BBL Part 1 - Dr.Cortes Gave Me An Awesome Hourglass Body

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Hi Y'all! I am super excited about getting my BBL...

Hi Y'all! I am super excited about getting my BBL with Dr.Jimerson Thursday May 23. I have been trying so hard to gain weight these past few weeks and I might of gained 5 lbs but no more then that. I am about 5'3 at 136lbs. I am not overly fat and I used to lift weights for many years but took a break from it in order to gain weight. I decided to go with this surgeon because once I saw his website and took a peek at the women he did surgery on I was blown away. I had to choose between Dr.J or Dr.Salama. They are both really great surgeons. I also wanted to get it done in the states not overseas. I am afraid what can happen during the surgery if I go out of the country I'm not sure if it is safe or not. I have not booked my hotel as yet for Georgia but I am thinking of staying in a nice hotel in Alphetta, Georgia. It has a kitchenette as well so my husband can cook my meals for me. I am bringing my sweet husband along to care for me. I am leaving around May 18 and we will stay in downtown Atlanta for 2 nights and then we will get our butts to Alphetta, Georgia the Monday morning to our hotel which is a bit closer to Dr.Jimerson's office. I doubt I will be renting a car so we will have to figure out a way to get around. We are coming all the way from Canada, Ottawa, Ontario. I still have not bought too many items as yet for part of my surgery and I have to get my ass together and do some shopping before I leave. I know though I want to shop in Atlanta once i get in to buy some things that I do need. I am having problems finding really nice maxi dresses. I pray to god I find some in ATL. I just want a bigger booty and I hope I have enough fat to transfer to my butt and hips. I don't want to spend so much money on butt implants. I heard such bad raps about booty implants so I am confused on what to do. I definitely do not want to pay $18,000 on butt implants along with my lipo (stomach, whole entire back, flanks) and fat transfer to my hips. I didn't want my inner thighs lipo'd because I love bigger legs. I do not like when girls get their butt done and lipo they legs and then they look like sticks. Looks too weird for me. I do need some opinions on what y'all think I should do. Please help me!

I will be adding more pics the day after my surgery. I am thinking of doing a documentary on my BBL journey as well. My husband will be taping me the whole time. It's very exciting. I really want a body change and I know this dr will do a great job looking at his reviews and work.

Well I went shopping last weekend and bought some...

Well I went shopping last weekend and bought some items that I needed for my trip to Georgia. I also booked my flight online today and hotel too. I was suppose to go out to Atlanta this Saturday but I got a cheaper flight for next Monday May 20th in the early morning. My flight leaves for 7am which is super early but I want to arrive in the early afternoon so I can go shopping and buy a few more items that I need. I have to buy my 2nd garment for after surgery and buy it from Lipo-Express in Atlanta. I have no idea where it is but I will have to try and get there. I am not even renting a car, I will be cabbing it. I hope its not too far from my hotel. I am staying in a hotel suite in Duluth, Georgia. I am still unsure if i can get close to any of my wish pics. If I am paying all this money I want to see a big change, I don't want to look like the same old me. I hope this is possible though because i am looking for wide hips with a big sexy booty. its my dream and I have wanted this for as long as I can remember. I paid for my surgery in full and I am excited to get my sexy new ass next Thursday May 23rd. Give me some feedback.

Cancelled SX this week

Hi Gals,

I got very sick and went to the hospital last Saturday night. I went to Red Lobster to eat and after I finished eating I was not feeling so good. I had bad tummy pains and a bad pain in my left flank plus I was naucious. At the hospital they took my blood and did a urine sample too . I will be ok but I need a few weeks to heal and get better. I had to cancel my flight and hotel last Saturday night after I got back from the hospital. They did charge me a fee of $200 for cancelling my flight. I can still use the same ticket for July since that's the time I want to get my SX done with Dr.J. I'm really afraid that I don't have much fat to do this procedure now. I have lost some weight and I can't gain weight all that much. My body won't allow me to do it. I think implants is the way to go in my case right now but I don't have over $18,000 to pay for such a procedure. I love Dr.J's work and I'm not do sure there's much hope for me. I want a big ole booty, not a small butt. I don't want to pay almost $13,000 for getting what I already have now. I do want a smaller waist though with a huge ass! I need advice cause I'm gonna have to call Dr.J's office tomorrow and explain them my situation. I don't know what I should do! When I spoke to his office 2 weeks ago in regards to implants she tried discouraging me about getting them, she was saying how there's a very high infection rate with implants and she said getting a BBL instead would make me look good. How good can I look if there's not enough fat transfer to do it?? I would want the maximum fat to be injected in my butt and I doubt it will happen. I'm feeling so sad and confused about the whole thing. Please talk to me....

