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I have been reasearching realself for the past few...

I have been reasearching realself for the past few months and i finally decided to goahead and make a profile lol. I will be going to Dra Baez in January for a tt,lipo, and bbl and im so excited! Shes a sweetheart just like everyone else says and im happoy i chose her. I have one child and she even recommended i wait just incase i want more children (which i dont)! So i went ahead and booked my date. I am now searching for a recovery house!

Recover Houses

Solo now I'm looking for a Recovery house! I seem Njprbeauty's RH website but it doesn't open until the 15 of Jan. :/ so I'm still searching! I know it's early but I'd rather start now. Any suggestions please feel free to add your experience!

New Date 1-15-2014

So I rescheduled with Baez and I'm now going on the 15 of January..I started a new job and I want to get my 90 says in first lol! And now I can look into going to njprbeauty's recovery house!!! I believe it opens the 15th but I'm definately looking into that! I have some before photos that I'll be uploading later, I've been so busy!!! But good luck to everyone going for surgery soon!!!! I'm so exciteddddddd!

flights and buddy's

So today on my lunch break I started looking up some flights! I'm definately looking in to staying at Upscale RH. Since my surgery date has changed but I really wish I had a buddy!!! My friend is going but we're going about a week apart. So if anyone is going around the middle of January let me knowwww

Upscale Rh or Domingas

So I'm at a toss up for where I plan on staying in January, I hear so many things about Domingas and my friend will be staying there 2 weeks before I go. then Upscales sound lovely and to be honest I'll be paying about the same thing! This is probably the hardest part for me because I will be traveling alone and I want to be comfortable and i want to be in the best care for the 1st week of healing..I need to figure that out by the end of the month!...Decisions Decisions

15 Days

So I am On my way to my pre op appointment! I've got everything I needed except the pee EZ and my chux which I ordered this am! I haven't updated because ive been so busy between the holidays and work..but I will be posting before and after pictures I've gained some weight (on purpose) so I am now up from 160 to about 174! I'm staying at Yasmin's recovery house..I've already did my deposit and's just a waiting game now! I am excited as hell though..and a littler nervous but I'm def ready!..I'll post pictures before I leave on the 14th!

6 Dayyyys

So Baez Emailed me tonight to see how I was getting to her location on Tuesday! She's gonna have her driver pick me up from the airport! I'm so excited I've packed everything and I will be On my way next Tuesday morning! The only things I didn't get we're the lipo foam and ab board..I'll order those while in DR so when I get home they will be here waiting for me..good luck to everyone going soon! Oh and my doctors office wouldn't give me anything ! Not even antibiotics -_- but I should be fine! Looking forward to next week! :)

Packed an Ready!

So I am alllll packed and ready to go! I will be leaving for Santo Domingo Tuesday morning and having surgery with Dra Baez on Wednesday. I have been in touch with 2 other wonderful girls from realself. One is having surgery with Duran on Monday the other with Yily on Wednesday! We're all staying in different places but it feels good having other girls to talk to that are going to be experiencing the same thing as you. Last I checked my hemo was 12.8 and since then I've been adding the liquid iron in my water twice a day and taking blood builder and iron twice a excited this time flew by so fast! I will upload pictures Tuesday before I go and GOOD LUCK to the other ladies going! Xoxo


I am at the airport and ready to go!! I will write and post pics when I land!!! I almost missed my
Flight since they had to look through my damn bags! Ugh! But we're boarding so I gotta go!
Safe travels to everyone that is traveling today and good luck to anyone having surgery!!!


