33 Years Old . Four C-sections. TT w MR. New beginnings

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My expectations are quite simple. I want to look...

My expectations are quite simple. I want to look good naked to me. I have lost lots of weight and the sagging skin is not sexy. My husband loves and supports me as I am, but this I am choosing to do for myself. Hopefully after the healing process I can get really toned. Trusting God through this all

Coutdown has begun

Two more days till my tt with muscle repair. I must say, even though I see everyone else doing it, I still am unsure if I can muster up the courage to post a before picture. Crazy part is I know people hAve come from further but I am super self conscious . I think I will right before going in. Good luck to everyone recovering and all my ladies joining me on the 22nd.

3 days post op?

Ok today is day 3 or maybe it's day 2. I had surgery on Monday and today is Wednesday. Anyway, I am still recovering in the hospital. I have four huge drains that I walk around with I have dubbed my babies. Recovery thus far hasn't been awful. I have had four c-sections so thus for me is kind of a walk in the park. I do have a lot of swelling in my nether region though, that's my biggest pain.other than tha, God is good and I am pressing my way through this part . Hopefully I will get to go home tomorrow.still haven't really seen myself. I will post pre op pics from Monday though

3 days post op

Ok so today is much better in terms of my movement. My muscles in my back are super sore. No pain from the incision site or sutures, "praise God!" I am however, very swollen in my "area" and it is a beast. But I wanted to talk about my drains....I was watching videos of others and...my drains are huge. I have four and they are like huge cow bells.lol. It's almost comical walking around with four of these just hanging everywhere. Either way taking it easy and enjoying the peace. Hoping to be released from the hospital today, but check out my bells.

Day 5

Day 5 PO is pretty good. I am about 95% straight in my walking. The swelling is reduced a lot. No pain meds. I was told before my surgery by a friend that German doctors are the best for pain management and I have to say I think she was right . I haven't had to take pain meds since day 2 and even then it wasn't pain I was really swollen down there and that was more just an irritation. I use the kinesio tape on my lower back it is awesome. I think I will just leave it in place a few days to see if I can get these muscles to loosen up. My first Appt will be next week when I get all my bandages removed so then I can finally see myself. Hopeful that everything goes well.

Day 9.. Woot woot!

Super excited today. I was able to stand straight up and even take a short walk outside to the end of the street. Of course my husband was there, but I did it and I am proud of that. I had my first post op yesterday which went well. That was my first venture out of the house so I was exhausted once I got back. I still have quite a bit of swelling , which was expected but other than that , I feel fine, God is good. Yesterday I took my last antibiotic and my last shot which was given to me when I left the hospital. So I am officially medicine free today. Only taking vitamins and stool softners at this point. Still can only eat small amounts, but that is fine. Here is a pic from last night . Still bandaged for another day or two


So today is say 10. I was able to finally get a shower, like a really good, wet all over, wash myself shower. I tried yesterday and I think the water was way too hot. I started getting dizzy and nauseated and it just was not good which led me to lying on my bed for a few hours naked drinking Gatorade and eating gross red Popsicle. Today's experience was way better, after advice from my RS sisters, I just reduced the temp and went slow and it was good. Happy about that. Also was able to walk further outside today. It's blazing out though so we cut it short. I have another appt tomorrow with my PS. Praying for good news, relaxing today though trying not to do much because it is hot and Germany does not have central air so....praying as well. I may post pics tomorrow if I can get these stitches out. Have a good one!

Difference in a few hours

This is the second post, but I wanted to show the difference in swelling throughout the day. These were all taken today. The pics on the left are from about 10 am after my walk . The pic on the right is from about half hour ago after pretty much sitting and resting all day. Crazy, right. Still swollen but not so Telly tubby-ish. And my am I itching like crazy today. Happy healing!

Today's reflection

So I put on this camisole I wear all the time today for the first time since the surgery. Awesome! The space or loose fabric in the shirt made me say 'oh praise God' even being super swollen I still had room.happy thus far with the progress. Although I have always been relatively small person, this was something I did for me that I wanted and I am glad I did. Milestones have come a little slower than I like, but they are coming. Standing for periods are getting better. The itchy belly has been a beast, but I will take it. One day at a time is all I can really say to anyone doing something like this. It gets better. I will post more pics later.