Changed my mind about Jimerson

Ok so here is what's going on. I changed my mind about going with Dr.Jimerson a few months ago. I did tons of research and I came across Dr.Cortes's website. I love his work and I truly believe he will make me look exactly like what I want to look like. I already gave a deposit for surgery last month and I am paying my surgery in full tomorrow. I am getting lipo and butt implants. They will also transfer some of my fat in my booty to make it nice and full. My surgery date is right around the corner and I am getting so excited!! My surgery date is October 15th and my pre-op is October 14th with Dr.Cortes. I am flying in the day before my pre-op and staying at a hotel near his Conroe office. I am super excited and I will be posting pics when I get to Texas and I will post pics right after my surgery.

My New Wish Pics

I am counting down the days for my Texas trip to Dr.Cortes. I am very nervous about the procedure but I am also very excited to have it done. I want to look similar to these wish pics I have just posted. I am looking for a big booty by putting in implants, I want wide hips and a tiny 24 inch waist.

Where to buy bbl pillow & cab fares

My surgery with Dr.Cortes is in 21 days. I am getting really anxious. Is there anyone having surgery with Dr.Cortes the same week as I am? I need to ask y'all where the hell do I go buy a cigar shape pillow?! I have looked at a few stores and I also looked online and I cannot find anything. Where can I buy such a cushion? Do you think I need many extra pillows to sleep on at my hotel? I also think traveling by cab to all my dr's appointments and to the hospital for surgery is gonna cost me a bundle. I was hoping the hospital wasn't so far from Dr.Cortes office in Conroe but it is not close at all. I am wondering if there are any alternatives. I don't know if they have a someone who works for them that can drive the girls around to their appointments for a flat rate. That to me would be a great idea. Hope someone can help me out a little.

Rental Cars And Massages

I am thinking of renting a car when I get to Texas. I was going to rent it until the day after my surgery. I was curious if anyone has rented a car while having sx with Dr.Cortes. I think this is the cheapest way to get around. I have someone that can drive me so I dont have to worry about driving out there. I also was wondering if you need to get lymphatic massages a few days after sx. If so can anyone refer me to a great masseuse who can come to my hotel room. I would like to get a few massages before I head back home after my surgery. I am hoping someone can help me out......

Just Bought My Yoga Mat Today

Today I went shopping to Target and bought myself a yoga mat, a nice bright pink one. I will go shopping this evening to see if I can find a few maxi dresses or maxi skirts. I am so damn excited about my sx coming up soon. I am counting down the days! I have 12 more days before I leave for Texas. I am super excited about my surgery and I hope everything goes smoothly. I guess my last big meal before my surgery day will be Monday October 12th. I planned it all out... I am definitely going to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. We don't have any of that out in Canada so every time I travel to the US I always stop at that restaurant to get me some amazing cheesecake mmmmmm.

My Booty Now

This is me at the moment. My booty isn't small or flat but I do want a much bigger phat booty :-) I also do some modeling so I am looking for a more voluptuous hour glass physique.

Prescriptions and Car Rental

I forgot to ask Lucy at Dr.Cortes's office if our prescriptions are included in the surgery fees. Would anyone happen to know about this. If its not included how much do you think this will cost me approximately. I live in Canada so I have to pay cash for it since I don't have any insurance.

I went shopping today and I bought myself a sexy pair of jeans. I hope they will fit my butt after my surgery. I also bought a pair of jogging pants and a top. I am having trouble buying clothes for after my sx. I might wait and shop in Houston on Sunday and Monday. I might go after my pre-op appointment with Dr.Cortes. I am still not sure if I should rent a car or not rent one at all. I need to find out if I rent a car at the airport if I can bring it to a closer car rental place near my hotel in Conroe. I didn't want to rent it for an entire 2 weeks. I just needed it for 4 or 5 days.

Let The Count Down Begin.........

Hey Girls,

I can't wait for next weekend, I will be in beautiful Houston. I have trouble sleeping at night these days LOL. I keep thinking of my sx and plus reading tons of stuff online regarding this procedure. I want to know all that I can before October 15. I am missing a few items before my trip but I will buy it all on Monday.

I just found this sexy pic online today and I must say this is one of the pics I will be showing Dr.Cortes as my wish pic. This gal has an amazing sweet body and butt! This is what I want for sure. I hope my butt implants will make my ass so round, firm and stuck back. I haven't weighed myself as yet but I will do so tonight. He did ask for me to gain a bit of weight and I have been doing my best. What do you all think of this sexy chiquita.....

