very happy with progress the breast nurse changed the dressings and removed steri strips from my nipples still slight bit of oozing from the anchor line incisions but nothing to worry about I was told to slow down a little as it is pretty major surgery and the body needs time to recover had a lovely lunch with my mum afterwards and a look at a couple of shops then home to rest I've posted a couple of photos taken today happy healing ladies x

Small setback

Took a nice long bath tonight and managed to wash my hair again however I noticed that on both breasts where the T incisions meet under the breasts they have opened up a little so I cleaned them and put on iodine dressings and covered them over with clean fresh dressings fingers crossed they start to close up other than this small setback things are looking good was a little emotional this morning which I promised myself I wouldn't do as I have chosen this journey unlike many woman who sadly loose their breasts to cancer so I got up out of bed and got on with the day as usual probably did too much but I do get easily bored I've posted a few more photos for you to look at and would welcome any comments and advice x

5 weeks post

Well that's 5 weeks since my BR where does the time go? I'm feeling fine have some discomfort under my breasts where the incision lines are around my rib area hopefully another few weeks and that will go still got a very small opening under the left side but I think it's closing over slowly.
I can honestly say The only thing I regret is not getting it done sooner.
I'm a bit fed up as the kids have gone back to uni and I've been pretty much around the house so have cabin fever I'm going to try driving this weekend as that will be nearly 6 weeks post op hope all you lovely ladies are keeping well I've also uploaded a new pic ????

9 weeks post surgery

Can't believe tomorrow will be nine weeks since I had my BR surgery I haven't posted for a while as not much to report I'm delighted with the results I'm still hoping to go down a cup size I'm currently between a 36D or DD I think I'm still swollen but I need to get my act together and loose weight also, everything has been healing well I'm still quite sore under my boobs I think I may be having a reaction to the silicone gel I've started using but I'm quite sore and have raised red scars my nipples are also super sensitive and the cold weather in Scotland is not helping! I also have a little pain in bed if I'm turning it's a sensation of pulling the scar lines quite hard to describe but I can sleep on either side now just not on my tummy. I can hand on heart say I've not regretted having this done I should have done it 10 years ago if anyone has advice for me re my sore scars please let me know sending good wishes for everyone healing and anyone about to start the process x
Mr Keith Ogston

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