Hairline Lowering/ Forehead Reduction done on 4/18/16 in Oakland, CA

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After reading the various reviews and seeing the...

After reading the various reviews and seeing the awesome before and afters, I think I am finally ready to move on to the next step. I found out about the hairline lowering procedure about 2 years ago, but I've been obsessing over having it for months now. The money is no longer a problem and I'm tired of hiding behind side swept bangs. Those in my shoes know the deal. I'm just tired of feeling limited. I can't swim, have to be careful in the wind, can't just roll out of bed, can't workout without bangs in my face etc. I don't have a doctor in mind and haven't had any consults yet as I am still doing through research. Ideally I would like to have the procedure done by the end of this year. I would prefer to stay local but for damn good results I'd make the decision to travel. I haven't traveled in years, and I would be going by myself so that is an issue I'd definitely have to overcome. I guess I'll shop around locally and go further out as I begin my search.

Starting point.......

Here are pictures of my starting point. The distance between my hairline and eyebrows is very high as you can see. It measures 10 cm (3.9 inches). I am looking to lowering it by 1-1.5 inches (2.5-3.8 cm). However I do not want a low hairline that looks "Neanderthal" like (I.e. Fergie, Theresa Guidice). I definitely don't want to be greedy but I want just enough of a difference to make me feel comfortable enough to pull my hair back. I just feel like my face overall is not balanced because my forehead overpowers my other features. My eyes are pretty but you'd never notice them with my 6 head in the way! I have a pretty full hairline with thick hair. So I think I should be able to hide any post surgical scars. What do you all think? I have done some research, however I'd like to know from you all who are some fab surgeons I should look into?

Starting point

Side picture of my hairline and temples. I think I should be able to hide any scarring.

Sleep upright pillow?

So I've read it'll benefit me greatly to sleep upright or have my head elevated to decrease post-op swelling and bruising. Any household tips or products purchased that you guys can recommend? I googled a couple of "upright sleeping pillows and wedges" ranging from $50 and up. I want to make sure I get adequate sleep. Lack of sleep and I become very grouchy!

1st Consultation approaching!

Hey gals and guys! I have a consult coming up. Any general questions I should ask? Or questions specific to hairline lowering? Is it necessary to bring wish pics? This surgery I would imagine would be very straightforward unlike rhino or breast aug so I'm not sure. Gosh I am so nervous!!! Anyone who's agreed to have their before and after pics posted did you receive a discount off your quote?

Items to purchase prior to sx

With the semester coming to a close I have put more time and thought into proceeding with this procedure. I am hoping to nail down a date between April and May. What products should I purchase now to reduce swelling, and get optimal results in healing? For example does arnica help at all? Should I get a travel neck pillow or a pillow wedge for elevation when I sleep? My main concern is swelling. I will be out for 4-5 days from work and I would prefer not to return swollen. Any help is appreciated! TIA????


Heh guys I've been MIA. I have lots to update on. Well I had my surgery with Kabaker after consulting with two other surgeons. I just arrived to the hotel room. So far so good. A little pain but I have a hig pain treshold.

Or photos

Photos from OR

Pre op/ post op photos

Here are some photos prior to the procedure leading up to the OR and back at the hotel room. I deleted the OR pic and uploaded this one for anonymity. **FYI: I had a note from the Office in case TSA gave me any issues. I told them I just had surgery and all they did was make me pat down my whole head and they did some test to check for residue. I did not have to take my scarf off thank goodness!***

Words of advice.

