28 Years Old, 126lbs, Petite, No Kids, Wishing for a Subtle Natural Boost - Glasgow, GB

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Since wanting a breast augmentation for the best...

Since wanting a breast augmentation for the best part of 10 years, I have finally booked an appointment for this December with a local surgeon in Glasgow! At last I am in place where I am (semi) confident about my body. I don't hate my breasts, I actually quite like them, the shape etc but just wish they would sit where they are when I put them in bra! I am also now in a good place financially to do this.

For so long I have cursed the padded bras, the awfully spongy padded bikinis and the endless bra 'solutions' to attempt to pull off backless clothing.

I haven't fully decided on the size, shape and profile but I know that I want to achieve a very subtle and natural look. Ideally I don't want it to be obvious in clothing. Most people have only ever seen me with a padded bra, so hopefully there will be no noticeable difference when I'm clothed. I simply want a little boost in size so I can wave bye-bye to the padded bras, wear normal bikinis with confidence and at last wear some backless clothes. I always thought I would go with a small anatomical implant, but after multiple reviews and my appointment with the nurse I am very confused.

I did the vectra 3d scanning which took my breast measurements etc and told the nurse that I wanted to see the smallest range of implants on my body. She tested a silicone round 300cc high profile and a silicone anatomical 275cc implant. To be honest I didn't notice very much difference between the two. But My gut feel is that I'd rather go with the smaller option to achieve the most subtle look?

My main concerns at the moment are:
A) at the vectra scan the nurse said those were the smallest implant sizes available to me even though I thought there are smaller sizes on the market? I'm so scared of them being too big and fake looking for my body. I want to remain somewhat demure and not look too top heavy.

B) in my first consultation (with a different surgeon) I was told that my breasts sit quite low on my chest, so a round implant might work better to add a little volume on top...this totally threw my idea that I would have anatomical implants. My current surgeon (with who I'm booked) says anatomical will be better for a natural look. I don't want to end up with them completely sagging to the bottom but also don't want to have the coconut look either!

I've been doing more reading into anatomical vs round but it has just confused me even more. Apparently the round are softer and feel more natural? Plus there is the issue with increased risk of capsular contraction if going with anatomical. Decisions decisions.

It's so hard. Would love to hear how some of you ladies decided?!!

I'm booked in to do the vectra scan again, this time with my surgeon, so hopefully he can ease some of my concerns and answer my questions!!
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