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After having two beautiful babies via c-section,...

After having two beautiful babies via c-section, my body never recovered! Six months after my son was born, I had to stop nursing him in order to have my reduction and lift before we moved overseas. That stopped my weight loss right away! Since then, my tummy has drooping skin and fat that I can't seem to get rid of with exercise and diet. I stuff my belly into my pants and never feel like I look beautiful because I have a bulge in the front. I used to be a lights on type of girl but now I don't want my husband to look at me. Thank God he loves me for who I am! As far as my breasts are concerned, since I have lost weight I lost all the fullness in the top portion of my breasts. In order to have the fullness again I am having saline implants put in via: Dual-Plane. I have residual breast tissue on the sides of my ribs from my original surgery. I will have this removed with liposuction as well as my flanks and back fat. I plan to post pics and blogs as soon as I get a chance.

Well, it's been four days since I had my...

Well, it's been four days since I had my surgeries, I'm feeling a little more normal. My Dr. Ended up keeping me overnight so I could get my pain under control. As far as the pain I feel, it's more like discomfort and mostly from my binder and drain sites. Getting up to walk is not very easy, my hips and lower back are sore and stiff from swelling and the lipo. I keep telling myself the each day it will be better. If I didn't have my mom here helping, I wouldn't have had this done! My husband likes to think he's helping but he's a little freaked out by the whole ordeal. I did manage to take before pics but haven't had time or the patience to post them yet. I won't be taking after pics until I see my dr on Tuesday. My binder keeps flipping up in the back due to my swelling and I can't get it to stay down. I have a lot of itching from the tape used to push my implants down. To anyone who has this done, I highly suggest getting a toilet bowl raiser, a walker, a shower stool, walkie talkies/ cell phones, adhesive remover pads, a recliner, someone who can help you out, the pain pump, and stool softeners. This is not a walk in the park, so to speak. I finally was able to have a tiny bowel movement tonight, that was also painful!
My Dr. And I decided to use the mentor gel smooth implants, he said to even out my breasts sizes he put in a 350cc and a 325 cc. With the lipo he estimated that he took out aprox. 4 lbs of fat from my flanks, hips, back and armpit fat. And my. Tummy tuck apron was about 2 lbs of skin and fat. I had him do the lowest incision he could for my tt, I like bathing suits that tie on the hips. What he ended up doing was going under my c section scars to do the incision. However he said by doing it that low he had to keep my old belly button scar above my monds.
I was under for a total of eight hours, it really has taken me until today to really come out of it. I feel exhausted! I find myself dozing off once in a while.
I didn't get a chance to post what all I was feeling the day before surgery. Realizing that I had very little time left, I ended up making a video of my final wishes and a video to my babies, family, and friends if something were to happen and I didn't wake up. That was hard for me to do, but I also wanted my babies and family to have closure if something happened. The emotions that run-through you are intense, especially being a mother. I went from scared, to excited, grossed out, to let's just get it done and over with. I think it's pretty normal for people to go through this thought process.
As the days go on from this point, I will be posting more thoughts and pictures. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me, and I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.
I did mark undecided if it was worth it, just because I haven't seen my results yet.

So today I had my first post op apt. I have been...

So today I had my first post op apt. I have been feeling pretty lousy up to this point. My skin felt like I needed to scratch it off, I would try not to scratch and embrace it knowing my body was trying to heal itself. Then the itching would turn into burning, it is awful! I started having panic attacks, I would get spasms down my legs up my back and in my abs. feeling like I couldn't catch my breath. The only thing that would somewhat stop this was getting up to walk. Then my lower back would cramp. My drains seemed to get clogged but thank God I wasn't draining very much. I was worried because the color of the drainage was darker on the left drain and not like the one on my right. So I mustered up the go to get to my post op visit. The drive there was rough, thank god my husband gave me an anti nausea tab. That helped a little. My Dr. Ended up taking out the drains. It felt a little weird but I tried not to pay attention. I only got a good look at my breasts. Everyone said they can't believe I look so good for only being a week out of surgery. I'll wait to look after I heel a little more. I get to take a shower tomorrow:).

So I was able to take my first shower, I put a...

