41 Years Old, 3 Kids, Want to Go from Flab to Fab! TT and Vaser Lipo- Germantown, TN

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Hello RS Ladies! I am new to this site. I have...

Hello RS Ladies! I am new to this site. I have been reading reviews and I thought, let me go ahead and get into it. I have 3 kids ages 21, 17, and 2. I know , I know, it's a huge gap, but these things happen. I have been going to consultations trying to find out what procedure is best for me. I am a comfortable size 8, but after my third baby, my belly is flabby. After I have been mistaken for being pregnant too many times, I felt it was time to do something. Working out and diet does not get rid of a flabby belly. My first consultation was with a doctor that does Aqualipo. I was actually advised that I would make a better tummy tuck candidate because of loose skin. But if I rather have Aqualipo, total cost $6,200. I went to a doctor that does Smart Lipo. He said he could make me not look pregnant, but I would have an overhang of loose skin. But if I rather have Smart Lipo, total cost $4,200. O.K. now I am convinced that I need to have a tummy tuck. After reviewing the brave ladies who have gone through it, I am so scared, but I want to go from flab to fab and I know what to expect. The satisfaction outweighs my being scared. I had a consultation with Dr. Joe Hernandez who does what they call a Combituck. It is done in office under local anesthesia and they sedate you with the drug used for colonoscopies. Is that Propofol? Anyway it is supposed to less painful and a shorter recovery period. Before and after photos look great. Total cost $9,000. Then, I went to see Dr. Ronald Johnson who has excellent reviews on this site. He was very thorough and he has been doing these surgeries for years. He does his at a surgery center under general anesthesia. Before and after photos look great too. Total cost $8,580. Now, I am left with a decision to make. Who will I choose to do my surgery? Both doctors seem to really care and want to help me reach my goal. Who would you choose?

Before Pics

This is what my stomach look likes now. I am so ready to get this taken care of. I still can't decide who I want to do my surgery. Decisions, decisions...

I Did It! I Scheduled my Tummy Tuck!

Well, I did it. I decided to go with Dr. Ronald Johnson. I love the ladies in his office and he was very thorough at the consultation. I feel more comfortable with him because he will do my TT in a surgery center and not in his office with local anesthesia. I think this is safer and he has been practicing for years. His work looks amazing and he has great reviews on RS. So, I am schedule for July 6. The countdown begins...

The Countdown Continues...

I am 39 days preop and I am preparing for surgery. I am so addicted to RS. I love reading about ladies who have done what I am getting ready to do. The results are amazing. I especially love the ones who gives a detailed snapshot of their journey beyond a year postop. Many have a small body frame like mine and they look amazing. Can't wait to get my sexy back!. Well, I have made a list of supplies I will need based on my research. Will I really need all of this stuff? Let me know what to delete and add RS sisters. I also read where a recliner is needed that I do not have, but someone mentioned a zero gravity chair. When I saw the pic I was excited that I actually have one. So zero gravity chair it is! I pulled it out of storage and dusted it off. It's barely used and like new. The countdown continues...

Getting Ready!

I have 26 days til I make it to the flat side! I have been shopping and getting all I need. I was surprised to see that my local Dollar Tree has a lot of what I need, even Milk of Magnesia. I also found a great shaper garment to wear after the time of my compression garment. I got it off Zulily for $6.95! I was skeptical because it was so cheap, but when I got it and tried it on, it is almost as good as a spanx, but less expensive. I am a huge bargain hunter. I got my bed wedge pillow to keep me from laying flat on my back. I am trying the Vitamedica recovery support supplement program. I found a coupon of retail me not and didn't pay full price for it. I am almost done with my list. Until next time, the count down continues...

It's Official!

Yesterday, I paid my money and had my pre-op appointment. Dr. Johnson gave me two prescriptions so I can have them already for use after surgery, a pain pill and a nausea med. This was my third visit with him. I like that he is so patient and answers all of my questions. I feel so comfortable with him and he has an excellent bedside manner. Not to mention, his staff is wonderful. I can't wait to make it to the flat side! Well, I am going to spend some time in sunny Florida, but after that, it's surgery time!!! I am so excited! My hubby was skeptical about this. He is afraid of complications, but I rebuke that in the name of Jesus! He bought me some beautiful maxi dresses that he believed I would look so hot in. They are beautiful, but when I tried them on, I look five months pregnant in them. I told him in less than a month, all of this will be gone. I think he sees why I want this so bad. So he says if that's what I want, he's with me. Ladies I pray that your surgeries go well in Jesus name. Happy healing and I'll see you on the flat side!

