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Hi Ladies, Im 21 years old and a junior biology...

Hi Ladies,
Im 21 years old and a junior biology student. I just recently began my journey about a month and a half ago. My doctor referred me to a surgeon and 2 weeks ago I had my consultation. I am 5'1 and measured as a 38HH or I. Like most of you, I've always been top heavy. I've been wearing actual bras since i was 8 yrs old. My first bra was a C cup. Nuts!

Anywho, my goal is to get down to a big C/ small D. I plan to lose weight after and i know ill go down about a half cup to a cup in size. Dr. Okoro says he'll need to take out at least 700 to 800g of tissue! I was shocked because it seems like a lot. Thats just about 3lbs off my chest just tp get to a c/d. But im glad i'll be able to relieve my chest and back of that stress to carry all this. The sugeon's office also sent out the pre approval stuff to bcbs ga that same day of the appt (jan 9th). Online my account says that they've recieved the claim and its pending. Im so anxious and nervous, i guess because i've read a lot of stories where approval came quick. Im sure itll be fine though ive been seeing a chiropractor for over a month now and all my doctors are.being really helpful and said they'd write letters if i got denied.

.......I wrote this a few weeks ago :) Soon after this i got a letter from Blue Cross saying that they needed more info and the insurance woman at the Surgeon's office said that it's probably because of my age. So my awesome chiropractor wrote me a letter of recommendation. Two days ago it was faxed to Blue Cross and I got the call today saying that I was APPROVED!!!

Words cannot express how relieved I am. My surgery is scheduled for April 19th and I can't wait. This is still so surreal, like going into the office to schedule it I still couldn't believe a date was set. I will keep you Ladies posted as much as possible :)

Thanks to this site and all of your encouraging stories, I've learned so much about the whole process and experience. Its nice to really the rest of you all's journeys while i wait :)

Hey LAdies, Its almost a month before my sugery...

Hey LAdies,

Its almost a month before my sugery and i think i get more and more anxious by the day. I guess im just so excited and ready for this new chapter in my life: one where I can run because I really like it or i can wear shirts with words on them and people actually read the words. lol one where i can make it through the day without prescrobed doses of Ibuprofen and Finally one where I can see myself and the mirror and see more than my chest hiding the rest of me. The waiting game is hard but I know it with be so worth it when Im healed and I can move on to a more fun, healthy, free living lifestyle.

Ahhhh! 39 days left and counting! lol. Oh and I've been reading alot more stories on here focusing more on the recovery aspects and what I need to get before surgery day arrives. Any suggestions? My post op and next visit with Dr.Okoro is April 10th so I'll be able to get some answers then but in the mean time i hope to get some things now and even get some work for school done early to lighten the work load after.

Hi Hi! So today was my pre-op appointment. I saw...

Hi Hi! So today was my pre-op appointment. I saw my surgeon first at his office and then had the official visit at the hospital. It felt like i was there all day though. I got there at 2 and left the hospital at 5:15. Anywho , I'm more anxious now then I was when I first started this journey. It seems like my back pain and the weight on my chest is bothering me now more than ever. No complaints though, in 9 days none of the issues I'm having now will matter. I'm so close, my excitement will probably drive me crazier than any other part of it all.

Tomorrow morning I'm getting my hair braided because I've gone au natural last year and i just recently cut it short. Quite frankly I don't want to worry about doing my hair for a while and I didn't want to fry my hair either. But the plus side is that i get to do some things different now, not only with my hair but with my life as well. Wow, this is only the beginning...So much more of an adventure is about to start :)

Hi Ladies! So today I am5 days post op. Sorry i...

Hi Ladies!

So today I am5 days post op. Sorry i waited this long to update, Ivejust been resting and trying to getout of the house to move around. This past saturday, I was running a fever and Dr. Okoro says it was due to my laying around all day. He said i must get out and move around, strech a a little to avoid getting sick. So far so good. I feel great, hardly need even Ibuprofen anymore. I'm so happy with the results so far. I CAN SEE MY FEET. lol.

With swelling it looks like im about a D but who knows how much itll go down. So far some of it has gone down and chest isnt as stiff. Either way im happy even now. I have my post op appt with Dr. Okoro Friday morningsohopefully I'll find out when i can do somemild exercise like walking and eventually when i can run. Ugh! Im so excited. This was more than worth it. I'll post some pics later today.

Hola Ladies, My how i have missed you. Sorry...

Hola Ladies,

My how i have missed you. Sorry to be updating so late but every time i get the chance, I'm on the computer at work and definitely don't want to post our kind of pics at work. lol. Also I was a bit creeped out, someone whose profile seemed like a complete fake messaged me talking about how "great" i looked at an Effing HH. It made me uncomfortable and I got the feeling that they were just some creep cruising to peep at us. Ugh, WHY this is supposed to be our safe place. This is where we're supposed to be able to help one another and share with each other in confidence that perverts aren't creeping on us. Anywho, I wont let this discourage me.

Today I am 19 days post op and feeling well. About two weeks ago, the dermabond/surgical glue started to come off of the incisions on my left nipple. This was good the nurse says because naturally my body will be pushing out fluids and old blood that is causing my swelling since we did not use drains. The funny thing is that the lefty was doing this all solo so she is starting to settle and go down faster than the right. I was also excited today because i notice my left nipple is starting to stick out like normal now. Apparently its my right side's week to leak because now the right side is starting to follow suite like my left did. It took some time (like 1 week & 1/2) but now my left boob is starting to catch up. Either way I am still very excited and Glad to be where I am now. 10 more days and I can get in the groove of exercise before summer classes start. It looks like I may wind up with a big C/Small D like I wanted. YAY!

On another note, NOW I see what some of you meant about this unbelievable itching phase. LOL All i want to to is scratch and I CANT. Also I'm getting the random sharp pain every now and then in the left boob. I'm so glad to have read you all's stories before and now i can be at peace knowing that these feelings are normal and common. lol Pics coming soon from 2 weeks out I think, I mean it this time :)
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