Driver needed

Can anyone tell me if they know of anyone who can pick me up from the hospital after my surgery. I need a lift to go to a few places and i didn't want to spend all my money on cabs.

Texas here I come! Tomorrow is almost here.

I have packed all my bags and off to Texas in the morning. I have my pre-op appointment with Dr.Cortes on Monday. I am starting to get really nervous now. I am praying that I come out looking like my wish pics. I have faith in Cortes and I know hes a great surgeon but im just praying that I have enough fat. I think I do, I gained weight these past few months. I now weigh 145lbs at 5'2". Its very important to me to have a big booty, small waist and wide hips. He should have enough fat to give me this since I am getting butt implants. I am in need of more maxi dresses but have no clue where to find them. I am from Canada and at the moment there's no stores selling them. I think I will go shopping for some when I reach Texas tomorrow afternoon. Does anyone know where I can find some?

My surgery has been cancelled

You will never believe what happened to me yesterday morning at the airport. I was ok to get on the plane to Texas but my husband was denied to get on the plane with me because they asked him for his US visa and we had no idea that he even needed one. I drove over 5 hours to get to this airport to catch my plane and then we weren't able to go to Texas after all that. I cried and I was so pissed off! I had to drive back home and went straight to bed when I got home since I was such in a terrible mood. My husband is calling the US Consulate first thing in the morning and I hope he receives his visa ASAP. I called Lucy this morning and told her that I cannot make it in for my pre-op today and that my sx has to be cancelled for tomorrow. She was very nice with me and she was very understanding. She told me to contact her as soon as I know when he's getting his visa. I pray that he gets it within 2 weeks or less. For now my surgery is postponed but hopefully I will have my surgery within a few weeks. I will keep you dolls posted with my coming sx.

Looking For A December SX Date

I haven't updated my profile in a while so here it goes. I wrote to Lucy today asking if I can please have a surgery date for December. My flight ticket to fly to Houston expires in late December so I would like to use it before the expiration date since it cost me well over $800.00 for just 1 ticket. I hope Lucy calls or emails me with some great news this week. I was also wondering if any of you Cortes Dolls have a December SX date that you would like to postpone please let me know ASAP so I can ask Lucy if I can take your SX date. I will greatly appreciate it.

I also gained a bit of weight. I now weigh 150lbs. I gained about 10lbs in the last few weeks. I started off at about 129lbs before I decided to do this surgery so I have gained quite a bit. I think my results will dramatically be quite impressive now that I have gained some weight. I am still wanting butt implants not just a bbl.

I am more then convinced that Dr.Cortes is one of the best bbl surgeons there is out there. I am looking forward to meeting this booty artist very soon.

Hope To Hear From Lucy Tomorrow

Omg I am feeling so fat right now! I am eating whatever I want but this will have to come to a halt very soon. I have never in my life eaten like this before. I do enjoy it though but it will have to stop after my BBL. I am expecting a big round booty and wide hips so I do need a lot of fat on my body. You all need to know that I used to be a personal trainer for quite some time now and a female bodybuilder. I stopped all of that in order to get my wish. I have always enjoyed admiring sexy women with huge booties, small waists and wide hips for as long as I can remember. I stopped lifting weights and doing cardio now for about 1 year. I knew I had to gain the weight for my sx so I had to stop training in order to gain body fat. I will still train once I am able of doing it after my sx but I will only be lifting heavy weights and not much cardio. I want thick legs and strong calves to match with my big butt. I do not want to lipo my inner thighs because I don't like the look of having a big booty and skinny stick looking legs, it just isn't appealing to me.

I did leave Lucy a message on her voicemail on Friday afternoon so hopefully she will email me tomorrow. I just need to have an idea about when I can have my surgery. I pray she has a date for me in December because my flight ticket expires at the end of December. I also cannot stand myself looking like this anymore, I don't have much clothes that fit me. I honestly feel like a fat pig LOL.

New Wish Pics

I added a few more wish pics that I truly love looking at. I want a big ole booty like girls in these pics. I also added a pic of this cute girl that I seen on Real Self and I asked her if I could use her pic as one of my Wish Pics. Her body is amazing. I want hips like her.

Face Down Pillow

I am still waiting on Lucy to contact me. I hope she will do so soon. I really would like a December date for my surgery.

I also wanted to ask if any of you girls ever used a face down pillow for after your bbl. I would like to know if it was a benefit for you to use one. I am thinking of buying one but I would like to get some feedback first.

