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I am 4 days away from my TT. I'm pretty freaked...

I am 4 days away from my TT. I'm pretty freaked out about it, especially the scar.

I am a petite person. 5 "3", 123 pounds.

I carried twins and then gave birth again 1 year later both by c section. C section creates flap over incision from being sew. Too tight. I have stretched out skin and diastasis rectus (muscle separation).

Things look good in clothing, but sitting down I got a big pooch and my belly button is really stretched. Looking forward to my new flat belly.

I feel a bit guilty, but know I need to do this for me.

3 days before surgery

Yesterday was my pre-op. feeling much much better, nerves calming down. Think I have a good idea of what is to come.

My doctor made me very feel at ease and I know he's going to take good care of me.

My friend and husband will be taking of me. She had the same procedure, but a lot more and she looks amazing. No lipo for me so he said faster healing/less swelling. I got to see her recovery so that helps me feel better.

Going to get my supplies today then I will be Completely ready.

Will post a pic on Friday... Surgery at 7:30am. Getting nervous and excited.

Last Dat before TT

So it's my last day before my TT. I'm excited and nervous still. Bummed my husband is only semi- supportive, meaning he doesn't think I need it. Well I will just have to accept that and be ok with it. He thinks I should feel flattered, but just wish he wouldn't say it. So here is a photo to say I do need it, but mostly to say well I am taking care of me for once ;)!!! This forum has been helpful, glad it's here.

See u on the other side TT'ers..

I did it!!

1st day post op.. Felt pretty terrible from Anesthesia. Finally feeling less nauseous and coherent. Just sleepy.

Not feeling too much pain and got up and walked around once. No pic yet as I am scared to open the binder.. Glad I'm on the other side.

Day 3 Post op

Feeling pretty good today. A little sore and dizzy. Still taking the pain medicine so I'm sleeping a lot. I took my first shower which felt good. I tried not to get my incision wet. I took binder off for first time. A little scary, but I still have all my markings so that makes it look a lot worse. Looks like bruising, but its just blue pen. My Scar is low so that is good. He did have to put a few stitches under my belly button. Said I didn't have enough skin... The best thing is I am pretty much standing straight up... Happy about that..

3 Day's post op - feeling good!!

I realized I said 3 days for my last update, but today is really 3 days post op..

I'm in awe of how great I feel. I am up and about and feel very little pain. These drains are a pain though. I'm not getting to much drainage. Almost nothing on my left side and about 40 ml all day on right side. I may ask my doc to take out a few days early if he is in agreement. Friday seems forever. I'm still resting a lot and getting up every 2 hours to walk around. I'm not too hunched over, but making sure to not put any pressure on my stitches. Stomach feels tight but not painful. Wonder if its because I'm still numb...

I'm really glad I did this and happy to be on the healing side.

My PS had to put a few stitches under belly button. Hope that heals well. Said I didn't have a lot if skin. Anyone else have stitches under belly button?

Tired today - up's and down's

Woke up feeling good, but tired. I am really wanting to go out of the house. My right drain almost has no fluid and left maybe 40cc all day. I called to see if my doc would consider removing drains tomorrow instead of Friday since I'm getting such little drainage. No luck :(, but I trust he knows best.

I'm just gonna rest and try to enjoy the next few days. My pain is not bad, just feeling discomfort from tight stitching and the drains. I am having all the "why did I do this thoughts"... They come and go, but I remind myself of the finish line. I now just want it to be Friday and drains out so I can go outside.

I did go to the bathroom so that was a milestone. Keeping up on prune juice/fiber. Will take a pic later today... Happy Healing!!!

Making progress

So I'm now 5 days post op and yup exactly like the PS said these drains are buggin.. Poking me and I can only wear a nightgown over them so I feel huge., Two more day's and I'm drain free :)))))!!!!! Can't wait..

I took a good shower and washed my hair so that felt good. Exhausted from shower and sitting outside with my kiddo's. the sunshine felt good.

Took a pain pill earlier since I was feeling a pressure pain at my incision site. I think that's normal??

Well here's my updates pic. I'm still trying to get the pen marking off, but happy with my belly button so far.

Drains out !!!!!

Today is 1 week since my surgery.. Had my drains out today. Had very little drainage, hurt a little when they pulled them out, but didn't care happy they were gone. Very liberating. My PS was kind of amazed how I was walking. I'm not hunched. I asked did u sew me inside??, he assured me he did and said i had a 3 finger separation in my muscle.

When he laid me back fully on the table I felt the stitches burn, but feel nothing when I walk. Strange he thought so too, but said I'm lucky so I will take it. The back pain is brutal with hunching.

I was ambitious or kind of dumb tonight since right after drains out I went to dinner with some friends and then went to another friends after. Put on a spanks as a binder, not a good idea. Started feeling a little light headed, too tight.