Okay so yesterday I flew into Santo Domingo! Omg the driving is a hot ass mess..anyways I was nervous before flying out of Miami so like "what if nobodies there to pick me up?!?" So I hopped my ass on whatsapp and wrote Jose Brito! He said okay he would be there that made me feel better lol. So once I arrived it was a breeze after that I got my tourist card, and my luggage and met Jose who had a sign with my name on it..we left and he told me he would bring me to Yasmin's because Baez was still in surgery. But then Yasmin called and asked him to pick up another girl who is also having surgery(with yily tomorrow) so we we back and got her. I didn't mind because I know damn well I wouldn't wanna be left at the airport! I actually spoke with her on FB before she's we go get Yasmin and stop by Cipla so she could get her lab work done that was fast in and out! Santo was there waiting to take us back to the house. when we got here I met 2 other girls that went to Cabral from Paris and Switzerland!!! They poppin! Then I met a Baez doll who looks amazing to..My buddy came! London305! I didn't even know she would be staying here. But we had been talking before anyways so it worked out good. Everybody is nice here there's another girl coming tomorrow and 1 more girl here so it's a full house it feels like!..OMG so I went to meet Baez and do lab work around 630. Her picture does her no justice like at all she is sooo pretty and sweet! Her husband translated and she does say my baby after everything. I got my lab work done and paid and I couldn't do the EKG because the cardiologist was not there so they told me to beer there in the am at 630..when we got back to Yasmin's Yasmin let me know the cardiologist would come here to me.. He was nice and said I had a nice heavy strong heart lol so I'll be on my way in about a hour!!! I feel like I just rambled but I just woke up to pee and said "lemme update real quick ttyl!!'

Made it to the other side!!!

Okay so yesterday was my surgery and I had a TT lipo to full back flanks the top of my stomach and a tiny bit on my inner after arriving at the clinic I signed some papers and went to the room it was about 715am they put me in that blue outfit and on my feet and hair, Dra Baez came in and took pictures of me..then she marked me up and took more pictures. she had me lay Down so she could mark my stomach she's so sweet so after she left out the room her husband came in and went over everything with me ,I signed the papers and gave him my phone glasses and ring and he told me to take the blue pill so he left and I'm sitting there about to burst out in tears before he came in I called my mom and let her know everything going on..I stains a prayer and then the guy with the wheel chair came and by 745 I was heading in for surgery! The anestigiologist came and talked to me earlier and told me I may be up while they work on my back! So I get out the wheel chair and the guy takes blood or something from my hand...I look around and all I'm thinking is "wtf am I doing god please help me because this room is scaring the shit out of me!" So they sit me up and the guy who came n got me gas me facing him and the anestigiologist is behind me....the guy has his hands on my shoulder and his balls on my knee Iol so at this point I'm feeling drowsy and the next thing I remember is being in my stomach tapping the bed saying "pain!!!" I felt the lipo behind my right shoulder and Dra Baez says "don't move my baby" I kept moving sayin PAIN! So they knocked my ass out..I was in surgery for 4 hours but didn't wake up till 7pm Santo and Yasmin's mom came to check on me and a wonderful nurse from the hospital stayed with me she was so sweet I slept pretty good and she washed me up in the am and took my catheter out..after she left I got up to use the bathroom again and was successful I peed for like 2 seconds...the other nurse bright me tea and soup I ate and went back to sleep I then was awaken with the urge to pee this time I didn't move fast enough and peed all over my faja!!! I went to the door to get a nurse but there wasn't one there so I went to the bathroom and she came in and cleaned up my mess and put me back in the bed. I waited for Baez she finally came at 12 o'clock she went over my preclscription and showed me my new belly button and my TT scar I asked her how many ccs she said 1500 in each cheek and 500 on each hip!! More than what I wanted lol but it's fine since I'll be sitting on it ..dra Baez said she will send brunhilda for me tomorrow! Santo came and got me and I've peed no. Stop since getting back to Yasmin's I will try to do pictures tomorrow but thank you everyone for your prayers!!!

Day 2 not so good

Okay so yesterday I was draining so go we probably dumped my drain 5 or 6 times and it was full each time...I didnt sleep to good...idk where Yasmin was lastnight but they didn't wanna give me my Percocet until she got here which I did understand.. But I have SOOO much fluid on my back and I am so uncomfortable I just wanted to go to sleep so I got up and got it anyways I slept through the night after today Brunhilda came and did the ultrasonic massage she also had to use a needle to drain my back :( it was so bad like. I can feel and hear the fluids I've been drinking water but not draining :( today is hard...i have chills and I'm very cold and uncomfortable mainly my back I did get a peak at my belly button! It looks like my old one before my baby lol okay I'll upload this pic but not the money shot because the fluids on my lower back make my butt look crazyyyy...sorry guys!! We will try again tomorrow!

