47 Years Old Female/ Asian European Mix/ Mesoestetic (Melanostop) and Now Iklen - Germany

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I have had chemical peels which led to more...

I have had chemical peels which led to more hyperpigmentation. Originally these mesoestetic peels were made to reduce some hyperpigmentation, but now it is even worse. It failed. I just think, I got a really bad avice from the cosmetogolist who wanted to earn money. She said it is possible to do it even during spring summer, which proved to be wrong. I suffer a lot. Now I have seen a dermatologist who prescribed iklen. I am using it since two and a half weeks, which is clearly not enough to say someting, but I just wanted to start a review, because I know how it feels to be hopeless and helpless and I hope I can soon post good news about the results.

Photos added 30.08.2015/ 13.09.2015

I don't see much difference yet, but it is very much too early now. But still it is better to at least start comparing from the very start! If you have any comments or questions don't hesitate - tell me!

Getting better - it seems

I have done 4 weeks of Iklen now and think I am seeing some improvement. I can now cover the patches with make up much better than before. After the week end I will make some new photos and let's see, if I am right. Although I think these photos barely show the whole truth. It is difficult to take photos at same time, light etc.. But we will see and in 2 weeks I will be at the doctors - and she will be able to table and judge - I believe.

After 4 weeks Iklen Melano Expert

I now have been using the Iklen cream for 4 weeks and it shows it's effects. Please compare to the photos before.

Improvement - but still needing time

I will post photos after 2 weeks from now. It's better, but I am not patient enough I believe. Still I am very strict with my regiment. Let's see, after 2 weeks how far I have come! If there is anyone who has had similar problems with post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation which is also partly dermal, please don't hesitate to report. Thanks!

Sun exposure

Actually I am on holiday in italy and getting sun exposure. I put a hat and 50 SPF. But have to say the pigmentation got worse again. Now I put zinc on the spots and it seems that helps a lot. Will continue posting my story.

No more visible improvement at the moment

I am now on my 10th week on Iklen and for now I have posted Photos after 2 and 4 weeks. I don't see much difference for the moment and waiting to see my doctor in about 2,5 weeks. I will ask her what to do next and will keep on posting


I just found this faboulos product at net-a-porter.com. It helps me getting through the day without too much make up - just a little, at is slightly tanned and has full suncover with 50 SPF :)


I just answered a question why iklen first worked well and then not anymore. The truth is that we have to know if it is epidermal, dermal or mixed pigmentation. Topical products work fast on epidermal pigmentation and slower on mixed and hardly on dermal as they can not get through to the dermis. So first it worked well for the epidermal part and now the dermal part is hard to treat with Iklen. I have added Skinorex to the skin care program which was provided by my doctor and it helped a little. But although it is hard to accept, fact is dermal lesions are hard to treat and i will try to have a test stop with a laser next year picosure or revlite or both. I will see a doctor in february. Appointments are not easy to get.

Finishing my journey for now

Sorry to let you know, that I will give up on topical agents now, as they wont work for my dermal pigmentation. I am devasted to tell the truth. The only thing is what I will do now check if lasers such as revlite or picosure will help. I have an appointment in Feb 2016. Please wish me good luck.


I was with a doctor yesterday and talke with him about picosure which he thinks would be the best solution. I did not have a testspot done, as in one month i will be in spain and you will have to stay 2 monthes out of the sun. I will have the spot done in autum, as it would take a series of 5-10 treatments at 3-4 week intervalls and this is not possible to start now and be ready in may when the sun starts here comming out. So i will go on with creams and peelings untill then. But it sounded quite promissing. What I dont like about the test spot, it is not small at all. It is like a 50 Eurocent piece, which does not seems small to me. But we will see in autum. Regards

Appointment at the doctors office (Feb-Sept) Treatment, Glutathione

I have been to the dermatologist yesterday. Untill autum we will continue with light glycolic acid peels, and topical agents. My doctor added Glutathione to the regiment yesterday, saying that in south america it is a first line treatment for PIH and Melasma. I will keep you posted. :)

Heliocare Ultra D Capsules

I have the impression that these capsules help slowing down the pigment in total. We are having sunny weather all the time now and it does not get worse. I have the impression it is getting slightly better. I hope, I am right.

