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I paid $40 for the procedure, insurance covered...

I paid $40 for the procedure, insurance covered the rest. I read all the information I was given before the procedure and was assured repeatedly by my Dermatologist and her staff that I could return to work in a day, the redness would be gone in 24-48 hrs, etc ,etc..well that is not the case. I'm on day 5 with a lot of redness, uncomfortable tightness of the skin, brown splotches, peeling..the pain (yes there was pain not "slight discomfort" as I was told it would be) the first few days, swelling and the stinging has subsided but I still think there is a ways to go before the redness/discoloration subside. I was told there are to be 2 treatments 6 wks apart. I will not be going back for the 2nd one and would not recommend this procedure to anyone unless you really have no other option. It is NOT a few days healing type of thing. I start a new job this coming week and my only hope is I can cover what redness, etc there is with makeup. There would've been no way this past week for me to do that. I really don't think, for me, the end results will be worth all I've dealt with this past week. I've had major surgeries in the past and haven't had this much trouble. Please, research on your own before agreeing to this procedure and make sure you have at least a week to do nothing but basically stay inside. Never again for me.

2 weeks later....

It took about 10 days for the redness and peeling to go away. I can only say people who have this and are able to work either work at home, don't react like I did or are able to work in an environment where they don't have to interact with the public. I have some red spots still left but I can covered them with make-up. I see no real difference in my skin and the areas of acne are less but still present. What I found helped the most with dry, tight skin was using Vaseline - especially at night. Much better and helped heal my skin more than the lotions I was given though I did use them and sunscreen during the day.
For me, this procedure was not worth the down time, discomfort, price. I see no real difference.
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Medical Assistant @ dermotology office. The MA was informative, professional and did explain everything she was doing and what to expect before and during the procedure.

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