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I weigh 120-125 lbs and 5'4".  I am...

I weigh 120-125 lbs and 5'4".  I am having an umbilical hernia repair with a tummy tuck and breast augmentation (silicone) on April 15th.

Actually, I never thought about changing my body until I consulted a friend who I knew had umbilical hernia repair and she told me that a tummy tuck could go right along with it.   Then I made a consult appointment and looking through the book I saw all the photos of great boobs and thought, "why not?" I thought I was resigned to saggy boobs and tummy and while it wasn't ideal, I was fine with it.  Now that I know what COULD BE, it's hard to stay this way.

I'm super nervous and anxious!  My husband is on-board and is excited for me, but honestly I am finding it hard to be excited for myself.  I'm more scared than anything and think "what the heck am I doing?"

While I don't like how my body looks (naked), I like how my body feels. It has taken me a year to feel this strong and I am afraid of not being able to feel this strong again and not be able to do all that I do. That is my biggest fear about this surgery (well, after dying, that's number 1).  I don't want to be an invalid.  I especially enjoy lifting weights and yoga and pilates.  I want to be able to do all those things--and more (who on The Amazing Race, climb a big mountain, sky dive)--after post surgery.  

I know 2 people who have had a Mommy Makeover and both said that they would do it again in a heartbeat and don't regret a thing.  I'm hanging on to that!

I am on vacation and sick...coughing, sneezing and...

I am on vacation and sick...coughing, sneezing and all around pain! Boo! I called my sugeron's office who told me to see my primary doctor...I can't because I'm not at home, but I went to an urgent care center where I am. They took an EKG and said I had a sinus infection. Currently I am taking antibiotics, Tylenol and Mucinex D. I emailed my surgeon, who is on vacation as well, and she said that's all fine to take. Guess I have to just wait and see how I feel next week and if I will be cleared for surgery or not.

Here at surgery hooked to IV and watching TV.....

Here at surgery hooked to IV and watching TV...waiting for dr to come mark me up before I go under.

Out of surgery and recovery. Loopy and slow.

Out of surgery and recovery. Loopy and slow.

I am home now, 1 day post-op. I had a really...

I am home now, 1 day post-op. I had a really rough time last night at the hospital...I was in so much pain, mainly my breasts (because I have a pain pump for the tummy tuck). I alternated between the perc and morpine. Whew that was something! Now that I'm at home I going to take these meds around the clock, at least for the next couple of days. They do make my sleepy and loopy and I don't like that, but I can't have that level of pain again. I haven't gotten a look at tummy yet and my breasts are too swollen to see what they look like. I also have a slight fever and having a hard time breathing deeply into the breathing machine. So glad my kids and dog aren't here...just me and my husband.

I am feeling better today...2 days pot op. Taking...

I am feeling better today...2 days pot op. Taking just one pain pill instead of 2. Trying to walk every couple of hours and peeing a lot but no BM yet. The worse thing happening today is hurts so bad and I feel like I am going to split my incision.

3 days post op and I'm starting to not feel like I...

3 days post op and I'm starting to not feel like I have gotta run over by a truck. I walk around my bedroom every so often and to the bathroom, but that's about it. My legs feel strong, but the hunching hurts my back. I tried to get off the pain meds today and just take Tylenol, but when the nurse called and I told her, she told me to get back on her, I will need them the rest of this week. So, I went back on therm. My breathing is not deep, but I try to take deep breaths when I remember. No bowel movement yet and I'm getting concerned. I'm taken Miralax the last 3 days, but nothing. And I'm eating too. I'm going to have my husband pick up prunes and prune juice in the morning. My boobs are HUGE and I trust that this is just swelling and they will go down in time. Yikes! And this binder is so annoying because it keeps riding up to right under my breasts; I will be happy when I can wear Spanx instead. Other than that, I am fine, if bored.
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