14 days and the monster

Ok so finally made it the two week mark. I was able last night to finally lie completely flat. I woke up on my side this morning so I was kind of super sore in that side. I think the lying flat helped me to straighten up better this morning. It's been wierd how I am straight for a little while but by the end of the day I am hunched over again, but part of the process, I get it. So I had a small set back on Friday. I got while trying to lie in bed, my two year old got me with her elbow just below my incision while trying to move of course it was an accident and she just hugged me and said sorry when she realized she hurt mommy such a sweet baby. But anyway the swelling the occurred after this was a beast. I used an ice pack on the area and that helped soothe it for a little while but I was in some serious pain. Needless to say I have been almost completely lying around since then because everything hurt after that. This morning though I believe I am past that. Today I got to pull off my BB tape. It looks like a little diamond shaped monster. I guess it needs to heal. My PS said they do BBs different here than In the states as in they don't totally remove them for the surgery, but it still looks wierd. I guess we will see what the next few weeks bring. Still have not seen my incision, but hopefully it's doing well under the tape took pics this morning. Probably should have chosen a different background but I am too lazy to redo them. I return to work tomorrow.Oh Boy! Pray for me! Oh and my husband is making me waffles with Nutella this morning. Nutella makes me happy. We will see how this goes...Happy healing ladies!

Day 19

Ok so today I Am feeling a bit better. I am noticing when I actually lie in my bed flat without all the pillows it's helping with the standing in the morning. I am also noticing the complete opposite with my body in swelling that what most have experienced. I took pics yesterday eve and this morning. I think I am more swollen in the morning. My morning pics, which I wil post look a lot fuller. Could be because...ok really don't know why, maybe I sleep wrong, but definitely more swollen in the morning. Had my third PO appt yesterday. I hurt myself a little trying to run down the stairs after my son's accident on Monday, but He said everything looks fine I just set myself back a day or two as far as moving around. Today is better though, I too, a small (unplanned)hike with my supervision yesterday which proved to be good for me in I think I am moving a little better this morning. My biggest pain at this point is probably still my back towards the end of the day when I end up hunched back over. The process is going though. I return to work this upcoming Monday for real this time. The accident gave me a few more days to recoup so maybe a small blessing in disguise. I have kind of grown use to the swelling and tightness so I figure each day it has and will get better. I have successfully blocked sneezes for almost three weeks now. that's a pain I never want to feel again in life. But I am coming along. I am grateful I did this.

Nobody told me...

Ok so who hasn't heard of spanx. I have seen them, heard of them, I know lots of people use them. I for one, have never worn them, but I bought a size medium spanx top for after my surgery for compression. Nobody warned me that trying to get into spanx would be this all out Olympic event. When I tell you the struggle was real, it was really real. I tried to pull it over my head and ended up looking like I was trying to do a move from the Michael Jackson thriller video. Then I tried to step in to it and pull it up, only to have my thighs say " no deal sweetie". After about ten minutes of awkward positions and squirming, I threw it on the dresser and quit for about half an hour. Finally I called my husband to help me out and Mr. Comedy insisted on making every sound effect possible in trying to pull it over my head. So we finally get this thing on and after all the struggle, it's not even compressing things like I thought it would to where I think I would wear it alone. Either way, it's on now under my binder and God help me when it's time to remove it. I applaud any lady that gets into these things on a regular basis because it is work. I can only imagine the work involved in putting on the full body spanx ...oh my Goodness! I will let you all have that. That was my workout for the day. Lol! Day 20. Tomorrow we start the hard stuff...back to work.

A new day!!!

