Breast Implant Removal Next Week Under General Anesthesia - Germany

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Hello Ladies, I´m so happy, that i found this...

Hello Ladies,

I´m so happy, that i found this side!
We havn´t any sides like this one in germany.

15 years ago, I made a fatal decission. My BA was in 2001, saline implants filled with 375cc under the muscle.
Since the surgery I can´t sleep on my belly, I have pain in my chest, arms and neck.
In the year 2009 my doc found out, that I have thyroid disease and a lot of complications with my body. I think it comes from my implants.

The left implant is broken, so I decided to get the f***ing implants out, with no lift and no replacement.
Today, I was at the hospital. The surgeon said, I have no breast tissue and the result will be horrible, but I have seen so much woman on this side here and I hope, I´ll get a less horrible result as the surgeon said.
My surgeon said also, it´s better to do the surgery with a general anesthesia.
And now I´m afraid, because there could be a lot more complications as under a local anesthesia.
The fear of the general anesthesia is my biggest fear.
I have to stay at hospital between 3 or 5 days.

Does anyone of you had the breast implant removal with a general anesthesia?

Best wishes from germany, hope, someone can help me.

5 days post op, pain and burning in my breasts

Hi Ladies,

this is the 5th day post op.

The surgery was no problem, bt when I woke up, I had a lot of pain and burning in my breasts.
I took a lot of painkillers, but it wasn´t much better.

Today is the 5th day post op and I have always this burning and pain in my breasts. I have a post surgery bra, which is very closely so I can´t realy good breath. They said, I have to wear this bra 6 weeks.
Does anyone of you had such a pain after breast implant removal?
I hope it will be better soon.

Concave breast

Hello Ladies,
thank you all for your support. I think, without you and this side I havn´t had the courage to remove my implants without a lift or new implants.
I feel better and my pain is much lower from day to day.

I have a question:

Does anyone of you know, if this "concave hole" will be improve?
You can see what I mean at the picture, above my nipples.

My breast flexes

Hi Ladies,
I hope, someone of you can help me.
When I move my muscle, my breast flexes outside. I had this problem, when I had my implants and I thought, this will go away, when my implants are out. But this is not the case.
What can I do?
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