44 YO and Wanting to Refresh my Face - Georgia

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I will be 45 this year and I wanted to address...

I will be 45 this year and I wanted to address some concerns with my skin that have gradually worsened over the last few years. I wanted to address some old acne scars, discoloration, large pores, fine lines, broken blood vessels and a general lackluster appearance. It is time to REFRESH my face.
I am not going to say I made a mistake in choosing the place I chose (it's too early yet) but I will admit I made a mistake in not doing my research. I honestly have very little information on what I actually had done. I know I had a combo of Sciton ProFractional and Sciton MicroLaser Peel. I am not sure what these two "procedures" were supposed to address on my list of concerns so...we shall see.
I spoke to the Esthetician about what I wanted and she quoted me a package deal for $1700. The price included: 1 microlaser Peel, 3 Broadband Light sessions and 1 Vi Peel. I never saw a doctor (I dont think they have a Dr. at this place/ the office is in a hospital). She actually never looked at my face until she came in to do the MLP/PF Friday morning. The procedure was fairly painless after an hour or two of sitting with numbing cream on my face. The worst part for me was the smell during the procedure, I tried holding my breath so I didnt have to breath that smell.
Right now I am recovering from the first and most drastic of the procedures so I will refrain from evaluating until I am done. I will say that right now I am a little uneasy simply because I dont feel I was given enough information regarding what was going to take place and how each thing would address my concerns. I had ample opportunity to ask questions but I think I kept expecting that at some point I would be better informed by the staff. Everyone was very nice and treated me kindly.

5 Days

Today is Day 5 and my skin has almost completely healed. I started using a tinted moisturizer yesterday (per the esthetician's Ok) My face still feels a bit itchy and around my eyes is more wrinkly than before the procedure but I'm hopeful that will diminish. I think its a difference in the tight (swollen) new skin and the more lax old skin. I had a bit of a breakout yesterdayvwith tiny white pimples but they are subsiding today. My skin looks refreshed and feels softer but the texture isnt any better IMO. It might even be worse. My wrinkles dont seem to be diminished either. Hopefully in time I will see some inprovement. I am happy that my skin has a glow.


I feel like my skin is much brighter but I'm not sure the texture is improved...it may even be a bit worse. Overall the people who look at me everyday don't feel I made a mistake so I'm happy with that.

Before and after

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The esthetician was very nice but I don't feel she offered me adequate information. Hopefully she is aware what I want and is moving in the right direction.

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