29 Year Old, 110 Lbs, 5'4, No Kids, Breast Augmentation with Natrelle 410 Style -Dr. Herrboldt Germany, DE

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Hello everybody, Im really glad this page exists...

Hello everybody,
Im really glad this page exists and I was reviewing many stories before I now post my own.
My english is not the best but I will try to make you understand everything;)
My augmentation is due in 4 weeks from now. I already had the consultation with my PS.
Ive been measured by my PS and he said I'm currently a 32 A ( I usually wear 32 B bras, obviously these underwear labels tried to make me feel better about my bust). I would like to get to a medium - full C. I showed my PS my "wish boobs" (attached with the photos) and he recommended an anatomical shaped implant by Natrelle Style 410 (335ccl). Seeing many other posts, Im almost afraid it could be a bit too small. Im a bit bottom heavy so I would like to balance out a bit. Also my boobs are going a bit to the outside and I would love to have a bit of cleavage, if possible. I don't want to make the gap between my breast even larger and I really hope he can do that.:) I would love you guys to answer me and tell me what you think?

Forgot the wish boobs :D

Here they are... I really hope I can get close to what I wish with 335cc :D Please let me know what you think...

Not even 2 weeks left and two more questions.

Talked to my PS again over the phone. After all my research I gave him free choice of implant size to reach the wish boobs result. So now it's either 335cc or 375cc.
I can't wait. I am the most inpatient person so it's even harder for me :D 11 years have been long enough though. Talked to him about some other things. My boobies are pretty wide apart and I'm afraid they could be even more apart with the implants. But he says he doesn't really have a influence on my body structure. I will get the sports bra from the clinic i will buy me a second one for the time the good one is in the washer. Any suggestions ?
I lost 5 pounds that I'm willing to gain back in the time I can't work out.

6 days left

My last week before surgery is so packed... I have so much to do... At the moment the surgery feels like a vacay. I know its not... I can't wait Im going nuts!!!

So excited im already sitting in The clinic

They Are about to mark me up im thirsty as hell. I gurgled about 340 Times to Feel like im drinking. Lets See if i can get get Mark up pics later :)

On the mark- set -go

I'm 4 hours post surgery. I'm taking a lot of painkiller injections. It's bearable . I can't reall look at them until now . Here are some pics right before and from now with the bra

1 day post

What to say. I was in pain , baaaaaad pain. I still am in pain But its a lot better. I got Two Injektions with some really good stuff last night. I got high. My doctor is amazing he is funny and the nurses have been very caring. The whole team is well organized and it helped me out a lot. My boobies look big right now. I'm very happy my doctor decided to go with the smaller size 335 cc.

2 days post op

What can I say. I can finally get up myself. I Took my First shower this morning. I have to admit that i hope most of the size at the moment is swellling and it will go down. They look very torpedo like at the moment. I'm currently icing them to get the swelling down. I like walking around better than laying down - finding a good position laying down is a serious hustle. I'm sure it will get better here are some pics of day 2 after surgery

3 days post

The Outsides of my Boobs Feel completely numb. I can move my arms. Happy about that. My Scars give me biting pain sometimes.

4 days post

I just want to post some new pics. Still Hoping for The swellling to go Down especially On The Outside

8 days post op

Thank God the week is over. I can't really concentrate on work yet. My boobs are still a bit sore but not too bad I'm just absolutely paranoid with all the moves I'm making. I don't want to mess them up haha. I almost had a panic attack the other day when I put my bra in the washer and came out in XxxxL it took me four hours to finally throw it in the dryer cause I gave up on this thing already. Luckily it got back to tight again. The first day was too tight. But it's ok now. I don't lift heavy I don't do anything crazy but sometimes I reach for things and I feel my muscles twitch. Gross feeling and also scares me. But I guess it's normal. Here is a update! Swelling came down a lot

So far

I'm very happy about how I'm healing. It's going very well. I'm only sore when I touch my breast on the outside. It's still a bit numb. The skin there looks really stretched. I did develop a bit of cleavage. I'm very happy about that. Cause it used to look like I had a lot of space between them. Good luck to all other ladies . I ll keep updating

4 weeks post

In The third Week post, I experienced pretty strong pains in my right breast. I paniced and wanted to know what is going on. Appearantly it was only my muscle I had to stretch by lifting my arms and moving the elbows to the side. It's way better now. Sometimes though when I try to pick something up. I get sharp pains in my scar... Oh well I'm sure that's is over soon. They get a little softer everyday. But I can tell it will take a while until they feel natural

My scars

Although one of the hurts every once in a while they look really good I think
Dr. Mang

So my Doctor for my BA was Dr. Herrboldt at the Medical One Clinic in Dortmund. After 10 days post surgery I want to give the review and I have to say Im so happy with my choice. I trusted him right away and left choices completely to him after telling what I was going for. I don't only like the result, but also his type of humor and the way he made me feel like I was understood and wasn't doubting what he said for a sec. I can only recommend this doctor. The nurses who took care of me were very kind and nice as well,I cannot say too many times how important it is to feel comfortable right after surgery. They really made me feel welcomed and home!

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