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I am 37 year old mom of a 7 and 5 yr old. I have...

I am 37 year old mom of a 7 and 5 yr old. I have totally been thinking of having a tummy tuck for over 2 years. I have been torn with the guilt of spending that much money on myself and for how vain it seems:) I started working out about 2 years ago and my body changed, my measuements got smaller but weight stayed the same. I was discouraged but kept working out. I now love my body.....except for this belly! My legs and butt wear a size 6 but my midsection needs me to wear a size 10:") I want to be comfortable! I started reading the blogs on this site and it has encouraged me to go ahead and just do it! I am excited, nervous, anxious, and scared.....and I still have 7 weeks until surgery:)

I think I am close to 5 weeks away from surgery...

I think I am close to 5 weeks away from surgery now and getting excited! Reading the blogs is addictive and great but makes me want August 31st to hurry up and get here! It's nice to see that I am having many of the same feelings as many others. I have bad and good thoughts about the surgery. Bad are probably because I am scared. I sit and imagine what I will look like and cannot wait!
Will post before pics soon! Wish everyone happy healing and luck!

I am now 4 weeks away and I cannot wait! I am...

I am now 4 weeks away and I cannot wait! I am finally posting pictures. In doing so got a real good glimpse of how aweful I look and 100% confirmation that I am doing the right thing:) Thanks again to all for all the inspiration and comfort in knowing I'm not alone:)

Exactly 1 week and I am freaking out! I thought I...

Exactly 1 week and I am freaking out! I thought I was bad before and now all I think about is living through the surgery! My husband and kids are my everything and the thought of something happening gets me so emotional. My husband and I are headed to the lake with friends this weekend, that should be fun and keep my mind off the surgery! Not to mention out of all 5 couples(girls) going I am the only one that has not had some form of plastic surgery:) How do you calm your nerves and easy your mind???

Day 1 post op: Yesterday I went into surgery at...

Day 1 post op: Yesterday I went into surgery at 7:15 and woke up in recovery around 11:30. Nurse said I had been there since 10:30. Guess I needed to sleep:) woke up sore, I went in and out for about 45 minutes then went to restroom and got ready to leave. I did get a bit nauseas there but never threw up. Got home and laid up in bed rest of day/night. Pain is there but very tolerable. Stay on top of medicine! And I totally agree with girls lipo areas hurt worse. So here I am today, slept a straight 7 hours, I am more sore today then yesterday but I will tell you moving around a bit helps with that. I get to take bandages of today and shower, still haven't decided if worth it yet:) I don't even know if I want to see my stomach, a bit scared. I am super swollen and very numb. Ohhh and super itchy from the anestisia (sp) I am taking arnica montana and bromlain. We shall see if that helps with swelling and bruising. Happy Healing!

Day 4 PO: Nothing has really changed here. Still...

Day 4 PO: Nothing has really changed here. Still pretty swollen and lipo areas are still killing me:) The past 2 days I have only taken pain pills at bed time. I have slept ok, boy do I want to stretch!!! Drains are not awful but can see how they can become annoying. I don't have a CG on dont get until after my drains come out. Ready for that! My stomach is still very swollen, by the looks of it I am bigger than I was:) I know it takes time! Back to resting! Happy Healing!!!

Day 6 Po: Ok so I have hit that depression wall! 6...

Day 6 Po: Ok so I have hit that depression wall! 6 days of not being able to do much, is tough! I thought I tried to mentally prepare myself for this but I did not. I am a very active person and sitting and watching my family with their activities, just plain sucks:) I am swollen, cut up, and so freakin sore. I look disgusting and feel horrible! I know with time all will change. I'm just at that point of "why did I do this?" Hopefully that will soon pass:) I want everyone to know this is not an easy recovery for everyone. I have given birth to two kids and had knee surgery and with that thought I would be some what ok. Don't get me wrong I am doing it, with low amounts of pain meds but it stinks:) I am just hoping now, that my end results were worth this! Tomorrow will be a new day! Happy healing and best wishes to up comers:)

Day 7 PO: DRAIN FREE!!!! Saw PS today and as you...

Day 7 PO: DRAIN FREE!!!! Saw PS today and as you know got drains out (no discomfort at all with removal), got my first CG and having it on feels great! I still have a good amount of swelling but he said that would slowly go away. So all in all my visit was quick and fast, I go back in 2 weeks. I got my kids ready and off for school this morning, loaded dishwasher, got a shower and ready for doctor appointment and feeling pretty good, slow moving though. Ready for a nap now:) I wish everyone a happy Friday and wonderful healing.

Finally posted new pic. Will post more soon now that drains are out!!

Day 9 PO: Let me just say without drains, life is...

Day 9 PO: Let me just say without drains, life is so much better:) Not to much to report. Got around pretty good yesterday even went out to dinner with friends. I have experienced only being able to eat smaller portions:) Love that! I am still pretty sore and swollen but with each day I can say it does get better and easier to handle. Looking in the mirror helps with the discomfort:) starting to like what I see;) Happy healing to all! And get ready up comers!!!

PO day 14: Things are going great! I went to work...

PO day 14: Things are going great! I went to work for a couple hours this past Wednesday, PO day 12, I am a hairstylist, was a bit nervous but it went good! When I got home I put my feet up and relaxed so I wouldn't hate myself Thursday. When I woke Thursday nothing major. I was a little sore but nothing out of the ordinary. I can say my experience has been very good. I would say worst days were 3 and 4. Everyone's journey is different but it is great to see a lot of the similarities too. I believe that is what has made this experience so good for me.

