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I have been considering breast augmentation for...

I have been considering breast augmentation for about 2 years now. I just recently started looking into smartlipo after gaining 20 pounds and not having the time to work it off like I use to.

My goal is to get rid of the love handles (flanks) and the small kangaroo pouch I cant seem to get rid of after having my 2nd child. As for the implants I am currently a B cup and am going up one size. I decided to do silicone since to me they feel more real and they r suppose to last longer than saline. I went for my consult today in GA and after speaking with the doc im really excited but nervous at the same time.

I cant believe this time has finally come and everything is pd for. I will post pictures of me before the surgery, after and my progress...

I forgot to add that I am 5'4" and 153lbs.

I forgot to add that I am 5'4" and 153lbs.

Hello everyone, So I had my pre-op appointment...

Hello everyone,

So I had my pre-op appointment today with the doc and the hospital. The pre-op with the doctor made me that much more comfortable with having my surgery. He basically went over my measurements suggested what implant I should use as well as how many CCs he would recommend, not knowing what he said was the exact same thing I had already decided on when I seen his assistant a week ago, lol. That made me feel really good. He was so on point with everything. He asked what is my reason for wanting the augmentation and I advised him that not only to be bigger, which he already knew, but to have more cleavage. He was up front and honest and just basically let me know that going bigger isn't a problem but the way my breast are made he can't move then closer but a good push up bra will help with the cleavage. Which is fine by me, I have gone 30 years with no breast and no cleavage so just having bigger breast makes me happy. We also discussed how the procedure would be performed, via the crease under my breast (inframammary fold). To get my desired cup size we both agreed on 300cc modernized silicone implants. My surgery date is February 5th at 7:30 a.m and I cant wait.

We then went on to discuss the smart lipo. Of course he asked what results am I looking to obtain by doing the smart lipo. I let him know that I do not like my love handles and I wish to have a tighter stomach. Well unfortunately I had to push back the date of my lipo surgery because the hospital in which he is performing the surgery does not carry the equipment needed to do the smartlip and therefore I will having this surgery a month after my breast augmentation. I was a little disappointed in the beginning being that I wanted to kill two birds with one stone. But after he told me I had to only wait 1 month from the date of the augmentation I was a little relieved because that's not a really long time. I asked about the garments used after the lipo surgery and where to purchase them, he told me that was all included in my fees, yaaay.

After I was done seeing the doctor I went over to the hospital for my pre-op. I seen the nurse who took my vitals, and gave me instructions on what to do the night before the surgery, like bathe with this anticeptic skin cleaner after testing it on my skin. She advised me not to drink or eat anything the morning of the surgery. She told me during the procedure I would have to wear leg warmers to keep my blood flowing and this gown that heats up to keep me warm, :). I was also told no piercings, so I have to change my nose and tongue ring with a plastic cap or something. I think thats about it. Overall Im still excited. Oh while at the hospital one of the nurses asked me who my surgeon was and I told her Dr. Okoro, her response was, he's really good. She said she have seen his work and he does an amazing job and he has clients who come in from all over to see him. Which I could believe because today when I went into his office, omg, it was so busy. There was a lobby full of people when I went in at 2 and when I left at 4 they were still coming in. I feel like im in good hands! Anxiously waiting!!!

Hello all, Seven days until my surgery. I've...

Hello all,

Seven days until my surgery. I've been so busy I hadn't had the time to be nervous. Every now and then I stop and think about how close I am to the big day. I'll be taking more pictures in a swimsuit to get a better look at before and after. Talk to you al later!!

Hello everyone, I had my breast augmentation...

Hello everyone,

I had my breast augmentation thia morning, still a lil loopy so I can post much right now. I just wanted to let everyone know the surgery went great. My breast are gorgeous, lol. Dr. Okoro and his staff were amazing. I could not have picked a better surgeon. Words can't express how great I feel mentally. iSight now I have a wrap wrapped around the top portion of my breast to help the implants fall. I feel a lot of pressure but its not too painful. I have only taken 1 pain pill since I've been out of surgery. I've decided not to take any unless I experience some excruciating pain that I just can't handle. I'm prior service and I've learned to tolerate a lot of pain. My boyfriend took time off from work to be with me which is a huge help. Before the surgery I thought it would be ok for me to be by myself but I was wrong. So glad he refused to listen to me. I'll will be sure to give more details later tonight or tomorrow with pics! Thank u all for ur words of encouragement, prayers, and stories.

Day 6 post op--definitely much better than days 4...

Day 6 post op--definitely much better than days 4 & 5 lol. I haven't taken any pain meds in a couple days. Saturday I was able to get out and go house hunting, wash clothes and cook with very little pain every now and then, nothing serious though. Last night I was able to raise my arms high enough to curl my hair but I will definitely be at the shop Thursday being that I missed last week. I still have a lot of swelling in my stomach and I feel really bloated. I catch sharp pains from time to time but nothing unbearable. My implants are still sitting up really high they haven't dropped. I have my follow up appt tomorrow ill be sure to follow up. Thanks sblunt11, I'm still taking the L and you were right today was a lot better!!!

So not happy right now. I was not on the schedule...

So not happy right now. I was not on the schedule for my one week follow up but they did add me on. When I get there I waited about 30 minutes and ran outside to grab my phone to let job know I was still there. Of course they call me when I decide to step out. So I wait another 20 minutes while they call the people who came in after me. So I had to reschedule for Friday. So right now I don't know how I'm progressing or healing. I'm considering going somewhere else for my smart lipo because this is the second time I have had an issue with appointment scheduling and I really can't handle an office that's unorganized. My experience with dr Okoro is still a plus but when it comes to my body I don't time to play ring around the rosey. Not a good look right now :(!!!

March 8- At the doctor's office getting ready for...

March 8- At the doctor's office getting ready for my smart lipo procedure! Fingers crossed.

Just had my smart lipo procedure 4 days ago. Love...

Just had my smart lipo procedure 4 days ago. Love my results already. The garment is a uncomfortable but I want the v resulresults so I guess I have to tolerate it. No pain just soreness especially in my right side wheb the garment folds into my skin when I sit. No serious bruises just swelling.

I love my results!!!

I love my results!!!
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