Spoke To Lucy

Well I did call up Lucy today and I got lucky this time.. She was at the office today and I did talk to her. I touched base with her saying that I am ready anytime for my surgery. She said once she has a cancellation she will let me know right away. I don't want to have to buy another plane ticket so I pray she has an opening for me in the next few weeks. I can't wait to be a Cortes Doll.

I was wondering if any of you girls have used lipo foam after your bbl. I don't have any but I was thinking of buying it. A lot of doctors are against using it so I am just not sure if I should use it or not. Will I get a flat tummy with using no lipo foam or ab board? Please send me some suggestions girls.....

If any of you have an sx date in December or late November and you want to cancel your sx because you haven't gained the weight or you need to lose the weight let me know I can possibly take your sx date.

Great News!!!! Need Some Advice As Well........

Well I do have some great news but I still don't know what it is LOL.. Lucy emailed me later today stating that she has some great news about my upcoming surgery but when I called the office they were closed :-( I am now wondering what date Lucy has for me. She is so sweet and I know she is trying her best to give me a date asap. I am so ready to have this surgery and I just weighed myself an hour ago and I am now 153.2 lbs. This is the most I have ever weighed. I will try to gain an extra 2 or 3 more pounds before surgery. Need all the fat that I can get to get a big trunk lol.. My hubby does not have his US visa still so I might be traveling alone which isn't fun but I am a big girl and I can do this by myself. Once I speak to Lucy tomorrow I will let you all know my sx date and perhaps I can have a friend to meet up with who is also having surgery with Dr.Cortes right around the same time as myself.

I really need some advice on this. I am thinking of buying a hand held massager on Ebay. Can someone tell me their experience with using one. Do you think its beneficial using such a massager after a bbl? Hope to get some feedback from you girls. I also posted a pic of this massager.

Got My SX Date This Morning!!!!

Hi Dolls, Well I finally got my SX date. I spoke with Lucy this morning and she told me I can have my surgery December 3rd. My pre-op will be December 2nd. I guess I will fly in on December 1st most probably. The thing that sucks the most is that my birthday is December 6th.... I will be recovering from my SX on my birthday. I rather get my surgery done and over with right now then to have to wait until February. I am so excited and nervous all at once. I am so happy that Lucy worked it all out for me :-)
I am leaving in about 2 weeks for Houston!!

Can Anyone Refer Me To A Nurse In Houston!!

Oh Dang!! I most likely might need a nurse to care for me after my bbl with Dr.Cortes. I am not 100% if my hubby can come with me to Houston. Now I need to find myself a great caring nurse for the first few days after my surgery. Can someone please refer me to a good nurse. I don't want to do this alone. I am more then certain that I will need help for a few days. Thanks Dolls.

Can't Find Any Clothes For after SX

Well I am counting down the days to my sx. I have 17 days left till I get my beautiful phat booty. I know Dr.Cortes will do an awesome job on me. I have not seen any bad reviews on this doctor. I am so happy that I changed my mind from going to Jimmerson because I have read quite a few bad reviews on this Dr. Some of the girls he has worked on look great but the other half I don't see such amazing work on them. Dr.Cortes seems like he loves what he does and it truly shows in the women he has done surgery on.

I am having a hard time finding maxi dresses. I searched on Ebay today but i am not finding any that I like. I will do a quick search on Amazon tonight. I also need to buy myself a loose pair of sweat pants. I will try the stores in my area tomorrow and see if I can find anything. Being that I am in Canada the damn cold is finally here. Only winter clothes are on racks in the stores so I doubt my ass will find any maxi dresses. I am very limited to what I want to buy. I did buy a few pairs of sexy undies for after my bbl and slippers too. I hope I can find something tonight on Amazon.

Found A Cute Maxi Dress

Hey Y'all, I been searching ever since last night for maxi dresses and loose tops but I am very picky when it comes to clothes. I didn't like anything on Amazon so I then went on Ebay and ordered myself a cute leopard maxi dress. I was trying to find one with buttons in the front but I didn't find any. I don't have much time left because I need to receive my clothes before November 30th. I still need to shop for a sweatsuit and some casual tops to wear with my maxi skirts that I already bought. I will go shopping this week coming and hopefully I will find what I am looking for. I presume I should also but some pillows. I am sure I will need extra ones for when I am in my hotel room.

I am Counting Down The Days.......

Well I am counting down the days till my surgery day. I remember when I was counting the months and weeks.. Now I am only counting a few days. I got all the info regarding my sx this morning in my email. Lucy sent me the exact time I will be having surgery on Dec.3rd. I was curious if Dr.Cortes does only 1 surgery during that day or he does others as well. I am only asking because I am just curious. I wish I knew what size of implants I will be getting. I heard if your skin is tight its harder to fit bigger implants in your butt. hard to say if my skin is tight or not...all I know is I did gain the weight that was needed so hopefully I can get bigger size butt implants. I want a drastic change not a subtle one. I have always admired women with sexy phat booties.

