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A week ago today, I underwent Vaser liposuction of...

A week ago today, I underwent Vaser liposuction of my abdomen and flanks. So far, this is my story. The day of surgery went pretty fast, your normal prep stuff then onto the table i went. In recovery, I would say my pain level was about a 4. I woke up with a binder garment around my stomach/ mid-section and went home. I was given lortab 10 for pain management. I made sure i took them every 4-6 hours. The first couple of nights were rough for me. I couldnt find a comfortable sleeping position in my bed so i would wake up every couple of hours. Being a side sleeper poses a problem. I dont know if it was that or the pain. I decided to move to the recliner and slept there for 5 nights. Much BETTER! The most discomfort i've had is going from a sitting position to standing. As far as the compression garment/ binder gpes.. I decided to take off the binder and try a high waist spanx. When i put on a medium it about killed me putting on/taking it off! Bad idea- Had to go up a size! I am still swollen but bruising has been minimal (spell?) I was concerned about getting back into my normal clothes but it has worked out. I had surgery on a Thursday and went back to work on Monday. I have a desk job so it wasnt that bad other than the up and downs! I had traditonal lipo done 5 years ago on my legs and i was very bruised so i do believe the VASER is less invasive. I feel better each day! I cant wait to see my end result. I am a inpatient person so i hope i dont get discouraged on the waiting period. I can tell a difference already so I definetly thinks it was worth it. I will try to keep up with posting my progress and pictures. This site really helped me decide if VASER was right for me so i am paying it forward to my fellow Lipo'ers! :) Good Luck with your journey as i tackle mine! Pic's are before and day 5.

Me having patience has definitely been a challenge...

Me having patience has definitely been a challenge but I'm going strong each day! I guess we all want instant results, right!? :) I can tell a difference already but hoping for more contour definition in my stomach. I've had a issue with a rash, redish out break on both of my hips! My PS doesn't seem concerned.. He told me it was from the vaser machine but after 6 weeks I'm starting to get concerned to will be getting a 2nd opinion from dermatologist tomorrow. U can see what I'm talking about by going to the Q&A section on this site and sort by recent (vaser) I posted a question & included a pic! Doesn't look good!! But other than that I'm glad I had the procedure done and hope to start running again! Happy healing to all!! 6 weeks post op!
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