Doc said u can go out, but don't over do it and yup I over did it!!!! Feel safe now back at home in my binder. I am gonna take it easy. Felt a bit of swelling. I was just excited to be drain free and happy to be out of my bed ;)))))(. Will update my pics tomorrow. Hope everyone is healing well tonight. hugs!!!!

Stitches out today

Well I'm 10 days post op. Doc gonna take out T scar stitches and belly button stitches. Doc said he will make sure my T scar looks great no matter what.

That was a surprise right before surgery he said I may have to make a a T, but he said he had to make that judgement call because I'm small and didn't have the skin. He said otherwise too tight and I would be bent over for 2 months. Glad he chose T.

I'm kinda freaking out about the belly button cause it still looks so crusty and gooey. Thinking he should just leave then in. Plus, the thought of him poking there is Ughhhh, but I guess that is minor with all I've been through.

Just so happy to have drains out. Feel great, no pain or soreness anymore, just the akward numb belly feeling.

Yesterday was my real turning day. Almost forgot I had a surgery, but still gotta take it easy. I just kept thinking how can I function if showering is tiring ;).. Happy to have some energy!!!! Feel like I'm living again... Well here some pre stitches pic with my low cut underwear. Could never wear these before without a bulge hanging over and under...

More photos

Oops I hit post too soon!!!!!

Better Today

Feeling great today. Feel about 95%. My energy is back and sometimes I forget I had surgery 12 ago.. hurts only if I sneeze or hit my incision and a bit sore by the rib cage. My kitty jumped on my belly that hurt. Good thing she is tiny still.

Yesterday was my worst day of swelling. Not sure if my binder was too tight, heat or no hydrated, but my lower abdomen looked huge ( well at least to me)!!

My Doc wants me to keep my surgical tape on until week 3?? I see a lot of people with their tape off pretty quickly after surgery.. Anyone have any thoughts on that.

I'm going to be proactive about scar treatment. My doc says I can think about that after week 3...

Here's a pic with my tank. My waist is definitely smaller. Can't wait for final results ;)!!

Happy healing ladies ;)

Feel full and a little sore

Ok ladies,

Anyone eat 5 bites and feel full?Think I'm just swelling so I get full faster. I'm eating all day just 5 bites at a time. I started taking Tumeric think it's helping with swelling. Makes you detox a lot. I woke up in sweat and my husband said I smelled like an old lady. I did, I could smell Anesthesia of sims medicine smell so glad my body is getting rid of it. I'm drinking Dandelion tea for my liver and that's detox too. Also helps to clean you out ;)!!!!

I really wish my booty would come back. Think my body just shifting around.

I'm starting to feel sore in my upper abdomen. Like 1000 crunches kinda thing. I feel good for the most part. Praying I don't sneeze. Anxious to see my incision, but doc says next week.

My belly button healing well. He put a little plastic thing inside and taped it so it won't close up.

Here I am today - yup binder on :)! Monday I get to see T scar so will post a naked belly pic.

Freaked out a bit, but all good

So had my 2 week post op yesterday. Was freaking out because my belly button looked like it was closing. My doc say no looks good, but to put tiny squishy ear plug or marble to keep open for next week or so. Anyone else do that??

Whew!!!! All this pain and mental roller coaster to have a closed belly button. I have seen that and a big deal for me was a nice BB.

Feeling great. Tiny upper soreness here and there. I notice swelling is less and I have a bit of itching.

My lower T scar still healing up and I have a little line under BB where doc gonna fix. He didn't want to see it up to tight where my BB would look wrinkled. That was my one deep stretch mark. Moved from above BB to below. Glad he will fix it.

steri strips come off at 3 weeks so I will see the scar. Kinda excited, kinda scared, just wanna see.,

Here are a few pics. My bathroom lighting is terrible, tried to get brighter light. Boy I'm flat in the morning. I did a before and after pic of lower belly. Man what a difference already ;)!

Have a great day!!!

3 weeks today!!!

Yay today is my 3 week belly Bday ;)!! Feeling good overall. Some upper soreness and itching at night. I am definitely swollen by end of day.

What's strange is how I loved coffee and now it kind of turns me off. Same with wine... Also I still can eat only 10 bites and full. Trying to eat so I don't become a bean pole. Like curves.

I was bummed because I spit a stitch and have a hole ;(.. Looks freaky, but doc says will heal just fine. Also slow healing where my Old belly button was. Finally closing up. He said skin was thin there so took awhile.

I'm just happy to be able to clean my house make breakfast for the kiddos and walk them to school. Things worked out perfectly with my job. A month before my surgery my boss and I had a heart to heart. He wanted me to work full time and take on lots more work. No way, I was dreading my 20-30 hours so we agreed to lay me off with 2 months pay. Best decision ever. Don't wanna waste time in a job had grown out of. So I am enjoying the extra time to heal.