Update Laser Treatment


I have been to Lasercenter in Bochum again and he suggested Picosure vs Enlighten. I was really wondering why, but i will keep up hope. I have a test spot in october. I will post results at the end of october.

Picosure test spot

Hi everyone,
I said I would be doing a test spot in october and now I am back to share my experience. I went to Bochum Laserzentrum yesterday and it took like 2 minutes for the procedure. It did not hurt much, just a little and afterwards it was really swollen and red and dark. Even this morning I woke up and it was still swollen and dark. Now after a few more hours, it is not swollen anymore and the redness is gone. It is just still slightly darker. The picutre I took was to awful for me to share it today. But I will keep you updated if the spot will faint.

Fading testspot

My testspot is definitely fading. That is all i can say a week after the procedure. I will keep you informed.

Update November 2016

I have done testspot of enlighten this week and due to the results of last test spot some laser on my cheeks and above the lip with picosure. But i am not quiete sure, if that was a good idea, as the darkening this time, was really dark. It has already started to lighten, but i do have to wait another couple of days to judge the results. The photos that were taken at the clinic were so poor of quality, that I cant use them. Next time i go, i will take my own photos. What I was shocked about, that the doctor answered my questions wrong. I asked him about hypo and hyper pigmentation and he said, that Melanin was absorbt between 500-600 mm, which i later looked up, and found it was between 600 and 1100 mm. I believe answering patients questions should be correct. Especially if it comes to the skin in your face. But however.... I am sorry, but I will wait with photos until in 2 weeks. So far I can only say, I have tried, and hopefully see some fading.

November 2016

So here I am again with for now good news. I have been out from my first partial picosure 2 weeks. Although i was very depressed due to the first darkening after 2 weeks this has resolved and all treated lessions seem lighter. But as I was very afraid i did not do a second treatmend this time and waited. Instead I did a testspot enlighten at another doctors office. So I will be updating in about 2 weeks. I am really a sceptical person. So please believe me, saying for now it is better although i am skin type fitzpatrick IV. I cannot really believe the improvement myself. The fotos are so bad, that they dont show it, but I see it in the mirror. Maybe after two more weeks i will be relaxed enough to post some photographs.

Still lightening after picosure focus lense 8mm 0,4 Joule

Really guys, i paniked after my first treatment with the picosure although the test spot before went well. It was really so dark and after having read here on this forum and having had private chats with people who had the same treatment (not sure if they had the lense too), i was really down and depressed. But now it seems to get really lighter. I did not perform a second treatment as i was horrified that it would worsen. But maybe i was right to just wait a little longer. I will keep you updated.

Changing Doctor from Lasercentrum Bochum to Heise & Hilton Düsseldorf

I was not able to trust Dr. Hoffmann who did not give answers but just wanted to do the job done by the laser. I wouldn't just get it done and see if it changed from bad to good and back to bad or whatever. I didn't feel very well with his bedside manner and his way to act which I thought was not very respectful. So I changed to Heise & Hilton Düsseldorf and feel in good hands there although they refused lasering my face last time. They said, we should wait a few more weeks, if the test spots remained lighter and they said, if would be good to prep the skin with hydroquinone which Dr. Hoffmann said would not be necessary. So now I have bought my cream and will be back at the doctors office in January. Will keep you informed.

Dark Pigment corrector (Skinceuticals) + Hydroquinone + Enlighten

So I have been using Skinceuticals & Hydroquinone since 9th of December. I believe the spots have lightened a bit and hopefully the doctor I am going to see on 25th of january will use the laser enlighten again, as the test spots are still lighter and still lightening. I will keep you informed.
Dr. Eva Meigel

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