Appointment tomorrow

Okay today is a good day!!! My drain was clogged so Juany unclogged it for me and it had to be dumped like 4 times in one hour..I woke up this am very very sore and stiff I could barely move so I didn't eat my breakfast but Yasmin's mom is so sweet she let me eat yogurt and pineapples and juice instead..after that I took a Percocet and went to sleep..when I got up juany drained me and brunhilda did a massage! Omg between the 2 of them idk who I love more today I feel so much better! I still have fluid on my back but nothing like yesterday..Dra Fragoso emailed me yesterday to see how I was doing, she also told me I have an appointment with her tomorrow! I cannot wait! I've been drinking lots of water also and hopefully tomorrow she can tell me when I am able to go home... I'm not leaving with this drain though this shit gotta stay here lol otherwise everything is good! When I go see Dra Fragoso tomorrow I'll have her take some pics for me!


Okay so I'm sorry it's been a while since I've updated! But my recovery process has been going great! Unfortunately I JUST started wearing a faja, I left DR with a stage 2 faja that's costed me 140 dollars, after I got home on the 24th the faja ripped in the back on like the 27th and basically was cutting off my circulation on my thighs so I ordered a new one and ups lost my package -_- since Georgia had a tiny snow storm and the whole damn town shut down(which was ridiculous ). So once I got the package the garment was too small ofcourse! So I had to wait to get a new one which arrived yesterday! The whole time I've been without a garment but I haven't swelled up to bad at all! Everything looks pretty good to me. I don't have really any lumps, I will say that I do need 1 sheet of lipo foam on my back. I do have a back board and a ab board that I am also using. My tummy tuck scar looks AMAZING. And I will be going back to work next week.. Baez did such a great job here are some butt looks way bigger in person lol and my scar is pencil thin. My belly button is nice back is still sore the itchiness doesn't bother me as much yet either. I just rub myself down with powder under my garment..I'm ashy but not itchy lol I will also say stretching helps with the stiffness and hot showers with the lumps from lipo..I sleep on a heating pad also! I went to my doctor when I got back and she was so amazed by how good Baez did. Again here are some pics any questions feel free to ask!


I will upload more pictures next week, since I just got my faja 2 days ago I'll upload the pictures after wearing it for a week

New photos

Quick update

Hi everyone! I just wanted to update my profile a little bit! Everything has been going well for me I love my results! I did not wear a faja, I regret it a little bit I just have to hit the gym a little harder, so I have just a little bit of loose skin, which has NOTHING to do with Baez. It was all my fault benign as though I didn't wear the faja. I do still keep cotton in my belly button at one point it started to look like Kimbella's -_- and that's not cute at all! But I have already reached out to Baez and set a date for breast augmentation! I wanna go back to her but I just don't want those scars on my breast after a lift I'm still looking for a good doctor in the US! Any questions feel free to ask..and I also wanna say to people who believe Baez only does natural?? My ass is huge lol it goes with my thighs but it's definitely big! Any questions feel free to ask!

Almost 10 months post op

So I'm almost 10 moths post op! I'm very happy with What Baez has created lol! she's amazing I know I haven't posted new photos but I know a lot of people who have been on the site now just researching and I know for sure of one person who came across my review so sorry guys! But I'm doing great! I my butt is big but natural big. I've started to tattoo some of the scars. Currently tattooing the tt one! I have sent pictures to some ppl who have inboxed me which I have no problem doing! I haven't lost any volume in my butt the only issue I do have is my belly button! It keeps gettin smaller and I have to keep cotton in it so it doesn't look like kimbella's -_- ! I would recommend Baez to anyone and move seen some of her recent masterpieces and I'm like daaaamn! I may go back next year just for a little lipo around my waist, I didn't wear a faja so that's my fault. Everything is looking good though, I'm finally gettin feeling in my stomach. I went to the dermatologist for my tt scar and she gave me a shot to flatten it out. I noticed when I wear something tight around the scar that helps flatten it out also. My Dermotologist also told me whoever my doctor was did an amazing job so shout out to Dra Fragoso Baez!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Havent met her yet but i havent thought twice about who i picked, i've heard all good things about her.

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