So I was able to take my first shower, I put a stool in the shower because I remembered with my c-sections getting dizzy standing in the shower. I had my husband help me wash my body and hair. My mom shaved my legs before I got in the shower, this made it so much easier since I have a hard time bending down. Life is so much better without the drains. Everyone said once the drains come out you start feeling like a human again, this is true. I have managed to not take my meds. as much, I got it down from every four hours to every six and now aprox. Nine hours. I mainly need them for comfort to sleep. I seem to get tense at night. I also failed to mention, after surgery my mouth was like cotton mouth to the extreme! I couldn't get enough water or ice chips to make it go away. Also, the burping, I don't think I have ever burped so much in my life. Doesn't this sound so lovely, all of this to make myself feel good about myself! Lol!
I have managed to sneak a peek at my breasts, they look pretty good to me! My Dr. Said they are still high but will drop some more after time. He has me pressing down on them and holding them for ten seconds and then pressing them together for another ten seconds three times a day to soften the capsule. I get sore but it's not unbearable. I think I am just getting tired of being in this recliner chair. I'm pretty stiff when I get up. I have been doing my walking anytime I go to the bathroom or just need a change. I managed to climb up 10 stairs today to see my kitchen. Yay! Me! I think it has been hardest on my babies. My youngest 2 doesn't understand why we can't snuggle on my lap and my oldest 4 has been a good helper, however, she has been throwing little fits!
I have stayed on my stool softeners, and now everything seems to finally be normal again. I plan to stay on them until I am done with all of my meds. I feel more alert, and not so foggy! I plan on having my husband take pictures tomorrow and I will post them this weekend. Again any questions you may have if you are planning on having this done, please feel free to contact me.

I forgot to mention!!! Have your Dr. Prescribe...

I forgot to mention!!! Have your Dr. Prescribe benedryl and the benedryl lotion, YOU WILL BE ITCHY!!!

So I think today is 12 days post op, I still think...

So I think today is 12 days post op, I still think the worst part is being so itchy! I'm a little sore around my breast area, and still stiff in the legs when I get up from the recliner. I posted that the surgery was worth it (thumbs up) because for some reason, when I put undecided, it wouldn't let me post that. It was either worth it or not worth it. I think I will be pretty happy with my results after the binder comes off and I am able to sleep in my own bed and get dressed in something other than my robe. For sure the first week is HELL week but it does seem to get better after that. My first thought to anyone who is thinking about getting this done is, DON'T, but then again, if you just know how hard and ridiculous this whole thing is and you think you can get past the HELL week, I'm pretty sure you will think the result is well worth it. After I'm "back on my A game" I'm pretty sure I will be one happy lady. I only write what I am going through, not everyone is the same. Cheers!

For some reason I posted a blog today, however, I...

For some reason I posted a blog today, however, I don't see it! So I may be repeating myself, forgive me if I do! I ended up feeling pretty good, good enough to take a shower again yesterday. Making sure I did what my Dr. Told me to do, I sat on my shower stool, had the water warm and not hot, had my husband helping me when all of a sudden, I started to faint! I knew I was fainting because it had happened to me a few times long ago. I told my husband I was going down and to grab me so I wouldnt fall and screw everything up. Then my ears shut down any noise, then to a ringing sound, it felt like someone placed a extremely heavy wet towel over my shoulders, and then everything went white. I guess my mom said my husband was yelling at me trying to get me to come out of it, I didn't hear anything. When I started to wake up a tiny bit I told my mom to get the amonia and stick it under my nose, that helped a little, what really got me out of it was when my husband turned the cold water on me. The last thing that came back was my hearing. It was so scary! Word to the wise, I was 13 days post op when this happened, it can happen to you anytime! MAKE SURE you always have a strong person in the bathroom with you when you shower after surgery!!! If I fell, I could have ruined all the work my Dr did! Be CAREFUL!!!
So today, was a new day, no shower today:(. That was fine by me! I was able to get outside and walk down the street and back! Yay me! I did get hot and sweaty in 40 degree weather. Funny thing is I did this in my robe and slippers, I looked like hell! In the village that I live in all the Germans were staring at me, nothing new for Germany, the Germans like to stare anyway! I'm sure I was a pretty funny site to see! I probably would have stared too! My goal for tomorrow is to walk more and get my blood pumping! I still am on my husband to get my pics posted, however, he's been on overload with taking care of the babies, cooking, laundry, school, and tests, so I know he'll get them posted for me sometime soon!

