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Hello, 5 or 6 years ago I had bioalcamid, to...


5 or 6 years ago I had bioalcamid, to let my face seem wider at the back of my jaw bones. I was happy with the product, especially with the low cost of the treatment (1000 Eur is about 1400 $), and the long duration of the good look it gave me.

Up until 10 days ago everything was great, but then one side of my jaw started to develop some kind of hard nodule, which rose into a swelling of about 5 cm around the little hard nodule.

So I went to the doc that had injected it years ago, he rolled his eyes and said that many people had trouble with this product 4 - 7 years after it having been injected.

He also added that nowadays he refused to put the product, except the person interested in having it was ready to accept that after some years there could be an extraction that needed a drainage over some days....

 He then told me that it would be best if I was ready to have a drainage 2 - 3 days after the wound was cut open, and the material was squeezed out, as he said that when the wound was only opened once, and closed right after, then too much of the material would stay in and cause trouble later on.

He said it was very important to keep the wound open several days, with a drainage, and have everything that wanted to come out, ooze out...

He also said that usually it is also not a good idea to just make only a small hole, and try to get bioalcamid out with a liposuction canula, or try to squeeze the product out, as that usually does not work to well.

In fact he said that people who had that kind of treatment often came back, and back, and back, and back again :-(..... with new infections of remaining product at the same spot.

As this is not something I had in mind, we started the get it out once and for all way:

I had an injection to block the pain, then he took a scalpel, made a little cut 5 mm wide, and squeezed all the product out he could. He then rinsed the wound with sterile saline.

Then I had a little drainage for 2 days, the wound was rinsed with sterile saline every day for 4 days, and covered with some wet wound cover material, that took out any liquid oozing out of the wound.

The infection and swelling got smaller every day, the drainage that was put on day 2 for 2 days is out, and the infection seems to be gone now at day 4. (Still I am expected to take antibiotics at least for another 3 days, so that means 7 days of antibiotics alltogether...)

Mybe this info helps some of the people suffering from problems with bioalcamid :-)

good healing to you,

Hi, today is the 19. of august, and my problem...


today is the 19. of august, and my problem with bioalcamid lies about 5 month back, and has not reoccured.

A few weeks week ago I asked my doc if we should maybe touch up the side at the back of one jaw bone where he took the bioalcamid out because of the infection I had there in march.

He showed me with some kind of ultrasound machine that there was still bioalcamid in my body there, not in a blob, but that it had migrated into my tissue.

He said he did not want to inject any more bioalcamid, as he said if you touch up any area where ba has been before, it has a tendency to start reactions of inflammation in that area again.

He also warned that I am not out of trouble, because the ba that migrated into my tisue, can cause reactions of inflammation and infection again...That could be in months or years.

He also said that I do not want an infection there in my jaw muscles, which could then cause a necrosis of tissue in my muscles, and cause real problems...

So I will wait for a year or so to decide then what to do...

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The doc is in germany, so for you in the states this won't be of any help :-(

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