Beginning of the Journey - Germany, DE

To start with: I'm 42, 166cm-54 kg. Breast size...

To start with: I'm 42, 166cm-54 kg.
Breast size 75A. I never had bug breasts but with age and as I put on some kg, my breasted went to full B or small C

Well, all of that has gone last year after weight loss and dropping dress sizes and I am back to A size again. My aim is full B-small C and they should look as natural as possible

I wanted to get BA done for quite a long time, but it was only last summer when a wife of my friend confessed to me that her die-for "girls" we're the result of a surgery. That has changed everything. No, I still have concerns about complications and side effects, but i know that I want to have it done.

And I am so fortunate to find this site-to get so much information, real life experience and community support-what more I couldn't want!

At the moment I am researching for a surgeon. I have had 1cinsuktation so far, and we agreed that I would go for 230-260 gummy bear, probably polytech. But the shape is the question-my PS suggests anatomical as in his opinion I do not have enough Breasr tissue to "hide" the upper edge of round implants and hence they might look artificial, which is the opposite to a natural look I want.

I was not very happy with consultation though:he only had Polytech implants, and tye did not have 3D imaging, so I simply put different size of implants in my bra and tried to imagine what it would be like to have this it that size.

So at present not sure about the size or the shape. Will continue searching and building up savings for the surgery.
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