Biggest Double Mistake of my Life! - Hamburg, Germany

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Hi guys, I'm a 30 year old girl from Hamburg,...

Hi guys,

I'm a 30 year old girl from Hamburg, Germany. I just would like to share my story with you.
This year, in May, I decided to get a big and coloured realistic rose on my inner arm. Once I got it I went home, put off the plastic and washed rest of the colour off. From that point on I just realized that this was the biggest mistake I've ever made in my entire life! I just started to panic cause I knew that this won't get off anymore. The next days were a total nightmare. I wasn't able to sleep and all I could think about is how I could remove this shit as fast and as soon as possible.
I found a clinic here in Hamburg, the Kosmed Klinik. They have the newest and best laser in town, the Picosure Laser. He told me that I had to wait at least 5-6 months due to the risk of scarring. The doctor just told me that we could start with the black shadings across the coloured rose. I agreed and we made an appointment for October this year.
The first treatment for the shadings wasn't that painful as I expected. Right after the treatment I saw some parts of the shadings which were already completely gone! The day after the tattoo started to blister which last for about 4 days. After the healing process the black colour (shadings) was completey gone.
Than I just looked myself in the mirror and thought: I still don't like it, but I don't even want to go through the whole laser process again and again for the rest of the rose.
And right now, I just did a much bigger mistake: I decided to put some leaves on the rose, cause the rose looked kinda lost on my arm. I thought that with the leaves, it would decentralize the whole thing and let it look "softer". So I just went to a Tattoo Studio and made an appointment for the leaves.
So last week, on monday, I went to the Studio and we just spoke about the way I would love the leaves would look like. The tattoo artist just seemed a bit lost and actually I should have stopped from that point on but I though: well, he knows what he does cause all the pictures I saw from him were more than impressive. He must have had a bad day I guess. However, during the ink process I just though: hmm.. what is he doing? Well, just let him finish the leaves, don't be so unpatient, you have to wait until the end. But once he was done it didn't look better.. The lines of the leaves are really fucked off!!!
I definitely wont live with this kind of tattoo directly on my arm but now I have to wait again for 6 months until I can start with the laser again. And what also really makes me angry is that this time there are no shadings but lines and this means that this will be a very long process.
I really hate myself for what I did, especially because I just did a mistake before.
What do you think: how fast can the leaves be removed?

Need urgent advice from a doctor!


how old needs to be the tattoo to start the removal process with picosure? My doctor told me that the tattoo needs to be at least 6 months old but I can't wait that long!!!

New tattoo removal creme.. will this be the salvation?!?

Hi there,

I just read some articles of a guy named Alec Falkenham. He is a PHD student based in Canada and he just developed this kind of creme. Please follow the link:
What do you think about it? The way the cream works sounds actually logical.. Is it worth it?
I'm happy about your comments.

Laser session

Hi there,
I will start with my first laser session this saturday. As soon as I'm done with the treatment I'll update you with new pics. I will start to remove the leaves, cause if I start with the whole tattoo the contrast would'nt be good. My plan is to remove the leaves completely and then start with the rest.

See you soon!

Cover Up

Hi there,

after a test laser session on my back I decided to do a cover up of my existing tattoo.
This is because my skin doesen't react the way it should after a treatment with the Pico Sure Laser.
This time I had no blistering, but my skin just got swollen so bad that my doctor had to treat me with Cortison.. So I went to a tattoo studio to ask what they could do with the ugly leaves.
They said that they have to work all over it and that the rose needs to come out darker,
And here we are.. the result is great!I really LOVE it right now!!! :)

Amended rose

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