Mondors Cord After BA

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I am 39, mother of 2. I went in for my BA 17 days...

I am 39, mother of 2. I went in for my BA 17 days ago and so far I am healing nicely. I weigh 125 and I am 5'6. I had silicone 260 overs. They look great. Really no pain 2nd day. No pain pills.

I have wanted this done forever. I was a 34 A...barely. I am now a 34 C.

Wondering if anyone else had surgery in the armpit and had any issues with a tight tendon. It goes from my armpit up my arm connecting to my bicep about 5 inches. When I lift my arm I can see it sticking out. Does this go away? I have to go see my PS and see what is going on. Still worth it!

Went to my PS about what I thought was a tendon...

Went to my PS about what I thought was a tendon and he told me it was Mondor's Disease. This is what it is...but it does go away.

An unusual complication after breast augmentation is the development of hardening or blood clot (phlebothrombosis) in a vein leading away from the surface of the breast. This is called Mondor's disease. This may develop about a month to six weeks after any type of breast surgery. Patients often notice it when they move or stretch the skin, for example in raising the arm.The cord is tender but not dangerous. It will usually disappear on its own. The only recommended treatment is careful warmth (Remember the skin may still be numb) and pain killers, although some surgeons like to prescribe anti-inflammatory medications.

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I saw my girlfriend who works out all the time in a bikini and I asked her "how can you have boobs with all the training you do" and she told me they were fake. Have never seen fake boobs look so real. I made an apt with the PS and 2 months later I had new boobs!

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