Help Me Going Through This Horrible Process!!! - Germany

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Hello, I'm a 23 year old italian/german girl and...

I'm a 23 year old italian/german girl and got to tell you my story :-(
4 weeks ago i did the biggest mistake in my life when I got my tattoo on my left arm. I knew immediatley I don't like to have this thing on my arm, after it was done!!! So I went into depression because I do not understand why I did this to me? Just before the season I love most is going to start :-(
Now I'm searching for reviews nearly 12 hours a day and I have come to the conclusion that it definitely won't be possible to remove the whole tattoo without any side effects als a Result according to the other reviews. In summer I immediatelly get dark skin, so I am sure that I am going to have a ghost image of my tattoo on my arm. I don't know which laser would be the best for my skin type because I read several times that picosure is worse on darker skin types. Do some of you have experiences with that? I am afraid of hypopigmentation and scarring :-( i am also afraid of being left with the pink Color on my arm. Has someone already removed pink colour successfully?
I am going to have my first consultation next monday (doctor using a picosure laser).
Please support me and give ne strength :-(

Surgical excision possible?

As I am still very depressed about this situation I am thinking of a surgical excision of my tattoo. I'd rather have a scar on my arm than the tattoo. I don't think that laser treatments bring the result i'd like to have. And I definitely do not have enough strength to go through this whole process.
Do you think that excision would be a way to solve this problem?

Test spot with revlite

4 weeks ago I got two test spots with a revlite: 1 was done on pink (which became grey) and the second one on black. I am very concerned because the black ink turned into a brown shadow. Is that normal? I heard that if it turns brown it cannot be removed by further Treatments???

First laser session

I finally had my first treatment two days ago on the inside of the arm. Because of the testspot which had been done before, I was afraid of black ink turning brown. Unfortunately it seems that this has happened this time with the rest of the tattoo.....don't know what to think.... Is it a normal part of the progress..?
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