I Plant Removal and Uplift - Glasgow, GB

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Hi Girls This site has been a god send to me and...

Hi Girls

This site has been a god send to me and helped me to make my decision on how I want to proceed. I had inplants first done 22 years ago going from a C cut to a DD which I was very happy with. A few months later I developed a capsule in the right breast and had to go back into hospital to have it removed. All was good for 12 years when I decided to have my inplants change (2008)due to losing weight and the shape changing which I decided to have done when I was in America. Because the inplants in the US are different CC's to ours they had to put in a bigger inplants which didn't bother me too much. I had months of issues with again the right breast having a capsule and being different sizes but left alone until in 2011 when I went to see a surgeon in Glasgow to see what he recommended. The surgeon wanted to take the inplants out and replace but again because our inplants are different CC's had to go either bigger or smaller. I decided to go bigger as smaller would have left me with saggy skin. Now I have boobs that I hate as they are too big and have made me self conscious instead of confident.. This brings me to where I am today. I have decided to have them removed and have an uplift. My surgeon has advised me to have them removed and wait 3 months to heal then decide if I want a small inplant in. I am absolutely terrified but excited to have the procedure done and would like to share my journey with you girls. I am going to have op done on 19th October so will keep my progress updated.

Eva Mithoff

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