My bags are all packed and I am all ready to go. Just need a few more items which I buy this weekend. I am still not sure if I will be traveling alone or not.

I Need Help Regarding The Boppy Pillow ...... Need Advice

Hey Dolls, I am a lil confused :-( Some ladies say to use a boppy pillow after sx but then some swear by it that its not such a great idea and tell me I should use a cigar shape type of pillow and some just use a yoga mat rolled up. Can someone please tell me which one is the best to buy. I still haven't bought any type of pillow other then a yoga roll. Please someone tell me what worked the best for you after your sx.

Just Booked My Flight

I just booked my flight today and it has cost me soooo much money. If you all remember in October i was suppose to have surgery with Cortes but I had to cancel it. My plane ticket was also canceled and they told me the next time I book my flight with that ticket they will charge me an extra $200.00 cancellation fee. I also had to pay for the flight difference, meaning my ticket in October was way cheaper then today. I had to pay an extra $336.00 for my plane ticket for this Sunday so in all I had to pay an extra $536.00 to get to Houston. This is crazy! I have to now budget myself when I'm in Houston. I can't afford to buy too many things. I think shopping is off my list too LOL. I will just pay for the necessities. My food, cabs and my caregiver and that's it. What a damn day ...

My surgery is Tuesday December 3rd at 12:30pm. I just spoke to Lucy about my sx. I have bought everything I need for my trip except for protein powder. I might look into that this week or buy some when I am in Houston. I am not sure if the malls are far from my hotel, I will have to look into it. I am thinking of doing a collage with a few pics on it to show Dr.Cortes the type of hips and butt I want. I rather he gives me more booty then not enough booty LOL..My husband has no idea what type of booty I am going for, I want to surprise him. he knows I love big butts but he still has no idea what I want. I am happy that he is supporting me in all of this. He is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

Bromelain To Reduce Inflammation

Hi Ladies! I wanted to share some important info with you gals which I discovered a few months ago. Have any of you heard of these herbal pills called "Bromelain"? Bromelain is an enzyme found in pineapple juice and in the pineapple stem. People use it for medicine. Bromelain is used for reducing swelling (inflammation). As a supplement it is thought to have anti-inflammatory effects as well. I will be taking this herbal medicine right after my surgery. I will also drink pure pineapple juice a bit during the day as well to help inflammation. You can buy these herbal pills at any health stores. Most of these stores carry Bromelain and it is not expensive to buy.

A Great Caregiver In Houston

Hey Dolls, I wanted to let you all know that I found myself a great caregiver. She is a very friendly lady who loves to help women who are alone after surgery. She is in the Houston area and she can be of help to you in many different ways. For ex: pick you up at the airport and bring you to your hotel, drive you to all your doctor appointments, bring you to the stores, pick you up at the hospital after your surgery etc......
She can stay with you for 24 hours if you need her or she can stay with you for a few hours and for as long as you need her services. She is very reasonably priced as well. If any ladies are in need of an amazing caregiver in the Houston area please feel free to message me or you can also message my wonderful friend that I have met on RS called Candychick07. I found this caregiver through Candychick so I will let you all know next week how it goes. I have made a few friends on RS and I am so greatful for this wonderful website. If it wasn't for this site I swear I would be lost LOL....

The Day Is Approaching Real Fast!!

I want to thank all you ladies for your help and positive feedback. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart girls. I also want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!! I also received my leopard maxi dress today that I had ordered on Ebay last week. I love it so much. It fits nice and the material is awesome, its not see through at all. I think I pretty much bought everything I need for my trip. I have my bags almost packed and I am ready to get this surgery done. I am not that nervous anymore, I'm just feeling very excited. I have been waiting a few years for this surgery and now its finally happening yayyyyyyyyy :-)

I Am Flying Out Tomorrow Dolls!!

OMG my time is almost here !!! I feel like its all a dream lol…. When I reach Texas I will know its not a dream anymore, this is for real. I am ready like you wouldn't believe. I am anxious for Tuesday. I am also very excited to the meet the man in person tomorrow. I have a few wish pics that I printed on a paper to show him what type of butt I am looking for. I don't want just the average type of booty, I want something that is shocking. I must have a big ole booty, its a MUST!