I think it's time for the Steri strips to come off. They are itching like crazy and curling up. He said at 3 weeks they can come off. I'm planning to shower and take them off slowly.

I think it is only going to get better from here. Happy to be 3 weeks. What a journey this is..

Steri strips Off - Scar at 3 weeks

So I took a shower and pulled off the steri strips off. i would rather do it then have Dr. office. I went super slow. Those things were seriously stuck on.. I didn't pull anything open so that's good.

I braced myself to look like Frankenstein's bride, but doesn't look as bad as I thought. I can handle it ;)!

I was Thankful since I gotta still look at this little hole where my old belly button was and the popped stitch. Looks kinda open still so I will save that pic for next week ;)!!

Taped myself back up and ready for the day!

Happy Healing!!!!!

Back in my Jeans - sort of!!!

So yesterday I was ambitious and squeezed into these jeans that were tight on me before the surgery.

I was excited I fit. Wore them all day to a birthday party and then to a girls night.

Around 10pm, I felt like I was gonna burst out of the pants literally. I had some nachos and swell city. So funny, I as to ask my friend to borrow some sweats. I ended leaving with my Jeans in hand and some comfy drawstring pants ;)!!!!

I was happy to have made it that long. One day at a time Ladies!!

Here's my pic. Maybe soon I will put a face to this body - haha!!

Happy Healing..

4 Weeks Woo Hoo - T scar reveal

Hi ladies,

It's officially 4 weeks!!!!. I'm gonna celebrate this weekend.

It's gone by fast and slow at the same time. Felling great, only feel sore above belly button.. I've been doing a lot so I can see I'm swelling a bit more especially on left side and my Woo hoo is still super swollen and tender - ughh can that go away please!!!!! I feel like I have a man bulge, but I don't think anyone can tell but me :)!!

My T scar finally healing. I had really thin stretched skin in that area so took awhile to close. Also that hole/open spot is where I spit a stitch :(. Still a bit open, hope that hole closes up nicely. I tried to get very close pics of my scar as sometimes it is hard to get standing up. I do still have a stretch mark under my belly button :(((. That is the deep one I had above my belly button. My PS thinks it will flatten nicely and if not he can zap with a laser to smooth out, it's kinda sinking in since I'm still healing.

My PS is so great. Such a perfectionist which is what you want with a PS. He sees me every week and says that T scar is gonna look great when he's done. Maybe just a tiny line. Told him i don't want a butt crack under my BB :). He wants me to be happy and so far I am. I have to admit I kept thinking I hope this turns out ok and my scar is not crazy especially with T scar. Hard facing two scars in the mirror versus one. If it healed crazy I decided I would have to get a wrap around up the belly Dragon Tattoo to cover - haha ;)!

So the other great benefit to this surgery is my posture is soooo much better and back pain much better. My Chiro even noticed I'm standing straighter and not hunched. Yay!!!

Not sure if this is helping my healing, but at my Chiro they have this huge Zerona cold laser for pain and wound healing. My friend works there and has been sticking me under the laser for last week.. U have clothes on. She says it promotes wound healing, but if it don't hurt then why not.. No heat so doesn't affect scar.

Finally I'm being diligent about massaging my scar. I got silicon strips on and trying skinscience scar treatment, as I know my skin likes to darken with hyperpigmentation...

That's all for today!!!! Hope everyone is healing well. Here's lots of pics ;)..

What a Journey. Love having my flat tummy family share it with!!!

Yay!! 5 weeks along on the Journey!!!

Well today is officially 5 weeks. So glad to be here!!

Everything is going great except for another popped stitch. Annoying since it creates little holes. Hopefully this is the last of them.,. I saw my PS yesterday said I'm healing great. Wants me to massage my scar 3x a day and keep something in my belly button so it won't close to small. I got some cute red moldable silicone ear plugs to put in there.

My swelling has gone down a lot. Mostly only swollen at night. Still feel a bit tight. Feeling coming back and numbness getting less. Tummy still feels kind of hard underneath in the middle.. Ready to see where I will be at in 3 months, but gotta be patient.

Scar hasn't changed too much other then another small hole. Right side looks better then left and I swell more on left..

Doc cleared me for light workouts :)!

Hope everyone is healing well......

Yay 6 weeks!!!!!!!

Hi TTer's,

I made it to the 6 week mark, feels surreal. Where has the time gone.. I'm ready to be 3 months, but surprised I'm at 6 weeks and still in disbelief I actually did it :)!!!!

Feeling great overall a bit sore at muscle repair. Hoo Ha has still swollen and under incision., last night I slept on my side binder free - woo hoo!! Just wore a flexee tank top.

