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Hi RS Community! First of all, I'm so glad that...

Hi RS Community! First of all, I'm so glad that this site was available and that I came across it. I've met some really wonderful ladies who were more than willing to answer many of my questions! Being able to take a glance at everyone's journey has really given me a better idea of what I will experience and should sort of expect with my procedure.
So, I'm 33 years old and body image has been something I've struggled with all my life. It seems like as far back as I can remember (11th/12th grade) I've always been on a diet, lol. Honestly, high school was when I was more at what I would consider my ideal weight. I've never wanted to be skinny, just thick in the right places. Once I went to college, that was when the weight started to really be a problem. Instead of gaining the "freshman fifteen", I became the "freshman fatty" gaining way more than 15 pounds. However, when your eating habits consists of fast food, Debbie snacks, and ramen noodles 95% of the time, it was inevitable. I started college weighing about 150 and by graduation, I was like 175-180.
Immediately after undergrad, I began my working on my Masters, which was a time where I would just write papers and eat, which was equivalent to more weight gain. Upon completing grad school, at the age of 24, I found out I was expecting twins girls! Luckily, I made it 36 weeks with my twins and they were delivered by c-section in 2005. At this point in my life, I was probably the heaviest I've ever been. I remember going to my first Weight Watchers meeting and weighing in at 200 pounds, yikes!!! In 2010, I gave birth to another baby girl by c-section as well. As you guys can probably imagine, my stomach at this point was fat, stretched, and gross. It literally looks like raw turkey meat! Determined to get the weight off, I started working out and dieting, religiously. After much hard work, I ended up getting to my lowest weight ever 142. Even with this much weight loss, my stomach and back fat still is an issue. I was tired of looking like a "square" with a semi-booty. After much thought, consideration, and research, I concluded that getting lipo to my back and flanks and fat transfers to my butt would be most beneficial.
After going to 3 consultations with 3 different doctors, I finally decided to go with Dr. Meadows in Commerce, Georgia. Not only is he closer to my home, but he also gave me the most reasonable price. This was also the first consultation I had gone to where I actually met with the doctor and not nurses or assistants, this was definitely a plus! During this consultation, he explained that he could definitely do the lipo in the desired areas and fat transfers. What he said next most certainly was NOT in my plan, lol. He told me that he wanted me to be 100% happy with my result and for that to happen, he felt that I needed a TT in addition to the lipo and BBL. I appreciated his honesty, however, getting a TT was something that I never, ever even considered. Once he explained why he felt a TT was necessary and gave me a better idea of what my results would probably look like with just lipo and BBL alone, it all made better sense. At that point, I was scared to death and knew it would be a new hurdle I would have to cross with my husband! My husband has somewhat been opposed with my decision from day 1. His whole philosophy is "I'm happy with you the way you are, so you should be too". Totally disagree. I'm elated by the fact that he loves me "as is", however, I've been relentless in communicating with him that I want to be happy with myself!!!! Thankfully, I finally got my hubby on board and he has been nothing more than supportive since leaving my last and final consultation :) It was during that office visit that I was given June 28, 2013 as the day it would all go down!!! I will post pics from my iPad, I just hate typing on that thing, lol!

Sorry for the delay but.....OMG!

Hi RS community!! So today is my bday, July 3, and I'm 5 days PO. A computer or iPad has been the last thing on my mind the last couple days!! This pain has been no joke!! On the day of my surgery, I remember not sleeping at all the night before!! Once I got to the facility, I changed into my gown, the PS came in and asked if I knew what he was going to do and then began marking my body. The nurse got my IV going and then I walked into the operating room. When I entered the room I remember hearing Rick James "Super Freak" playing. They laid me on the operating table and I met the anesthesiologist. He talked to me briefly, and then the last thing I remember was "Baby Got Back" playing. The next thing I remember was me home in my bed. The day of surgery I rested pretty well I guess from all the mess they gave me after surgery.
Saturday June 29 was pure hell!! I had to go to the PS office that morning for hyperbarics and it was the worst pain ever!! It took me like 30 minutes just to walk to the car!! Took lots of meds this day and tried to sleep as much as possible. Oh and sleeping was extremely difficult because of my fat transfers to my butt. Saturday and Sunday both consisted of lots of pain, meds, and crying!!! Thank God for my husband!! He has been taking phenomenal care of me!!! I'll be honest today is the first day I've actually felt ok. Still pain , but I've been trying to only take ibuprofen instead of the prescription meds because my PS told me they make you swell too! Anyway I don't have any after photos nor have I even looked at my new tummy or butt because I'm still in some pain and extremely swollen!!

After photos

Before pics....will post afters soon!

July 4!! Day 6 PO

So, I'm trying to ween myself off the pain meds but last I was in some serious pain!! I took like 2 pain pills trying to catch up!! So? This morning my mother in law, with very good intentions, made me breakfast. Mistake #1 was waking me up just to eat (that's a no no) mistake #2 I just had a TT, therefore, I can't eat all this shit!!!!! I appreciate the gesture, but I only ate the toast!! Everything else was drenched in salt and we all know that salt is definitely the enemy!!! Anyway, it's a rainy 4th if July down here in Ga so I'm going back to sleep!

