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I had my calf impl surgery more than a month. I...

I had my calf impl surgery more than a month. I decided to do because i had a thinner leg and decided to correct the difference. My doctor promised he would be fine and more self-confidence. The postoperative period was very HARD, i have lucky to have my mother and girlfriend to help me! not even know how I could do simple things like going to the toilet. (NOT WANT TO IMAGINE TWO LEGS IMPLANTS) Now about 40 days later, I always carry swollen foot! and I am very afraid that this does not Improve and need to remove the implant and put money in trash. My doctor has no solutions for me.He says to take aspirin and compression socks that do nothing better.

I am very worried and sad

better i had fat insertion instead

without improvements, very slow recovery

My doctor said It should be all normal and able to return to normal life in 2 weeks ... which was not my case. And as my work I have to walk a lot of walking, I'm not working now, because 1 hour long standing and walking, very painful and very swollen foot ... I went to a cardiovascular physician and he said that in two months if the foot does not return to normal, it is best to remove the implant.

my doc recommended use compression stockings and take aspirin, but without positive result
before surgery he said it was very simple and returning to work in 10 days. I am most certain to be in 10 months ... big loss


hello, my problem got worse and I had a deep thrombosis. After i do a Doppler scan my doctor send me right away for hospital... i stay 4 days taking vaccines in my belly. lot of suffering. and now im in homme taking more medicin for my problem. im very sad. My cir. Doctor only liked money nothing else
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