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I got two series of fraxel dual last year by a...

i got two series of fraxel dual last year by a recommended plastic surgeon in germany after visiting a lot of doctors to find out whats the best option for me.i didn't have much scarring,but it was for hyperpigmentation und texture irregularities and i think one deeper pore.First surgeon suggested fraxel repair,but i didn't want this because of the dangers (i am fitzpatrick 4!). so i went to another doc and was convinced to do fraxel dual 5 times. he said that there will be no side effects. hyperpigmentation will fade away by time or i just have to do anotger light dual i was convinced to do it...big mistake in my life forever!!! first treatment was light,afterwards,my face was shiny with less brown spots and everything seemed to go ok.healing time was about 5 scarring or other side effect. ich was very happy and thought, "yeah,thats it"! and had a second treatment on dez 16.12.15 not knowing,that this date will destroy my life. i went to the doc,numbling creme 40 min. and got the dual done for 20 minutes.i saw 70 mj on the laser dysplay,it was very painfull and afterwards,i was very aggressive because of the face was swollen,hurting and i only wanted to get home (3 hours alone with the car!). when i left the doc,he said,that i should wait more than 4 werks for the next procedure,if the redness is heavy.this note of the doctor made me worried because i told him to do light laser because i was afraid of side effects. back at home,i washed my skin gently wirh avene cleanser and cicalfate crem of avene every two hours.first,things went well,a few breaking outs but that was no problem for me. At about day 10, i noticed a long line from the eye down to the cheeks...i was worried but i thought i have to wait because its healing amd swelling. after 2 weeks,i still was red,had points of hyperpigmentation AND: new scarring! it looks like litte wholes everywhere,texture problems,lines and ice pick like scars ( i didnt have this scarring bevor!). i creamed regularly and was gentle to my face,wore sun block 50 and was still optimistic that it will all fade away. four weeks of procedure-the big shock: organge peel texture with little wholes,some areas semmed to be swollen,ice pick scars in circles and a lot of hyperpigmentation. i was very depressed because i ama doctor myself and was before an important exam. i could not sleep at night,i could not go out or meet friends because i was ashamed of my ruined face. now, 4 and a half months post procedure,my face is very worse: dry,sagging,volume lost,deeper scars,milias etc. i have tried a lot of cosmetics but it doesnot help.with make up on,it seems to be very bad! some areas of skin have big long lines like a lot of big pores...every time when i look into the mirrow,i could kill myself,worried,that my friends or collegues will notice that. i forgot to write,that i drive to the doc to show him the new scarring und tell my worries to him.he made pictures,looked to them and said that there is no scarring and i shouldnot worry and should do another fraxel dual in 4 weeks about 15.2.15. i was very dissappointed and drove home again. i could not believe that he didnt see the scars and other irregularities. So,about 5 months post,there is no change and it gets bad with every week.I do not know what to do,i go to work every day and want to hide myself. Please: Don't do this procedure if you only have light problems. i now visited a lot of dermatologists to have a further option.The option is a light fractional co 2 laser. the docs said that i was treatet too aggressively and it were to much passes made. now,my whole life consists of how to fix the damage.i cannot go out after work,no party, have no more mirrows in my house to avoid the look. please,do not be so stupid if you want to have a normal life! all photos are about two weeks post laser!

foto before fraxel

do not do it!!!

fraxel dual for mild acne scarring in germany big mistake!!!

an update: i went to a specialist and he said that i have overlapped passes with too high setting and bulk heating!!! it is a complication of the laser,not of wound healing directly

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