SmartLipo for C-Section Blues

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I had Smarlipo done a week and a day ago, April...

I had Smarlipo done a week and a day ago, April 13,2010. I decided to do it after seeing a 40% discount on the procedure and talking to the nurse who had hers done. The pictures I saw online were outstanding also!

I have two children and with both of them, I had C-Sections. For those of you who have had this surgery, you know there is an "overhang" at the bottom of the belly. I hate it! Even though I am fairly healthy and exercise, I could never lose the "hang"! After talking it over with my husband, I decided to get the procedure.

During the procedure, I was in pain. At times, I could feel the laser device poke me. The dr. would stop immediately and insert more "fluid" inside. Although she talked to me the entire time, I was not interested in seeing any needles, blood, lasers or fat being sucked out of me. I was so happy when she was finished!

The next day, I was in tears!! I could not get in or out of bed and walked like an old woman! I was also very dizzy from the meds. Sleeping in the chair is what I decided to do and this was not the best sleep, but it worked. Each day got better. My husband returned to work so I had to make it happen. On day 2, I returned to my "housewife" duties. Day 3 and 4 (the weekend), I was so busy I didn't have time to think about my stomache! I just did everything at a slow to moderate pace.

On day 5, I was instructed to come back to the office to pick up my "garment" ($178.00). Since I had adjusted to wearing the white wrap around band, "this could not be so bad", I thought. Boy was I in shock! Two assistants had to help me step into a black compression garment and literally pulled it up onto my body! It was so tight! In addition, I had to recline so that they could press my swollen and bruised stomach into the garment! Can you P-A-I-N-F-F-U-L!!!! I was almost in tears! I was told to keep it on every day except when showering. I was miserable. It hurts just thinking about it!

Day 6, I decided to remove the black compression garment this morning. I can't take the pain. Instead, I am wearing the white wrap-around garment I was given after the surgery. This should be okay right?

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I think it is too early to tell just yet. But, during the procedure, I enjoyed her sense of humor and professionalism.

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