3 Days Left!

As I am enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery in Florida, it all dawned on me. I am going to be on flat side this Monday in only 3 days. Now I am feeling the nervousness that I have read so many ladies deal with on here. Then fears of complication and death enters mind. I have to pray about this. I am having second thoughts. But I have paid too much money to turn back now. Reading the successful stories from you all is keeping me encouraged right now. Please pray for me and I will pray for you.

My Tummy Tuck Story

I arrived to the surgery center at 6:00 a.m. Took care of paperwork and was soon taken back where the nurse took my vitals and had me change into a gown and disposable panties. Dr. Johnson came and marked me up. Then they led me to a hospital bed. It was nice and heated. Then my daughter came back to talk to me. She's 22. I actually got a little nervous and started crying. She knows how to make me laugh so I felt better as we talked. Then the nurse rolled me to the operating room. The anesthesiologist put something in my IV to help me relax. I remember looking at the operating table, then I woke up in recovery. I already had my compression garment on and the dreaded drains. My hubby came to see me. He and my daughter got the care instructions. They took me to an area where I relaxed in a recliner. When I was ready, I got into a wheelchair, got home and I went straight to bed. The bed wedge is amazing with a pillow that goes under my knees. I slept all night with no pain med. The pain is bearable. Not much of an appetite. I ate some low sodium soup yesterday. Guess I'll have some cream of wheat for breakfast or a smoothie. I am comfortable. I go for my first postop appt. tomorrow. I can't wait to see how i look under this garment. Pics coming soon!

3 Days Post-op Update

Yesterday was my first postop appt. My PS removed the drains (yayyyy!). They stung as he pulled them out but it was over before I could really feel it. I have been trying to get off the Percocet and on regular Tylenol. It works during the day. I take the Percocet at night to get a good night's rest. I am taking Vitamedica's Recovery Support Supplement and I think it is helping. I can take a shower tomorrow. My back hurts as I walk hunched over. I am trying to straighten a bit, but it's uncomfortable. My heating pad feels wonderful on my lower back. Here are some pics. The first one is me right before surgery and the next one is me 1 day post-op.

4 Days Postop-Unhappy

I finally got to take a shower today. It felt great. I was less than impressed seeing myself for the first time. I'm swollen. My bellybutton is ugly! My scar looks terrible. I still have love handles. I am not happy. I am feeling like why did I do this to myself? Am I reacting too soon? When should I look for better results? I know it has just been 4 days. I guess I am looking for too much too soon. I need some encouragement RS ladies. I am feeling down. Had to cough yesterday and I wanted to die! It felt like I was being stabbed in my abdomen! Thank God for cough drops. Had BM yesterday and today thanks to milk of magnesia. Felt some relief. Next postop appt is Tuesday. My PS has some explaining to do.

5 Days Postop-Feeling Good

I am glad that I got over the blues. I am looking for better days to come. Here is my progress.
Pain-Mild to moderate (Tylenol when I am bothered by it)
Appetite-It's back. Tired of liquid diet. Ate fish last night.
Activity-Can stand a little more upright. Cooked dinner last night. Plan to cook today.
Sex-Don't even think about it.
Overall-This is the best think I could have done for myself. Can't wait to see final results!

8 Days Postop

I feel great today! I had a visit with my PS today. He used a needle to remove drainage. He took out my drains after 2 days. He said he does not want to risk infection so he'd rather remove any excess manually. I needed it. I am swollen and looking lopsided. I am thankful that he will gladly do some touch up procedures if needed. He said i will not swell evenly so that's why I look lopsided. After he removed some fluid, it took down some of the swelling. He said I am doing much better than most people at this point. I was glad to hear that!
Pain: Moderate, more numbness and tightness from swelling.
Activity: Walking slowly, but standing upright. Hubby took me to breakfast after postop appt. It felt great to be out of the house. When I got home my son said, "You can walk?"
Sex-I have been looking at my husband's physique and been feeling kinda frisky. Today, I said screw it. We made some slow and gentle love, doggy style. We both needed it.
Overall-I am excited about my new body. I see some immediate results. I will be glad when the swelling goes down. It's going to be a while according to my PS, but it's worth it! Happy healing!