Today was good. I have been back at work for three days now. it has been a challenge trying to sit in a chair in an upright position, mainly because I normally sit on a ball at work. The ball just feels better on my tush. ( sure that sounded crazy) You know how everybody says they turned a corner in a certain day. Well I think I at least got close enough to see around said corner today. I noticed that slowing my walk down throughout the day has helped with the tightness. I am normally a moderately paced walker and my legs feel fine ,so I have to keep reminding myself to try not to walk so fast when I get up to do something. Being at work takes concentration since I am used to getting up and just going. Today I was able to get through the day and I am pleased to report I am still pretty straight, that's a first. I was able to actually bend and pull my own pants and boots on today, that's a plus. I was also able to put on some pretty panties today too, woohoo! I have been so adamant about everything staying away from that incision, plus those oversized boy shorts are pretty comfy, I may hold on to those for a while. Whomever it was that told me to wear the spanx under my binder "thank you so much and God bless you!" It seems like doing that helped with the itching and swelling. At least in my head it did. Still a little more swollen in the am than at the end of the day, but I will take it. My back is starting to feel better. I feel like can run although I am pretty sure that's not going to happen right now and I want to do some squats or something but I will wait. I actually weighed myself just because today and my weight is still the same as before surgery. I guess that's fine considering I have been crushing kitbag bars the last few days and also my new binge ,spa wafers , which I bought a stock pile of on a trip we took to Karlovy Vary..I love them. I need help I know it. Either way still swollen and tight, but I have been massaging my belly nightly just because it feels good . I also have this line on my belly where the swelling starts and numbness begins, it's weird, in the right light it looks like a muscle. Nope...that's liquid.lol. I promise to take pics with something other than my iPad eventually, I noticed the quality isn't the best on these. Keep taking it one day at a time and reminding yourself that it does get better. Blessings to you! Happy healing ladies!


First week of work complete as of today. All week I was trying to be mindful of my movements so I think I got through it ok. Today was a lot of activity and I had to go in early so I think the combination of trying to do a lot and just the rest of the week, I am super swollen and even have some pain now today. I did get to use some Nordic walking sticks today, which are amazing for helping me stand straight so I think I will keep them for a bit . A very nice couple I met today let me borrow them. Went to my PS yesterday and he said everything looks good so far my swelling is normal and I am cleared to go on my birthday trip next week so I am super excited about that. I have this horribly nagging itching on the inside of my belly that I can't scratch and that is my thing today. It's like it itches, but it's underneath a numb part if my stomach, weirdest thing ever. I have been tapping the area to see if I could get some type of relief to no avail . But not much else is going on just taking it one day at a time. I will be resting for the rest of the evening. Happy healing ladies! It does get better.

30 days! Woot woot

So today is my one month with the new belly. Still super swollen and kind of still by the day's end, but it's better. 30 days is awesome so I took a few extra pics of the scar and everything today . I have been massaging my scar and belly nightly with castor oil and my Shea nut butter cream, so far so good. You can see I have a lot of swelling on my left side which is mostly where i sleep and the incision is still healing on that side. Still don't have much feeling in the tummy area either , but it guess that will come back gradually. Overall it looks good, I am happy with the progress so far so no complaints from me. God is good! Moving right along

Week five

So I hit five weeks yesterday. I have to say the last two days have been nothing short of a miracle in terms of just feeling like I can do a little more. I went on a trip this past weekend for my birthday and got to do a lymph drainage machine for 30 minutes. I have to say , I felt great and the stiffness was gone and I was even walking faster...on Saturday. So Sunday I was back to feeling tight if I moved to fast, maybe the lymph drainage is something you have to do a few sessions for awesome effect. But it was still really good. Saw my PS today, he told me one more week in the CG and everything looks good. So after the drainage thing I think all of my swelling kind of rotated to my upper stomach. The bottom is flat and tight and then above my navel is super swollen. also the appetite has picked up drastically so I am trying to watch the salt and whatever else would swell me up. Although this journey was not about me getting in a two piece. I took a pic on Saturday at the hotel in my "baby soop" Lighting is awful but I thought why not. I am happy with the result so far, just can't wait to be cleared to start back doing Zumba!

Six weeks-- light gym time!

So week six has seen more improvement. I don't think I was hunched over at all this week by the end of the day. Still super tired though and take breaks when I can. My swelling us still holding pretty steady, but as I stated before it's manageable . I weighed myself toda and I am up 4 pounds. Oh boy! Truth is I eat pretty good, it's the snacking on certain things that I need to get a handle on. Stress names me snack, so I need a new one. So thus week I was able to walk on a treadmill at an incline. First day went kind of slow to ease into it. By Friday I was up to a 4.2 and 5 incline so I am trying to do light work as my PS prescribed. Still not cleared to do much that would help tone the midsection and the worse...no Zumba! I was sure he would let me go back this week, but I have to listen so my money on this surgery isn't wasted. My only real thing this week is the stinging I have on one side of my incision. I tried doubling my tape to see if that could make a difference. No! Still not lifting anything and doing squats when I need to get something low instead of bending. I really don't see much of a different in the pics the last few weeks. I will probably post pics of the incision later, it's not awful. Still no feeling below the BB. I plan to get out and do some walking this morning before it gets too hot. If I am gonna snack I gotta move. Happy healing, ladies!