Again, I'm feeling more normal! I can't believe...

Again, I'm feeling more normal! I can't believe it's been two weeks today! The time seems to be flying by, some days slower than other of course! I think Im going to take another stroll down the street today, maybe in some real clothes! I told my husband and mom to start giving me smaller portions at meal time but small snacks in between too! It would be to easy for me to scarf a huge plate of food down my throat if given the chance. I don't want to screw this expensive, uncomfortable, experience up! I want to look great this summer in a two piece bikini! I haven't worn one for a little over four years! I can't wait!!! I'm really missing sleeping with my husband, not just the sex, but just having him next to me. We have been together almost eighteen years and not being able to sleep next to him makes me a little depressed!
I guess in my original blog, I didn't really explain myself. So, I am 32 years old I was 150 lbs. Before I had my babies ages 2 and 4now, I gained exactly the same amount of weight each pregnancy. 50 lbs. When I weighed in the day of my daughters birth I was 200lbs exactly, I didn't get the last 20 lbs off befor I got pregnant with my son so, I weighed in at 220lbs. The day I had him. I started trying to get the weight off and got down to 180 then I had to stop nursing him in order to have my breast reduction and lift. After that was all said and done, three weeks later I was on a plane moving my life and family to Germany. After we were all settled in, which tookna while, I started working on my weight loss again. Funny thing is, I felt like I was thinner than I really was. Until I saw a few photos! Then I realized how overweight I really was. So, started going to the gym again, and trying to eat healthier, it's hard when your husband loves to cook and is great at it! I started zumba, then got into cardio kickboxing, and loved it! The days I don't do kickboxing I elliptical! I got my weight down to 170 and it stayed there no matter what I did, for three or four months. The weight stayed the same but my clothes were fitting much more loose on my frame. I was toning up! So, two weeks and one day ago, I weighed in for my Pre op apt. And I was 169 with all my clothes and running shoes on! I haven't weighed myself since then. However, my Dr. Said he approximated he removed 6 lbs. Of fat and skin from me via lipo and TT skin. I'm a little worried I put some of that weight back on since I'm not working out like I was. I miss my Gym time!!! On a happier note, im one more day closer to going back to the gym, I guess!
I have another follow up Apt. With my Dr. On the 21st, I can't wait to see him and hear what he has to say. What a great professional person! Always has his patients best intrest in mind! Love him and his staff! Great people!!!

I pushed myself to get out of my cave downstairs! ...

I pushed myself to get out of my cave downstairs! I made it to the kitchen where I made a cup of coffee, then to the living room where I opened the blinds to find sunshine coming through my windows. I put a movie on and now am resting on the sofa! I haven't been on my walk down the street today, I don't want to overdue it! It feels nice to be in a different area of my home and see different decor!
I know I'm on the up and up now! Yay! I have tapered my meds lately! Also, I think I may start my "magic time" (period) pretty soon, I feel bloated and my lower back is cramping. I really didn't think about this and what to do if it happened during surgery or after, so: I called my PS today to see if I can use a tampon and midol, he really doesn't want me putting anything "up there" for a while, so I have to use pads! YUCK! I have only used them when I had my c-sections. They are so yucky! As for the Midol, he said if my pain meds don't take care of the pain the it would be
okay to take the midol for bloating, and cramps.

OMG!!! Just tried on my top to my two piece and...

OMG!!! Just tried on my top to my two piece and all I can say is, OMG!!! AMAZING!!! My boobs never looked so good! Even with the swelling and bruising from the lipo. I am so excited for summer to come! I have never felt this way before! For those of you ladies who went through this or are going to go through this, if you can try on your two piece top, do it! It will make you feel like this was the best decision you have made for yourself! Incredible!

So yes, God has blessed me with my "magic time",...

