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Pro: It is said not suitable for Asiatic with...

It is said not suitable for Asiatic with Indian/Srilankan genetic, so I am South-East Asian, I bought it and it works ok for me. The manual told me to use power setting 3 at maximum for my brown skin color, but I use power setting 3 and sometimes 4 around bikini line.

It has been 3 weeks since I used it, and I saw some hairs stop growing. I live in Europe, so I am doing it now during the winter time. The manual sugest to use it once a week. I used nearly 1-2 times a week. Maybe it is not advisable to use it too frequent, but I don't find the disadvantage. If I wait for two weeks then the hairs start to grow too long and it takes more blade to raze them.

On the 2nd week, I got my legs very itchy. Only on the frot part of the legs, I think this has nothing to do with IPL itself but due to ingrown hair.

For ichiness, I have tried to use Aloe vera gel (as sugested by most of IPL users) but it didn't cure my itchiness. The next day I kept scratching and it got worse. The next day I tried body butter containing 10% urea, it calms for a few minutes but it got itchy again soon. Then the magic part came when I a "bee oil" made in Indonesia which I bought during a vacation there. It works instantly against ichiness, it's called "minyak tawon", literaly means "bee oil" or "wasp oil", there is a bee picture on the bottle, but it doesn't made out of bee product at all. When I used it it just numb instantly the itchy feelings and the next day I didn't feel it anymore. The oil contains a complex/mixture of essential oils like lemon grass, cinamon oil, and other stuffs but it is not mentioned in which oil the essential oils are diluted. Since I have a lemon grass essential oil, I tried to make the mixture by myself, but the smell is different and it's not so effective. I tried to buy the chinese oil also but the smell is too strong and it creates a hot feeling on the skin. The "bee oil" didn't cause this hot feeling, just fresh. The smell was not too bad, it's like the "you like it or you hate it smell". I should get one of this bee oil again, but I can't find on ebay in Europe.

Sorry, I talk so much about this oil than the IPL. But I think this is also important, when you do a skin treatment, make sure you have a remedy lotion ready in case it happens to you, otherwise you cannot sleep the whole nite because you keep scratchin! The lotion that is glycerin based didn't work either (I tried it!).

Have fund with the IPL!

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I don't find the side effect yet.

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