1week Post-Op

Hey guys! So I'm 1 week post op today and I'll be honest and say that I feel just "ok". I'm still experiencing lots of pain where the incision is and especially on my back where I had lipo. I go to have my drains removed today and I'm definitely not looking forward to that!!!! Here's a pic of my incision. It's not the best view but it'll have to do until I can move around more.

Drain Removal

First of all, if anybody tells you that it doesn't hurt-THEY ARE LYING!!!!!!!! This hurt like a MF!! No lie. Then on top of that they only took out one drain which means I gotta go through this shit again on Tuesday!!! Not happy!! I wasn't expecting that much pain especially since I took a Lortab 10 about 30 minutes before going!! It didn't help at all! On a good note, PS said I was healing great!! Incision looks good and belly button goods!!! Didn't take any pics I was in too much pain!! Now I just need a nap!

Backtracking.....Saturday July 6 (Day 8 PO)

So, I haven't posted in a couple of days, because I've had quite a bit going on. So, Saturday, July 6 was my twin girls' birthday! They had asked several months ago if they could have a slumber party, so of course I said, YES! At the time I agreed to give them a slumber party, I didn't have a date set for my surgery. As my luck would have it, I was given a date of June 28 for my sx. Thank god for my husband and my 16 year old stepdaughter! I definitely didn't want to have to cancel their party, because of my sx. Luckily, my stepdaughter invited two of her friends and they helped to entertain the girls all day and night!! My husband grilled hotdogs and hamburgers for them, ordered the bday cake, got sleeping bags laid out.....he did it all! Keep in mind I was only 8 days PO when all of this happened, so I was up just a little bit. I attempted to get up to straighten the house up some before the guest began to arrive, I helped out in the kitchen a little, and let me tell you....I paid for it that night!!! I was in sooo much pain, I thought I was going to die. I really just think I overworked myself that day.

July 9- Last Drain Removal (Day 11 PO)

So, I had my last drained removed and I have no idea what was so different this time around opposed to the first drain I had removed!!!! The pain with the first drain removal was indescribable!!! I screamed, I cried, I even dropped the F bomb!!!! So upon arrival at the office for the last drain to be removed, I was on pins and needles, because I knew what I had gone through the first time. By the way, on this day, I was 11 days PO and felt great!! I was actually walking upright, no hunching over anymore. I was also somewhat pretty much independently functioning by this time too :) So anyway, back to the drain removal appointment, long story short....I didn't feel a SINGLE THING!!!! I don't know what the difference was! I don't know whether the first drain had scabbed over or what! It was the most peculiar thing ever! This was also the first day I actually really saw my stomach! Once the drains are removed, you feel like a different person! I didn't have to worry about tugging it in the bed, or it being in the way when I use the bathroom! It was awesome. Still haven't taken any pics, but I promise I will. Oh and my BBL, ummm not really pleased with it! My butt kinda looks like a heart, lol. My husband says its probably still just all the swelling, but I don't know! It looks funny when I'm naked, but looks pretty good in pants! Weird! Oh and my lipo holes are still very, very sore!

July 10 (Day 12 PO)

Let me just say as many other TT'ers have said....each day gets better! This day I felt amazing! Not having the drains and really not experiencing any pain has been great. The only time I do feel achy is at night time, but I've only been taking ibuprofen for the pain. It's so much easier to sleep at night not having the drains too! So, today was the first day I ventured out. Keep in mind, I'm not supposed to sit directly on my butt until Saturday, but I just put a pillow under my butt and behind my back and I drove to Walmart to go grocery shopping. I also cooked my first full meal today for my family! I did it all today!!! Guess what??? Your girl paid for every bit of that around 9:00 p.m. The pain and swelling was in INSANE!!!! Note to self: Even though you feel great, still take it easy or else the pain will kick your ass later that night!!!! Still walking upright and feeling good though!! Pics coming soon....promise!

July 10

Today I accomplished completely wiping my butt on my own and I also took my first shower!!!! It felt amazing!! No real news today, but pics are coming :)

First real day out????????????15 days PO

Hey guys!! So today was my first actually getting out!! My new phew is expecting his first child and the baby shower was today!! I was able to help my sister out by cooking some of the refreshments the night before and I drove myself to the shower!! It felt great to actually get out of the house for a couple of ours!! No real news......still have more pain at night and still have lots of swelling at night! Been taking ibuprofen about every night for the pain. Question veteran TT'ers....when can/should I start using the Arnica Gel for bruising and swelling?? I have some just didn't know if I needed to wait a certain amount of weeks before using it. So as promised here awesome before and after pics! Looks pretty good considering I'm still very, very, very swollen!!!

Finally updating!!

Hey guys!! Sorry for the hiatus but I've been beyond busy!!! I've ha some family issues to take place plus I'm in school working on my Ph.D so needless I say there is little time for me to anything!! At any rate, I'm still very pleased with my results. I'm in the process of trying to lose some of the weight I gained over the holidays lol!! Ultimately, I would like to lose about 20 pounds and so far I've lost about 8!! Anyway here are pics from tonight!!

Oh and one more thing.....

One thing that's really annoying is that all of my pants are too tight in my butt and too loose in my waist, lol!!!!! I guess that what happens when you get the booty pumped and the tummy sucked, haha!!! Belts are my new best friend, lol!!!
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