I am flying out very early tomorrow morning. It is not a straight flight either which i detest. I have to switch over in Charlotte. I will definitely update my journey as soon as I get to my hotel in Houston tomorrow. I might post up some pics of the way I look now but I am not sure yet because I feel like a big fat whale :-( I definitely don't feel sexy so I am looking forward to get all of this fat out of my body ASAP. My suitcases are finally all packed and I am waiting for tomorrow to finally come. I wasn't so sure as to what to pack though for my trip because a few girls keep telling me how cold it is out there…. The weather in Houston for me sounds damn amazing!!! You guys have no idea what cold is lol… Come up to Canada and find out, you will die over here.. Its freezing cold with tons of snow. I can't bare to stand outside in this cold for more then 5 minutes, I feel the cold go right through me. Anyhow dolls I will write more tomorrow….. Until then.

I Made It To Houston Girls!!

Hi Dolls, I made it safe. I was so exhausted yesterday from my flight to Houston. My entire flight took over 4 hours and plus it wasn't a straight flight which sucked! As soon as I stepped foot in my hotel room I ordered food and then went straight for my bed and slept all night until 9am this morning. I love my hotel room, its pretty spacious and quiet too which I like. I am off to see Dr.Cortes this morning for my pre-op and then the hospital for my blood tests. I will write more when I get back to my hotel this afternoon.

My Pre Op Today

Ok Dolls here it goes… I have been running around the entire day starting from 11am. I had my appointment today at Dr.Cortes at 12:30pm. His office was very quiet, there was only 1 other lady in the office with me. I waited no more then 15 minutes to see the dr. Dr.Cortes is one of the most kind doctors I have ever met, truly he is. He explained the surgery to me step by step and took a few pics of my body and then asked me how big of a butt do I want. I told him I want it big he told me the biggest butt implant he has in his office is a 500 cc implant. He told me I can handle this type of implant so I said sure let's go for it!! After his appointment I went straight to the hospital to do blood tests and pay the hospital fees for my surgery tomorrow. I was at the hospital for about 2 hours or a bit longer. I didn't think it was going to take so longggg but it did. I want to thank my great caregiver for all her support and patience. She is a great woman and she has been driving me around town and I appreciate her patience very much. She was unable to drive me to Dr.Cortes appointment today so I had to take a cab there, do you know how much this cab cost me?! $120.00!!!!! My Conroe hotel is so damn far from his Houston office. it took about 45 minutes to get there. My caregiver picked me up from his office to bring me to the hospital though, thank god. I went to Walmart after my appointments and bought myself tons of soup, crackers, protein drinks which are already made and in bottles, pineapple juice, sparkling flavoured water… I love this flavour.. its pineapple and coconut mmmmm, protein bars, microwaveable healthy meals and greek yogurt. I have to be at the hospital tomorrow morning for 10:30am. I will try to write to you guys before my sx tomorrow. I am very excited and I am not so nervous as much as before. I have faith in Dr.Cortes and know I am in very good hands.

I am a bit tired so i will try not to go to bed too late tonight as I need my strength for surgery. Ohhhh before I forget I want to tell you all that Mariel is very sweet and her body is amazing too. Dr.Cortes gave her a beautiful hour glass shape. I also want to say that Lucy is super sweet as well. He has a great team of ladies working for him. I will write more tomorrow morning before I leave.

Surgery Day Today Dolls!!!

Ok girls the day has finally come to an end, its surgery day :-)
I want you all to know I am SUPER excited but I am starting to get a bit nervous. I probably shouldn't be but I always get this way the day of surgery, I guess everyone is like that. I want you all to know that I truly appreciate you girls supporting me and helping me out. I do not know what I would do without this website…. I am so happy to have made a few friends and girls who are doing the same type of sx as I am :-) Well I have another 25 minutes before I leave my hotel for the hospital. Wish me luck and I will try to post something at some point later today. Talk to you soon ……….

First Day After My Surgery With Cortes

I Made It Dolls? I Am So Happy!
Im tired, weak and in pain. They can only give narcotics every 6 hours. I just had it 2 hrs ago but still in some pain. Dr.Cortes was suppose to do sx on me for 4 hrs but it turned out to be 6 hrs..not sure y. I will ask him tomorrow when I see him. Cant see my booty but hopefully tomorrow I will. Im tired now so I will write more tomorrow. Thank u dolls for all your support xx

A Few Added Pics For You.

My recovery is coming along really slowly. I don't know why my right butt cheek is hurting more then the left, why is that? I also started my period yesterday, this is another added stress. Hard to do all this on my own but I'm trying to manage it. The hardest thing is to go in and out of the bed. The bed at my hotel is too high for me to get into so i have to sleep on a pull out sofa since this bed is lower. I am in so much pain that the pain killers weren't helping me so the doctor prescribed me a different type to take. I am not hungry in the least but i try eat small little meals. I will take some pics later to show u guys what i look like. I have 2 pics that dr cortes took of me at the hospital.