Two Weeks Postop

First of all, I feel great! I am starting to feel like my old self. I started back driving last weekend. It feels good to get out of the house when I want to. I had my 2 weeks postop appointment today. My PS released me to workout doing cardio. He said to try the weight machine on zero and see how it feels. Gradually add weight. If it hurts stop. The main thing is to listen to my body. If I feel pain during any activity, stop. He says I can resume sex, but be creative to protect my incision. That means I need to be on top or doggy style. We became very creative while I was pregnant so we can revisit some of those positions lol. When it is all said and done, I love what I see, even though there is some swelling going on. I am sexy as heck! Check out my before and after pics. Happy healing!

3 Weeks Postop

I still feel numbness around my incision. The swelling is minimal. I have been using bioCorneum for my scar. My PS gave it to me during my 2 week visit. I can say I am seeing improvement already. I keep it covered with Scar Away strips. Everything is getting back to normal with my life. I have been able to go out and about. Teachers go back to work next week so it's the end of my summer. My hubby thinks I look darn good and I have to agree lol. I am happy with my results and I am glad I did it. No photo, I look pretty much like the last one.

5 Weeks Postop

Well, back to work! School is in session! I feel good. I am almost back to my old self. My incision is disappearing well with the bioCorneum. The only problem is, the upper part of my abs still swell and bloat after I eat. I swell at the top, but stay flat at the bottom. I don't like how that looks. Anybody else have that problem? Pics to come.

4 Months-Looking Good!

It has been while since I have updated my status. I still feel numbness around my incision. I like my overall results. My PS promised to fix some areas I am not happy with. There is some side and back fat he is going to lipo in his office at no charge. He is so wonderful! I have attached some updated pics. Oh yeah, whoever said that sex gets better after surgery was right on! It is amazing!

Part 2-Revisions and Back Flab

Well, back to surgery for me! My PS corrected some flab that was left on my sides from the flanks. I think he tried to create some hips for me, but I don't have any. He also fixed my ugly belly button. He did that in the office which was almost painless. Now I want the back fat liposuctioned off. He also have to take a little more off my upper abs. It pooches way out after I eat. I hope this is it for me. I want to have a sexy slim body like I used to have back in the day. The tt was the hard part. I'm glad it's over with.

Revisions...Revisions...Lipo Revisions Upper Abs and Back

Over a year later, things did not turn out like I'd hope. Thankfully, my surgeon is going to lipo more from my upper abs to get rid of this muffin top. It looks so ugly. My belly button is ugly too, it was worse though. He fixed it in his office. While he's at it, he can take these rolls out of my back. I am scheduled July 14. I think I will finally get the body I want. See you all on the "flatter side!"

Made it to the Flatter Side!

This morning I went to the surgery center at 6:00 a.m. My doctor marked me up and I laid in the bed until the operating room was ready. My PS did revisions on my upper abdomen and a part of my lower ab that bothered me and my right flank. He also did vaser lipo on my upper and lower back. I can't wait to see the final results. I will post more pics when I can shower. I still feel tired and the pain pills knocks me out. I feel sore, but the pain is bearable. This is a walk in the park compared to the tummy tuck!

Day 2 of Part 2

I am more sore today than yesterday. I am taking the pain meds which help. I am also taking Bromelain and Arnica which helps with the swelling and bruising. It worked wonders with my TT. I think that is why I healed so quickly, even my PS said I healed wonderfully. Now, I am waiting for this soreness to go away. It is nothing like the pain of a TT, but it feels like I have been doing some intense working out or that I have been beaten up, lol. I tolerate pain well, so I can handle it. Will post pics when I shower, hopefully in another day or two.

Part 2 Day 3

I am tired of feeling tired, so I took just plain Tylenol today. I am still sore, but the Tylenol is doing its job. I can move a little faster than before (was moving slowly like an old lady). I can shower tomorrow (yayy!). I will post pics of what I look like under this compression garment.
Dr. Ronald Johnson

Dr. Johnson and his staff are very caring and courteous. I atmosphere is so inviting. I felt it as soon as I walked into the office. I was a little late and the receptionist was so nice and understanding. I had just left another consultation where I had to wait an hour to see the doctor. I was sent back in 10 minutes. My surgery went well and I like Dr. Johnson's bedside manner. He seemed to really care about helping me get the results I want.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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