So yes, God has blessed me with my "magic time", it sucks! At least while I was in the hospital, the nurse gave me some of those beautiful mesh panties. The same ones they give you when you have a c-section. Well I saved them and my mom went and bought me some pads I can put in them. They are much more comfortable than real panties especially because they stretch and I'm still pretty swollen around my hips where they did lipo. So, yes it's uncomfortable but not unbearable. As for the bloating and lower back cramps, I'm about to take a midol to see if it will help. It still feels the same as getting a period without having surgery, just more of a bloated feeling. Ugh!!!

Wow! I guess you can all tell I am feeling much...

Wow! I guess you can all tell I am feeling much better or am really board! I sure posted a bunch of blogs yesterday! Lol! So, first, this period thing sucks! I hate PADS!!! For some reason, it feels like a diaper squished between your butt cheeks! Its not very comfurtable when sitting or reclining. Especially when having a recliner chair as your primary source of a bed.
Last night before I went to sleep, I had my husband do my evening ritual. Fixing/smoothing my sheet that covers my recliner, getting my protine shake and pills ready, and tightening my binder. I managed to have him take a picture of me without my binder on, however, I was laying flat and it's not a very "flattering" picture so to speak! Or maybe it is! So as of now, I have several before pics, and one 14 day, post op pic that isn't very flattering. Just waiting to get my hands on my husbands laptop to post them. Stay tuned!
I did really good yesterday! I didn't take any pills except my stool softeners for a span of 11.5 hours. I did however, feel it last night. I was sore, and exhausted. To top it off, I read an article about human trafficking in SanFrancisco, not to far from where I'm from! It freaked me out, so I couldn't relax and go to sleep even after I finally took my pain meds. Scary!!!
I did eventually drift off until this morning, boy do I stink! I can't even stand to be around myself! P U! Another shower Please! I know it's not very lady like of me to say, but these"whore baths" I've been taking, aren't doing a very good job keeping me smelling good!
I did take my pills this morning, thinking I could use another few hours of sleep, but, I'm on here blogging, I hope this isn't becoming an addiction! :). I had to take a break to wash and shave my armpits. They feel and smell so much better, boy the things we take for granted! My mom wants to try to drive me to a park today so I can get some sunshine and fresh air. I think its a pretty good idea!
There are some questions that people are asking about Pre surgery and post surgery that I have not blogged about. So for those of you who have been wondering or asking: Should I shave or wax my girly parts before surgery? I consulted my PS about this and his reply was, " If you want to do either, do it no closer to the surgery date than a week, if you do it after, there is a possibility of getting an infection" ie: in grown hairs etc. So, I waxed aexactly a week before my surgery, I didn't want to deal with the itchy hair coming back quickly after shaving.
Another concern I came across was, pooping after surgery. I was very brief when I told you all it hurt when I was finally able to go. I highly suggest getting: prune juice, it's not that bad over ice, gas x, stool softeners 4 times a day even if you are tapering off your meds., Graham crackers, water, lots of water, yogurt,and walking even if it hurts! I can't stress enough, YOUR MEDS WILL CONSTIPATE YOU! It hurts like Hell when you have your first bowel movement. It's like pushing a hardened cement rock out of your bottom, it's terrible! I know it's kind of a gross thing to picture, however, it's true! If you start using all the things I have listed above right when you get home It will help!
Question nĂºmero 3: should I have everything done all at the same time or one by one? TT, BA, LIPO, Lift? The answer again my PS provided me with is, " If you can afford to YES! Your brain will only register pain in one area of your body at a time. So doing it all at the same time is a good idea, it also makes it so you only have one recovery time, and that recovery time is no longer than if you had each surgery done one at a time.". Less anestisia! The only reason I had my lift and reduction before my TT, BA, and lipo was because It was covered by my insurance while I lived in the states.
And the last question I came across was, : If you have had a c-section before, does it feel anything like that? My answer is: NO! First, everyone has a different experience if they did have a C-section. I had two planned c-sections and each one was different! My first was a terrible experience as far as pain and recovery, my second, was a walk in the park! So to compare having a C-section to having a TT, There are a few similarities, the cutting, however, they aren't cutting into your muscle with a TT, so you don't have that soreness/weekness of your muscles trying to heal. Like I said if you have your pain under control, this whole ordeal is really not to painful! I had the most pain in my drain site area. Really not any pain in my abs, or breasts. Just soreness, stiffness, and a little burning sensation from some of the lipo places. I the the worst of the worst for me was how Itchy I was.
I am not a Dr nor am I a PS, so what I write are my thoughts, and experiences! You can take my advice or not, I only hope what I post helps people have an understanding of possible things to expect, if they choose to have this done or not. I hope it just helps! Cheers for now, I'm going to take my nap, then work up to that trip to the park for some sunshine! Stay tuned for more thoughts, pics, and experiences from me, I'll be back!

