21 Year Old. First Consultation Tomorrow. Glasgow, GB

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Hi everyone. I have my first consultation tomorrow...

Hi everyone. I have my first consultation tomorrow. I have thought long and hard about this decision to get surgery as I don't even feel like a women because I am soo flat chested. A lot of people are telling me to wait untill I have children. What are everyones thoughts on this. I am 21 and not thinking about children for a long time to come. Do they have to be changed every 10 years like I have seen? Just a few queries that have popped up and il be sure to ask tomorrow but just wondering if anyone could lend a hand in answering them with first hand experience. Also, everyone looks amazing!!


Consultation went great. They even said they could have me in at the end of august. Going to the see surgeon on the 11th so I will make my final decision then if thag date is still available. I'm going on holiday for the October week so that date would be perfect to allow plenty recovery time and time for them to drop.

It's booked!

Surgery is booked!! I'm in on the 25th of this August.. less than 2 weeks. I am soo nervous but excited.

Surgery is booked!!

My surgery is booked for the 15th of August. Less than 2 weeks away! Very nervous and also very excited. My surgeon told me that my boobs wouldn't be symmetrical afterwards. Is this normal for them to tell you this or is he saying this to me because of my specific body shape or something. I know they won't be perfect, nothing ever is. I'm sure they will be much better than they are just now regardless. Any help will be really appreciated!
Mr Ben Chew

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