60 days later!

Ok so week eight has been pretty cool. My swelling seems to have gone down a lot. Still swollen though, it appears that my top half is puffed out way more than the rest, hopefully that is swelling and I haven't jacked something up, it's just weird looking to me, but we will let time tell. Looking at my incision , I have one side healing quite nicely and the other is still a little raised basically the side I sleep on, I will take a pic of that. I figure it will go down with time. As far as activity goes, my PS still has me restricted to light walking, jogging. Still no lifting, twisting, bending and even worse no Zumba! So following that, I was able to get in a few good light jogs this week on the treadmill, then walk sadly by the Zumba class like a sick puppy...lol. The jogs were good though, my body felt great, I even got a small workout on the eliptical, which was a mistake, my butt was in the most pain afterwards, so maybe I will wait for that one another week or two. Other than that, I feel good. I am feeling more like myself these last two weeks. I really have no complaints, grateful to God for allowing me to be able to take this journey safely. Trying to move around as much as I can. My diet still sucks, God help me! But I am working on it. Hope everyone is healing well.

103 days PO

Day 103 or my annoying way of saying 3 months
PO. So the past two weeks I have been released to do whatever I want. I have to admit, I have not been doing that. I think the first day I took off my binder and swole so bad I panicked. Crazy part is I think I have had more swelling since hitting the three month mark than I did before. Overall, I feel good. Rain still makes me hurt a lot. But I am back to lifting my daughter, can't carry her far, but she is two so I am sure happy to have me pick her up. I had to stop wearing the silicone tape as it started to get irritated and the itching was unbearable almost. Now I just use my Shea nut butter on it and it feels ok. I plan to get back in full swing of my working out soon, I am just in big transition right now, trying to move amongst other things so trying to ease back into the crazy has been a small challenge. Still wearing my binder for now. I just can't give it up although my PS told me it's time. I will try to take pics in the morning to post, belly doesn't look much different from the last pics to me, but I will try to take some anyway. Hope everyone is doing well.

Four months PO--- a small precaution

Hey ladies! Just hit 4 months PO. Overall I feel good. Still loving my results thus far. I still don't feel 100% as far as activity but getting there, I was able to do Zumba for the first time this morning and oh boy! I was beat afterwards,definitely need to get my stamina back up, but I am happy to be able to do it. I do still swell throughout the day, but that's to be expected. I love the way my profile looks without having to suck it in so, no regrets. So anyway, I know I posted before about how I still wear my binder all the time even though the PS was like...stop! So this week after four months I decided to take it off to see how I do during the day and I will say,maybe he was right or maybe I should have gradually stopped sooner. My back muscles felt so weak after walking around for a bit that I had to sit. It's just been a painful last two days to where this morning, I had no choice but to put it back on after Zumba because my legs were giving out on me. Now, keep in mind, I haven't really been working out like I should so the lack of back exercises I am sure contributed to it. I will gradually work back up to a good routine during the next month to try and get my strength back ,but that's just a small precaution if you keep the binder on all the time past the allotted time set by your PS. It's not awful but very painful. It sucks feeling weak when you are trying to move around and get things done. Other than that, I am loving my results, life has been so busy this last month,grateful for the experience. I just took pics. Hopefully once I start working out again I can start seeing more definition. Hope everyone is doing well.

New Update

I do hope everyone is well. I am now about seven and a Gr months post op. Still no feeling in my lower half of my belly and I still get slight swelling. I have what looks to be small dog ears on the side but that's not awful. Overall my healing process has been wonderful. I will try to post pics soon or I will have to as these toned abs may not last me too much longer.
Dr Jost

My doctors are awesome. They are husband and wife, very nice, considerate people. Their bedside manner is awesome. I have yet to see my results, but so far so good

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