Hello everyone, well I took a short break from my...

Hello everyone, well I took a short break from my everyday blogging. I think today is day 19 or 20 post op. The last three days, I have made leaps not bounds yet. My first leap was getting to go in the car to a park. I was able to sit on a bench in the sunshine for about two hours, while I watched my babies play.
The second was I took a shower in three stages. I was really nervous that I would faint again, so, I first washed my armpits and shaved them in the sink. Then I sat on a stool outside my shower to wash my hair. I used cold water in hope that I wouldn't get over heated. Then I had my mom shave my legs while I sat in the recliner, bending down is still hard for me. Last I got in a cool shower to wash my body off. This worked, I didn't faint!
I did however, get faint after walking up stairs, I grabbed a glass of water and managed to get to my living room where I was able to put my legs up.
Today, I went for another car ride, I went to the bank, then the car wash, and a store to pick up my watch I was having fixed.
I think I may be having withdrawals from my meds. I wake up every morning with stiff legs which lead to my abs cramping up like in a crunch that sticks. Also, I have been nauseous, light headed, and like my skin is crawling. I don't quiet know what is healing and what would be withdrawal. All I know is in the evenings my back is stiff throughout my shoulders and I'm really tired. I know I'm on the mend, boy this has been a long road. I have guest here to visit me now, so I will finish a little later!

Okay, I have officially been off the opiate drugs...

Okay, I have officially been off the opiate drugs for three whole days! OMG! What a horrible experience I have had with the withdrawl symptoms. I had and still am experiencing : hot flashes, dizzy spells, fainting, hypertension, itching, burning, diarrhea, nausea, extreme exhaustion, muscle spasms, skin crawling sensations, blurred vision, and panic attacks. This has been awful! I was only on these drugs for 17 days, and to have these withdrawals have been awful to experience. I can't fathom the idea of people trying to get off these drugs after being on them for several years or even months. I think people stay on them not just because they are hooked, but they can't stand the after shock of the detoxing. I understand!
I'm now only taking acetaminophen 1 morning and 1 night, and 1 anti inflammatory. It has been hard to sleep at night, I'm very uncomfortable and still in the recliner. I tried last week to sleep in my bed but I couldn't move, we have a memory foam matress topper. So, I ended up back in the recliner.
Yesterday, I went to lunch with my mom and after she needed to get some tops at the BX our military shopping center. I was doing okay until we got to the dressing room. I started getting dizzy and hot and feeling like I was about to faint again, so I sat down on a ledge and waited for my mom to try on her tops. I thought I was okay as long as I was sitting, then it got worse! I was drenched, and the noise of the shoppers and all the clutter of everything started to buzz. I asked a man whom was standing next to the dressing room to please get my mom. He did but by the time she came out I was in tears. Several people stopped to see if I was okay or needed help. One lady gave me her waster bottle, I took my sweatshirt off and then the AC came on. Another employee drove up with a lark, I was so thankful, however, I thought I was going to die of embarrassment! He said I could drive it all the way to my car and park it in the cart return. I was amazed at the kindness people had for me. It was so nice to see people can be so compassionet for people they don't even know. Well I managed to drive it to the entrance of the store and walk the rest of the way to the car. Needless to say, I over did it and after I returned home, I read the withdrawal symptoms and everything I had experienced was on there, not to mention the peek of coming off them was 12-21 hours, I was at 13. By 72 hours they are suppose to be out of your system.
I keep waking up feeling nauseated, NO I'm not preggo! I had diarrhea, and still felt a buzz going through my body. I stand up out of my chair and my legs get stiff, like I have to stretch before I walk. I did take a anti nausea pill, that seemed to help some. I got dressed and went out for a drive with my mom today. After lunch, I was feeling much better, I went to pick up my babies from kindergarten. It was so nice to see their smiling faces when they saw me in the car. We went on a drive out in the countryside then pulled off the road in front of a cemetery and all took a cat nap in the sunshine. ( in the car) it was the best sleep I have had in almost three weeks! Tomorrow's a new day, I plan on going on a walk up to see the castle at the top of our street. I hope the sun is shining, I miss it! On wednesday, I go to see my PS, I wonder if I will get to see my new BB. Waiting!