I can tell you as if right now I have some discomfort in my abdomen at times, I still swell pretty good, when I tire I start to slouch, still sleep a little up right (I've always been in my bed with no problems), and stiffen easily.
My incision and bb were glued so the glue and scab is peeling off. Scar is raised and is still tender. Guess when I see my PS next week I will be able to start scar therapy!

All in all I am having a great recover! I just take one day at a time and just adjust to whatever gets thrown my way! Seems to be working:)
Happy healing and up comers get excited!
Will post new pics ASAP!

3 week PO: I feel like my journey has been so...

3 week PO: I feel like my journey has been so boring compare to others:) Don't get me wrong, I have liked having it pretty easy. I saw my PS Wednesday and all went well, I have now started my scar therapy. I decided to go with mederma gel and bio oil. So I will let you know. I was given the clear to get to walking and can get back to a regular work schedule. Told just to keep doing what I was doing and to listen to my body. I don't see him again for 5 weeks.
At 3 weeks I have more energy but still tire quick. I worked 3 days this week adding more clients each day. I was swollen and slouching after the 5 hours but got home rested and felt good.
Now with what bugs the most..... The sleeping! I can finally lay on sides for a bit and can lay flat. But I don't sleep well at all. The swelling.... Ugggg! Somedays I love my belly when I get up and then as the day goes it gets puffy and gross. Pretty sure that's normal and PS says finished results January/February. So must be patient! Still cannot comfortably wear my jeans! Boo.... It's starting to cool off and I don't want to go buy clothes until I can thorough enjoy the shopping:)
I am still very happy with my decision on getting TT. But like so many other women ready to feel back to normal.

I am very blessed for a great PS, pretty easy recovery, and awesome support aka. husband:)!

Just a little FYI.... I did not do a seat riser, recliner, shower seat, hospital bed, etc. the only thing I got was arnica montana ( which totally worked). With that good luck!

4 weeks PO: Can't believe it has been a month...

4 weeks PO: Can't believe it has been a month since surgery! It is crazy how much you worry with it before the actual date and then it comes and goes! In the last week my swelling has gone down and I have been able to put my jeans on!!! Now I will say this, after wearing them for about 8 hours they fell on a small part of my incision and the next day it was irritated and kind of oozing. I just applied neosporin for a day or two and it healed right up. Rethinking wearing jeans for that long:)
I am experiencing achiness in my lipo areas the most. If I just wear a spanx by afternoon my lipo areas feel heavy and my incision area is very swollen. When at home I wear the CG given by PS. Still pooped after a days work!
Believe it when you read, it takes time, at 4 weeks I lam loving what I see more than 2 weeks ago! So worth it! I was comfortable in my skin now I am comfortable and sexy in my skin!! Happy Healing and Best of luck to up and comers!

I hate when I put my update in the comments...

I hate when I put my update in the comments section! So check it out down there! I will copy and paste it when on a computer:) Hope everyone is doing great!

7 weeks PO: Wow time has really seemed to fly by!...

7 weeks PO: Wow time has really seemed to fly by! Everything is moving along very nicely. I am back to all normal activities and walking up to 5 miles 3 times a week, ready to get back to personal trainer and spin class November 1! I feel great and have had a great recovery! I have been actually asked if I had a boob job:) I wear a spanx most everyday and sometimes sleep in my CG. I also wear my CG when I do my long walks and maybe when I get home after a long days work ( hair dresser, so on my feet a lot). The CG also helps with the lipo areas. They still feel like pins and needles are in them. But yet I want to itch the stew out of them and it doesn't hurt! Sometimes if someone puts there arm around me I want to punch them in the face:) I can go with out spanx for short times but I feel very heavy at my incision when I do. My swelling can still be very bad but nothing a lot of water and getting off my feet won't fix. I have purchased new clothes, gone down in a size or 2 so that feels great! I love the way I look in my clothes now and I will say it has been a long time since I was able to just put something on and not have to think about if it was going to hide my stomach! That right there makes it all worth it for me:) I have had a great recovery so far slow but good. My PS told me it would be Jan. Feb. when I would really be good. I cannot imagine I'll be any smaller but no more swelling and pins and needles will be awesome! I really need to post some new pictures.... I'll get on that. My hubby and I always have an adult Halloween party and for the first time I am going slutty:) I'll post a few of those! Happy Flat Tummys!

7 weeks post I just copied and pasted it from...

7 weeks post I just copied and pasted it from comments.

12 weeks PO: Happy Thanksgiving! Been about 5 weeks since I've checked in. Busy working and getting back to life. My progress is pretty much the same. I have been running, lifting weights, and doing ab work. Wow, does it feel different when I do ab work now! I am hoping for some kind of a pack of something by summer:) I still have swelling in the afternoon and some heaviness under my incision at times, my lipo areas itch at times and are sometimes tender and tingly. It is a fact when people say this process is long! I love the way my body looks and feels in clothes. I think my stomach at times could be flatter but my husband says its in my head:) We are are worst critics:) I get tons of compliments and people that don't know I have had the surgery ask if I've lost weight.
All in all.....happy, happy, happy! Very thankful this holiday season!

I went back in 2 weeks ago for some revisions on...

I went back in 2 weeks ago for some revisions on my belly button and on my sides (small dog ears). Very easy procedure about an hour long in office. i have to go back near my 1 year and get the small vertical line from where my old belly button was pulled down. that line really bothers me, as you can see in my 2 week pictures it sticks out of panties and bathing suits. I love my results. At 7 months, I still have numbness around middle of scar and near belly button, swelling/bloating that feels as though I could split my incision (mostly with intake of bad foods). I will say I love my lipo results and after my one year I may look into having a little more. I am still down about 10lbs from surgery and am still hoping to lose a bit more. Cannot believe it has been 7 months....I would so do it all over again:) Love the changes it has made in my apperance and my confidence!
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