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21 years old Recently lost 45 pounds and stuck at...

21 years old
Recently lost 45 pounds and stuck at 145. My doctor told me that my stomach will never go away so I decided to go with the tummy tuck. My stomach has always bothered me. I've always been the overweight girl and Im just ready to look good in a two piece and show off my confidence and not have to worry about hiding my stomach anymore!

Just got home.

I just got home from my surgery! I just ate and now I am ready for bed. My doctor and everyone said the lipo hurts the most but I would say the tummy tuck not to bad just a little uncomfortable but I'm feeling really good! The doctor said he took away 80 % of my stretch marks I can't wait to see my new body! I have until Monday to shower. He also said I was the perfect Candidate for everything I got done and he said I'm going to
Love the results. Can't wait until shower day.

Day three

I slept better last night. I still can't wait for shower day and I know I'll be much more comfortable! I can't eat like I used too. I have not finished one meal since I've been home.

Shower day!

I woke my mom up at 7 and said I am ready for my shower! I couldn't wait to get that over with. I feel so much better comfortable now! I still couldn't sleep too good last night hopefully it gets better!

Day 11

I went to the drs. Today and he said I am recovering really fast and good! He took out all my stitches including the belly button which bugged me the most!
Dr. Said In a week I can start going back to the gym only for walking on the treadmill but I still can't wait!
I tried on some clothes and my jeans and shorts are still tight and can't get buttoned because of the lipo still swollen but shirts fit me amazing! And I tried my baiting suit on and it comes right under my scar which sucks but ill be fine with it!

About two weeks.

I am feeling amazing and extremely pleased with what my doctor did! I've been back to working out, swimming , going to the beach! Loving life :)

5 month pictures

I feel great. I am extremely happy with my results. I am a lot more confident now then I was before surgery! This was the best decision I made! The pictures Are from the morning of surgery may - to now October!

One year <3

Wow I can't believe it's been one year since my tummy tuck! I used to weigh 180 now I am down to 130 -50 pounds! I am extremely happy with the choices I have made and I would do it all over again!
Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon

This doctor did a really good job on my Breast reduction and now I hope he does the same for my tummy tuck! I would recommended him to anyone!

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