So I'm really starting to feel my implants for the...

So I'm really starting to feel my implants for the first time. What I mean is, I think the swelling is almost gone and my muscles and skin feel really tight. It hurts and pulls when I raise my arms above my head. I think it also has to do with the lipo on my ribcadge area under my arms. Also, I feel like I need to take a muscle relaxer because I have a huge knot In my back from hunching over. I'm not sure if I should take one though, BC today was the first day I have not felt any buzzing, cringing, feeling and I am very clear headed, something I have needed! I have a little throbbing in my breasts, I did do a lot of walking today.
Last night I was able to last an hour and a half in a regular bed. I think I would have lasted longer but my mom is sharing a room with me and she keeps snoring. I am a very light sleeper.
I go see my PS tomorrow! I have a lot of questions for him! Ie: when can I take the binder off, when do I start scar therapy, when do I start massage on my berasts, when can I have sex, when can I use tampons again, can I have lower dose of muscle relaxers, is it normal to feel the implant, having a hard time raising my arms, when can I sleep on my tummy again, exercises for my shoulders/back/breast adhesions, When will I see my BB, swelling more on right side of old BB scar, etc.I hope I'll find out tomorrow

So, it's been almost 1 year since I had my mommy...

So, it's been almost 1 year since
I had my mommy makeover. I can tell you, it has been worth every single dollar spent, every uncomfortable moment, every hour of sleep missed, all the drug side
Effects, etc. I have regained my self
Confidence. I feel pretty, sexy, and
Good About myself. Something I think anyone going through this procedure should know... When it's over and you feel good bout yourself, be extra careful not
To start your old eating habits Again. Unfortunately, I did and two days ago I went back in for touch up lipo all over my back and trunk. It wasn't coming off at the gym so I decided to have it done again. Ugh... Luckily I have only had a minimal amount of discomfort. I took a pain pill at 6:30am and haven't taken another yet. It's 4:00pm now. So as you probably can tell, I'm in much better shape this Time with my pain management. I just posted pics of before and after, sorry they came out sideways. Anyhow, I hope to post new ones after I heal up from this go around. I'll keep you all posted. Please feel free to contact me wih any questions you may have.

Mommy Makeover? One year and eight months later!

So, it's been a while since I last updated! It's been a year and eight months since I had my surgery. I went through a period of time where I became too comfortable. I started falling back on my old habits, like eating crap, and very little exercise. Since the operation, I went back in for touch up lipo. My PS Said to wait a year and see where everything settled, before he did my touch ups. So, I waited and went back to my old habits. When it was time for me to go in, I was not happy with myself. So, after the touch up, I decided to change my ways. Since then, I have been eating clean, and exercising almost daily. I have found a whole new woman in me. As far as having a mommy makeover, I highly suggest it to anyone who is considering. It has been extremely worth every bit of it! The cost, the pain, the tiredness, the withdrawals, and feeling great about myself. Once you recover, you gain a whole new view of your self. It's hard not to go back to your old ways, but if you like feeling great about yourself, Having confidence, and self esteem, then you should definitely consider having a mommy makeover. Hope you enjoy the new pics. Please leave a comment I would love to hear from you!

?New Mommy Makeover Pics!!!! ?

Side by side before and after pics

New pics as of Sept 2013

So happy, on my way to being fit!!!!
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I won't be posting my Dr.'s name because he is a military dr, and I don't have his permission to post it. As for why I choose him, #1 he puts people that have been blown to pieces back together again. #2 he never pushed me out the door when I had a million questions for him, #3 he always took the time with me to understand what was going to happen even if it took two hours to explain, #4 everyone who has worked with him said he is a perfectionist #5 I felt like I could trust his decisions if he needed to change something or not. #6 he is the only plastic surgeon at one of the biggest military facilities in Europe.

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