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Hello to all, I had B/A 5 years ago, with 300cc...

hello to all,
I had B/A 5 years ago, with 300cc silicone under muscle, and from 34AA, i am 32B(US)/32C(UK).
I lost 80% of my nipple and breast sensitivity after B/A (although i can feel the pinch of a niddle). I am very depressed, i believe that intimacy of my sex life has been decreased and i'm in teary mood every day. Thanks to you all, i'm thinking of removal. I made the biggest mistake of my life, i now realise what is/was important more than appearance. Can you please tell me what happened to nipple sensitivity AFTER explantation?
I will update about my dc appointmet. The photos are not me, but VERY VERY SIMILAR to what i was and what i am now

Had an appointment today but....

Today i had an appointment with my first PS, but she cancelled once again!!!I'm trying to find her the past month! I turn "on and off" my anxiety every Thursday that i was supposed to meet her, and now i feel stupid....
Sorry for my english, i'm from Europe

Answer with e-mail from another doctor

I just recieved an e-mail answer, from one doctor i had communicated with, if being familiar with explant proccedure: "I'm afraid that explantation will make you dissapointed. Set up an appointment". If in USA some doctors are not either familiar, in my country i think i will have a problem with finding someone, and be understanding too!!

First breast ultrasound - big implant

i yesterday came back from the capital city (3 hrs from my city). I had my first ultrasound with my radiologist and he told me that:
1) Everything is perfect (implant, breast tissue)
2) My implant is somehow big for my natural breast tissue (although not in my frame)
3) he doesn't believe nerves have been cut, just stressed from the pressure ,so he advised me to observe my sensation the 4th-8th day of my circle,(when my natural breast is more relax / un-swollen, and less pressure insists. Then, if my sensation is improved a little bit, the pressure is from the implant).\
4) Explantation is a drastic change and must consider about it.

So..... I will have an appointment in 15 days with one of the best PSs of my country, although i don't know yet if he is familiar with explantations.
I told my boyfriend all all of my concerns, and he told me that there is no reason yet for doing something like that. I can't tell him about the numbness..

AND my natural tissue is solid,not fat at all

AND my natural tissue is solid,not fat at all, although i gained 15kg = 33 pounds.
So i think i will not have a good result... Big implants, same small breast tissue..i fill somehow trapped. I don't know if this is the source of my depression, or my depression focus me on my breast...


My therapist (psychologist), said that i should not procceed with explantation, until she "gives me permission" that i am in good mental condition. She believes that i have body dismorphic disorder (i believe it too), and that i will spend my money to doctors, and be deformed.
This week i have my first appointment with the first doctor. I can't be happy these 2 months. I keep thinking that i must take a decision NOW and for the rest of my life with implant issue. I just don't see myself in repetitive surgery mode. That's for sure. I have lot of stress by thinking what is the correct answer, and how soon i must decide, in order to have the best outcome. Photos below, is my pre B/A condition. NOT ME, but very similar.

First consultion results

yesterday i had my first appointment for removal.(Sorry for my english from now on, i'm from Europe)
He did't try to talk me about new implants, he just told me that i will be FLAT, and i have very good implants that are going to last 30-35 years,although they CAN rupture. I answered that i was flat before B/A, but he thinks i could be even smaller. I asked about possible deformation, or extra nerve damage and he answred "no". In this appointment i was with my uncle who is a doctor and my mother. When i mentioned the numbness / decrease sensation of my nipples, said that it could be come back, but don't count on this,cause its not the most possible thing.
My last question was "what would you do if your daugher told you what i already told you", and answered that he would try to conviece her to stay with current implants, but overall take care of my mental health in all this situation, so i am prepared and take the right desicion. I'm very confused. My boyfriend told me to think carefully, because i could make another mistake and trouble my mind more.


Also told me that i have a very good result as i am now, and that i have BIG implants for my natural tissue (300cc mentor moderate plus siltex). Surgery will be with sedation and will take out capsules, only if are thick. Money was not a real issue due to my uncle.. One thing that i know for now, is that i will have to make this decision sooner or later. It's maybe the way i'm growing up.. I just want to try my chance for feeling again sexual my breast.. But is this serious reason for removal?? My sister and my best friend tells me that not having sexual sensation in breast, is not so big thing and think that i'm overdramatic and sex is in mind, so must find other points of erection. I just don't get it...Meanwhile, i will continue therapy and try to put things in "right perspective".


I just saw myself in a video from summer holidays with my bathing suit and i must admit, that my silhouette is what i was trying to achieve when i was getting my implants. This video made me wondering for what i want.. Is the hardest decision i ever have to deal with in my entire life! I wish the outcome hadn't be so good..I can't balance the situation in my mind.I was like by before..I will try to put a pre B/A photo of me

Photo from summer video

Uneven breast crease/fold.What if i explant?

My left breast implant, looks like it never dropped. I can see my incision scar in my ribs clearly. But my nipples are even! What can i expect when i explant? Can my doctor fix this?

Dubble bubble - afraid of possible tethering / deformation

Last night i noticed a double crease on my bottomed-out breast while i was Lying down on my side and leaning on my elbow, that immediately realised it was slight "double-buble" deformity. It looked like the crease was the place were breast implant should have been. Like my natural breast crase. This crease is not obvious at all when i am standing upright straight and a little bit when i flex my pecs (a shadow).
I am now very afraid that i might not be a good candidate for explantation, cause every woman in this site that had double bubble before explantation, got a tethering in her breast. I must go back to my doctor, because in my last appointment i had'n notice it..
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