280/95 Cc Breast Augmentation, 21 Yrs, 5'6 116 Lbs Vegan - Germany, DE

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Howdy folks, I was so inspired by all posts that...

Howdy folks,
I was so inspired by all posts that I've read on this website so I decided to share my journey even though I did not want to at first. But f... it, if it might inspire or help someone it was worth it!!!

So, I am 5'6 tall (169cm), 27 inch band and 116 lbs (54kg). I am quite lean and I have rarely any fat around my ripcage which makes my tissue relatively tight. Also, I am vegan and a yoga passionate and I want to deepen that passion by travelling and making a yoga teacher training.... I know lets get to the point.

I have spoken to 3 surgeons here in Germany and I knew right away that I want a natural looking enhancement that will bring me to a full B - small C cup since I started with 70A - 70AA (slightly tubular and puffy areola).
But finding and most importantly deciding for a size has not been easy!!!! (to say the least)
I do trust my surgeon who reccomended to me, as well as my dear friend and Dad, that 280/95 cc would be the best fit for me in order to be happy.
I must say I was doubting that decision until now since I am scared of going too small and ending up regretting not having chosen the bigger size which would be 325/35cc for me. Also, because I could not find too many positive reviews on smaller implants on relatively "tall" people like me, I thought I might be too modest?!?!

But if I keep in mind that I do want to look natural and that I would find it worse to be too big than rather a bit too small. Also I really do not want to look fake or unproportional... I mean by taking away the attention towards my face --- to my booby.. So I think I made the right call........ I will have to WAIT and see.......

Anyway, I am super excited and I will have to go to the hospital alone tomorrow morning at 8 am ...
I got an amazing internship in 3 weeks time which will include to move to another city, so I hope I will be fit as hell untill then!

Some before pics :-)


That's what I am going for!!!! Fingers crossed or as we say in Germany: toitoitoi
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