Trying To Recover

I havent keep you girls posted in a few days regarding my sx. I am healing very slowly. I am losing somw water weight but im sure I will look better in a few more weeks. Im still swollen and my feet are swollen too. My vagina got so huge, puffy and slightly purple. My lefy hand is always cold and finger tips tingle. Any of you experience this? Im still walking like a penguin. I hope im good to go back home on Sunday. I just started coughing last night. Hope im not getting a cold. I am already loving my results. Dr.Cortes is one amazing surgeon. He gave me exactly what I wanted to look like.

Feeling A Better Today Yayyyyyyy!!!!

Hi Dolls, It has been really tough for me ever since my surgery on December 3rd. My sx lasted 6 hours or a tad more. After surgery i did feel some pain but it wasn't that bad the first day. For me it seemed to get worse the 2nd day and the next consecutive days. I had so much pain in my right butt cheek which was highly unbearable. There were days that i just wanted cry and hoping that this annoying would simply go away but it never did. I saw Dr.Cortes a few days after my sx and he sad it was normal so we left it alone. I figured it was maybe normal to feel more pain on 1 butt cheek then the other. I had no sign of infection so then my next question was maybe its a sciatic nerve. The Dr prescribed me some muscle relaxant to see if it would fix my issue and i took this for a few days but it didn't do much. I then called Dr.Cortes last Thursday evening and told him this pain is too much too handle. I told him to please help me and tell me why I am feeling like this. He told me it might be that i have fluid build up around my implant and this could cause a lot of pain. He prescribed me some type of steroid to take for 6 days which will help me and also told me i might lose some of the fat he injected on my hips and else where. I was kind of depressed to hear that but I rather be cured and not live in this pain then to lose some fat. If i tend to lose too much fat I will have to see Dr.Cortes in a few more months to inject some fat on my hips or butt. Maybe in the end i will not lose too much fat and everything will be ok, this is what i am hoping for.

Now today is my 2nd day of taking this steroid and I am feeling much better then all the other days. I am waiting to see the Dr today at my hotel and I am excited to tell him that he found a cure for me. I was getting worried the entire week cause i thought he would have to take out my implants. That was the last resort if this medication i'm on didn't work. I want to tell you girls that are going for surgery with Dr.Cortes that he is a great doctor and a very compassionate one as well. He seriously cares about his patients and tries to help every which way he can. If i need to see a cosmetic surgeon for any other surgeries that i may want he will be the only dr i will come to see. I am glad i chose him as my doctor and not choose Jimmerson. Too many bad reviews about this Jimmerson dr.

I took more pics for you girls this morning. I can't take pics as of yet in the nude because I will not be able to put on my garment if i take it off. I will add more pics once I am home. I am going home tomorrow and I can't wait. I can't afford to stay here any more then i should. I didn't even get to see much of Houston, i was always in my hotel room but when i do come back to see Dr.Cortes next year i will definitely rent a car and not come alone either. I will write more after i see Dr.Cortes today and let you know what he tells me.

My Flight Back Home

I apologize for not writing for a while. I was having a very difficult time after my surgery. I came back home last Sunday evening. I ciuld honestly say I had the most painful flight I've ever had. I didn't have a straight flight so I had to switch planes in Philly. I also had to take a bus in Philly to get to my gate to catch my flight. I had to wait 2 hours before my plane came...I stood up the entire time waiting. I was in a wheelchair the entire time trying to get home. Sitting was painful even though im sitting on that special pillow. When I got home I cried cause I didnt think I was going to make it but I did. I was very happy to see my husband. I was excited to show him my body since he didnt see it after sx. He did see me on Facetime from ny hotel in Houston. We did Facetime every single night and slept with it being on so we could see each other sleep. My hubby panicked and almost cried when he saw me naked. I am badly bruised all over my legs. I told him it looks worse then it really is. My pain ismmostly on my butt. A lot of places on my body is numb still. I also get naucious when im out of ny garment. I can't be out of it for very long. I feel like its my security blanket. When I left Texas I was in a XL garment but today I started to wear a size L. I just ordered another size L from Dr.Cortes yesterday but I think I will order a size Medium tomorrow. I'm still in some pain. Im not in so much pain as last week. I do need help to get in and out of bed among other things. greatful that my hubby is home to help me through this rough time.

I must say Dr.Cortes has given me my dream body. I am in love with my results. I need to post some pics this week to show you. I have a crazy hour glass figure...I have a bubble butt with beautiful hips. Dr Cortes is very talented and I know he enjoys his work. I was in surgery for 6 hours and he gave me what I wanted. This is a birthday and Christmas present to myself this year.

