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Ok so I ive always had big boobs and around the...

Ok so I ive always had big boobs and around the summer in july my back pains came back Ive always had Issues but I just brushed them off cause I like my big boobs but they began to grow bigger and the back pains I could not take espcially at work I also had these fibroids in my breast they ached I really wanted them takin out but they said it would be to much scar tissue ao she recommended plastic surgery plus ive never seen my whole mid section since highschool lol they kinda made me self conscious

So 9/10 I went had an appt, told me id be a B cup I was happy lol October I was approved and 12/13 was the date.

Only thing I was scared of was having small titties..but reading stories on real self made me feel ok about them possibly swelling into a c cup and the nipple numbness scared tf outta me lol

So day 1 no pain I slept for hrs...went to get some gauze and a script for diflucan cause I had an infection between my breast before surgery..but after that I was pooped....dodnt realize how much I used my chest until I couldnt lol

The pains meds backed me tf up lmao I was scared cause I didnt poop within two days but I took a colace and it helped a little

Day 4 its not painful the back pain from sleeping on it is highly uncomfortable I been sneak layin on my sides but the doc told me I was ok even on 5 day post op

The swelling and soreness of the under titty scars are most annoying but other then that im fine, scooting off my bed I thought I pulled something in my right breast but i just pushed to hard and I got to shower day after surgery I was scared but it went fine and felt good. I stopped pain meds on day 3

Ill update in a week ill be 12 days post op....

9 days post op

Im ready for this surgical tape to come off smh the pieces of gauze are hard under there and because it folded a little it presses into my skin n hurts!! Plis im curious to see what my areolas look like!

But othere then that im fine actually went back to work on day 5 only because I was broke n I dont do any heavy liftin or moving a my job I count pills and answer phones I was only tired more then any thing then hurting.

My left boob is still swollen but its gone down a little and my left nipple is still super sensitive highly uncomfy!!! Well I dont no what anything looks like because the surgical tape how does it take to fall off? Or do I have to wait till my 2nd post op appt in january? Im so anxious!!!! Im going to start taking some vitamins to help heal my scars I had one already on my right boob from a biopsy and it didnt heal nicely it was ugly n I def dont want more ugly scars....i saw some silicone patches id like to try at walgreens!

Also I hate that I think im finna pull my scars feeling when trying to get up off the bed or when reaching for something this I hate the most from this surgery its unsettling

12 days post op

woke with some drainage under my left breast (the one that's still swollen) hope there is nothing wrong, it wasn't red blood but a little brown. i keep sleeping on my side i cant help it, but last night i switched sides by doing a 360..i was on my right side and turned right to get to my left side i guess that was a bad idea..i just cant wait to lay on my stomach again idk how long i can keep this up, it kills my back :( i haven't been wearing the surgical bra the past 2 days he said i could stop after to weeks i just quit a few days early lol i have these danskin bras i got from wal-mart a year ago and they fit perfect now and they are not tight at the band and stretchy but tight fabric (hold em in place but they can breath) so i wear those! I'M READY TO GET BACK TO EXERCISING!!!!

tape finally comin a loose!

Ill be one month and a day post op next tuesday on the 14th and thats my next appt. Everything looks great the scars are barely there which kinda of shocked me cause I expected to see big thick lookin scars or deep red lines. My areolas are chafing and the skin is peeling..I think I pulled to hard scooting or stretching because its a scab between the areola and where the t line begins but I put a little bacitracin on it to help!
I went ahead and purchased the scar away patches they were $13 at the commisary so if the doc thinks I need em then ill have them on hand especially at that price!
I STILL CANT REALLY FEEL MY LEFT NIPPLE its like 25% feeling there I hate it..its such an odd sensation and someof my areola still feels a tad numb its a 75% feeling..I hope I at least get 60% feeling back..I love my nipples lol ;)

month and a day post up

Well got my tape off finally man my areolas look so scabby! But my doc told me im healing excellent the scars arent dark its still some tape residue stuck to my skin and under my breast theres some thin scabs . I can start scar gel or sheets in 2 weeks...I wouldnt show these puppys off just yet lol I do have this burning sensation under my right breast and when I look it was some raised thin skin like there was some air or something under it I guess its from the excessive sweat and tape mixed together...but overall left breast still a little swollen but its going down but the right is a tad tight and they still got a little box look to it but their forming nicely im happy, im ready to get back in the gym and do some sprinting!!
Savannah Plastic Surgeon

He was super fast kinda weird but everything was perfect loved the nurses!! Didnt really have a say so in size but I understood they followed insurance protocol...def would recommen

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