Dr. Kabaker prewarned me about this but from my hairline to the top of my head feels numb. It feels swollen but I know it isn't. It's a weird sensation. When I touch it, it feels like pins and needles comparable to your foot from when it falls asleep. I am also using a wedge pillow to keep my head elevated so that I won't swell. I was told this is not necessary but I purchased it before hand. I am also taking Arnica Montana 3x a day and Bromelian 2x a day to assist with swelling. So far no swelling or bruising noted and no need for an ice pack. I can also raise my eyebrows a little more than I could yesterday, but I try not to do it often. I also read someone else's review where they stated that their neck was so sore for a week that they couldn't turn their neck to drive. I don't have any neck pain but tenderness only when I touch it. I was told by both Dr. Kabaker and Dr. Nadimi that I had good laxity (which I was very surprised to hear) so maybe laxity and degree of stretching is what determines how far down the pain/soreness will radiate. Everyone is different and every surgery should be approached as so. Back in September, during my first consultation, I was told by a Dr. in Atlanta that my scalp had very poor laxity and if I wanted more than .5 to 1 cm then I would need to consider the 2 step expander with ballon inflation. This Dr. couldn't even provide me with any before and afters in his office (this did not sit well with me nor did I see any pictures in his website at the time) but he told me that he performed at least 15-20 of the hairline advancement surgeries per year. With that alone he did not seem very experienced to me. The way he struggled to grab my head to assess for laxity did not feel right. But I took his word and was very discouraged for a couple of months. I then proceeded to contact Dr. Kabaker and another surgeon in Beverly Hills. I made the final decision on faith and Dr. Kabaker's experience alone. His price is also good. The surgeon in Beverly Hills charges a bit more and I wasn't comfortable with proceeding with him because of negative reviews I've read on real self. Guys and girls, it is VERY important to do your research and to go with your gut. Also go on as many consultations as you can to be sure that you and the surgeon have the same vision. I hear Dr. Kabaker plans on retiring soon so anyone who wishes to proceed with him better jump on it! He knows what's he's doing!

Post op week 1 and stitch/staple removal

Stitches were removed Monday by one of Dr. Kabaker's colleagues who isn't too far from my area. I was very grateful that this was possible. I am still very pleased. I finished my antibiotics, and I am not taking anything for pain or swelling. The only medication I am taking currently is arnica. I have not put anything else on the incision site other than antibiotic ointment and I clean it with gentle baby shampoo. I cannot put anything else other than peroxide until I am 2 weeks post. I opted against the peroxide because I didn't want it to bleach my hair.

2 months update.

Close up video of hairline
I am healing well and I've worn my hair pulled back a few times but I am still waiting for more hair to grow around the incision site and for the scar to look a little better. I looked today after not paying attention for a while and I am happy to say that I do have a few short hairs in the front that I could gel down as baby hairs :). Ingrown hairs will be the death of me. I have two that just won't go away and sometimes they are tender to touch! The middle of my hairline has no scar the incision is pretty much invisible. But on the outer portions of my hairline toward my temples the scar looks a little ugly to me but it is not raised. It just looks like a flat linear scar. I am hoping this will improve. I can feel three of the endotine anchors if I touch right above them bc they feel like tiny bumps and I can feel them move if I wiggle the area with my fingers. The endotine in middle of my hairline itches from time to time so ill massage it and it goes away. The sensation at the top of my head doesn't bother me much anymore. I think I may have gotten used to the decreased sensation. I used rogaine for all of two weeks lol so no word if that helped with hair growth sorry. I also did not use silicone scar treatment frequently. Any other questions feel free to post down in the comments or send me a pm! I will try to update at either 4 or 5 months, unless anything significant happens.

Another one

Pulled back hair; it still feels and looks weird to me since I have never worn my hair out like this with the exception of when I was a young lad. Honestly looking at this pic I feel as if I have a five head still. I guess you could say I'm still not used to having a lower hairline.

Almost 7 months post

Due to stress, wasn't eating well, lost weight and I became a little sick. I am sure my healing was compromised during that time. Myndoet is much better and I am starting to see marked improvement! Itching and pain has subsided. Sensation is returning to the top of my head. Endotines are disappearing; I don't really feel them under my scalp (they were really itchy and I think they contributed to my hair loss, however I do understand that they are necessary to anchor the scalp in place for the new hairline). I had significant hairloss in all three spots that the endotines were placed. I know this because I could feel the endotines and move them under my scalp. Those areas were also very itchy! Hair loss has subsided and hair is finally coming in! My hair is very curly/coils so my hair growth looks minimal and it at one point I felt like my hair wasn't growing at all but it is. I still don't wear my forehead completely out, bc my hair is still coming in. I will reassess at one year post and see if I need some grafts. If I get grafts I would like about 1 cm more of hairline lowering. To me my forehead looks a little big but it's honestly such a big improvement from how large it was initially. The left side of my hairline was red and raised as of last month (hypertrophic scar possibly). Currently it's still red but no longer raised or itchy. In the middle of my hairline I do have slight discoloration which I believe is from a scar that resulted from stich removal. It's a little light but think it'll darken over time. Overall I am happy with the procedure so far. Will be able to give my final thoughts at one year post and reassess once I have more hair growth around the hairline.

Scar progression

People have been asking me about the scar on darker skin.

Scar progression

People have been asking me about the scar on darker skin.
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