I am feeling this hardness under and above my BB. Is this normal??

I have been massaging my scar 3x per day as my doctor advised. Firm, but not overly firm. I can feel the scar tissue breaking up., left side sore still, right said not sore at all. Ready for the little holes and old BB to look better, but I'm sure they will.

Now I'm just celebrating where I'm at on the way to where I'm going :)!! I bought this bathing suit years ago. Never could wear it, so that's a small victory and yesterday I wore my jeans all day without feeling I was gonna bust out at night so glad ;)!! Still was happy to get them off and into yoga pants... Trying to enjoy the journey instead of think I can't wait for a year and not think about this at all :)!!! Happy to have my TT'ers for support on this wild ride..

Happy healing ladies...

Is this me?? Had to share

It's my hubs Bday. He took these pics. I can't believe that's me @ 6 weeks post op. No spanx, no compression. Side view a little swollen, but I would have 3 garments on under this before... I'm a Happy girl. Nice to hear him say love my Hot wife & car - silly :)!!!

7 weeks - back on track

I hit 7 weeks yesterday. Did my first workout @ Zumba class. I modified some of the moves to make it less strenuous. I did swell a bit, but not too bad.

Still sore at MR above BB, but that's about all. Holes are looking nice and happy with BB.. Girl parts still swollen and under incision still
Swollen.. My drain hole scars completely gone. Thought i would have snake eyes on mu girl parts, but nope. That's pretty awesome...

On a happy note I got a spray tan/wax yesterday. Covered my scar with tape for spray tan. Going to a white party tonight. Thank God I had TT. I would have been seriously stressing off putting my old belly in a white dress!!!!! Felt good to shop and try and pick out what I liked, not what would look good on the belly....

Happy healing ladies!!!

8 weeks ;)!

I'm 8 weeks PO. Time has gone fast. I'm feeling good. did a hike today. Upper MR still sore here and there. Still a bit swollen underneath incision.

Massaging scar 2x a day with bio oil and silicone sheets. Ran out of invicible silicon cream so will probably order more. Scar turning a bit more pink. PS says that's good as shows as its restructuring itself.

I see him in another month and he will evaluate any revision on T scar once everything is completely settled.

Here's some 8 week pics.

A few pics - Where did pics go?

Haha - ok trying again. Somehow pics floating around and didn't post. Here is my 8 week scar.,

Almost 10 weeks!! Vacation time

I will be 10 weeks tomorrow!! Yay. Very minimal swelling these days, but still sore in upper muscle repair and under my incision. My doc says that can last a few more months....

Last night I did have movie popcorn and felt myself bloating, so gotta watch the salt ;)!!

I'm heading out on vacation so excited to wear my bikini.

Hope all u ladies are healing well..

My 3 Month TT Bday!!!

Hi Ladies,

Happy to say I made it to the 3 month mark. At 3 days I wanted to be 3 weeks. At 3 weeks I wanted to be 3 months. At 3 months I want to be at 6 months. Funny how that works.

Just feels good to be down the road.
I'm still sore at MR when I stretch or pull straight up. My left side incision still a bit sore and swollen underneath. I may need my T scar revised, but that's minor and I will know in 6 months...

Other than that feel great and it was worth it for me. Long journey mentally, physically and emotionally, but I have no regrets.. Love my flat tummy!!!

5 Months now ;)! Happy Camper

Hi TT Sisters,

I'm getting ready to go to a Christmas party with my friends. Not wearing this outfit, but putting a sweater over it :)))!! Thought I would give an update and some pics. Been busy and haven't posted for awhile.

I'm 5 months. Happy with results so far, still swelling a bit under incision and once in awhile if I work out the MR is sore, but that's all. Just happy to be 5 months.

I will have the T scar and a few spots revised at my 6 month appt..

Hope your all well. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

8 months - before and after

So haven't posted much lately. Loving my belly still.

I still get full really easy which has helped with weight management and sore a bit at muscle repair after work out, but other than that I'm a happy girl... No regrets!!

My PS sent me these photos. Wow, I forget how much I didn't like my belly.. I'm so happy to not have to wear layers of shape wear ;)!!!

Happy healing ladies!!

Oops photos

Forgot to add photos!

I year anniversary!!!

I truly can't believe it's been 1 year. I look back and can't believe that's my tummy. This is me in my bathing suit. Gosh before it was high granny bottoms.

Still love my new Tummy. No regrets. I see my doc in 2 weeks so my T scar will be fixed. It's slight, but still would like that part to be better.

All in all best thing I ever did and my husband loves it. I still can't eat like I used too as my tummy feels full so that's a plus in the weight gain area. Just gained my confidence back and love I don't have to wear 2 tummy timing tank tops or spans to hold it all in!!!!!

Will post 1 year scar pics soon.
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