A Few Pics And A Few Updates

I added a few pics which I just took now. I wanted to show u how small my waist is compared to my hips. Im wearing a size small squeem over my garment. Its my first time wearing it today. My waist is 26 inches at the moment but im positive after wearing this squeem for a few weeks my waist should be a 25 or 24 inch :-)
My waist before surgery was 31 inches. Im ecstatic with the results ive been given. Dr.Cortes has made me a very happy woman. I will add pics hopefully tonight after ive taken my shower. I still have bruises and some marker writing on my body from Dr.Cortes. My butt is too sensitive now to rub off the ink. I will wait a few more days to try and remove it.

I am still very tired and weak. Since I cant go downstairs in my house im stuck on the 3rd floor where my bedroom is. I can only walk up here. Hope I can walk down the stairs soon. All I do all day is watch netflix or watch movies online. My youngest daughter is visiting me and im very happy about that :-)

Here Are My Pics

My husband took a few pics of me tonight. As you all can see I have a great figure now but I am also very swollen. I can't wait for all this swelling to subside. Let me know what you think dolls…. xx

My Swollen Knees Are Getting Better

Hi Dolls, I want to give you some updates on my progress. My knees have been very swollen since my surgery and since last night they have gone down quite a lot. My husband cut out the feet from the stockings that the hospital put on you after your surgery. Now that he cut out the foot from my stocking he swelling has gone way down because the stockings now go from my ankle to above my knees, it looks like i'm wearing thigh stockings. For anyone who is having issues with swollen knees please do what I just mentioned and you will see a huge difference. Let me know how this works for you.

My damn legs are so stiff still and its hard to go up stairs in my house. I will practice by going up a few today. Has this happened to anyone else after their surgery? I can't bring my legs up too high so this is why its difficult to go up the steps. Also at night when i'm sleeping my legs just start twitching and jumping for no apparent reason and it wakes me up. I guess its the nerves in my legs caused by the lipo. I did do lipo in my inner thighs but I told him not to do too much because i don't want skinny looking legs. He tried to lipo my arms but he said i don't have much fat on them, my arms used to be very muscular so that's probably why.

OMG My Body Is So Very Itchy!!!!!!

Hey Dolls, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas yesterday. I actually stayed home with my hubby and son. I am still healing and miserable. I feel like the Grinch this year LOL. I was in total agony last night! I was so itchy and it lasted for hours. I fell asleep at 2am and woke up at 5am. My body was itchy as hell!!! I took 2 benadryl pills but it didn't work. so I thought maybe its my garment so I took it off and washed my entire body and put benadryl cream all over me. I left my garment off for 90 minutes and I tried to go back to sleep for an hour or so, unfortunately it didn't even work. I was in total agony! I then put calamine lotion and it still did nothing so I then tried cortisone cream and that did not work either. OMG i was going crazy, I felt like crying. I then layer back down around 12:30pm and fell asleep until 4pm. Its still itchy and there's not much I can do about it. Dr.Cortes office said this will last about another week. This is driving me crazy. I cannot sleep feeling this itchiness. Has this happened to you after your surgery? I need some tips on what to do.

A Few Updates For You Dolls

I slept well last night. I finally bought the liquid benadryl yesterday so i took it before bedtime and it seemed to work way more then the pill form benadryl. I was so happy that i got to sleep most of the night. I also put lots of benadryl anti-itch cream on my body. I will say it took about 80% of the itchiness away so that's pretty good. I pray that its gone by next week, its an awful feeling having this crap. I don't wish this even on my worst enemy.

I also wanted to ask you girls if you watch exactly what you put in your mouth since after your bbl. I doubt dieting is the way to go or else we will lose our fat that was put in our butts and hips. I am so used to eating low fat and low carbs for 16 years so this is a new transition for me. My husband tells me everyday to not live my life like i used to before. I used to weigh my food and know what i would be eating for the entire week and calculate my calories for every meal. I am not doing that anymore but i just want to know how you guys eat now after your sx. I remember Dr.Cortes telling me at my hotel 2 weeks ago saying i need to eat to not lose my hips and butt. In a day i try to eat 3 good meals and 1 snack. I do like dark chocolate and it is healthy for you since it has antioxidants so i eat 1 square a day which isn't much. I don't eat too many sweets since my sx, i might have 1 junk food day only once a week. When i do crave something i always get a handful of unsalted nuts, my favourite is cashews.

I am looking forward to working out again. I will not be doing any cardio, i will b focusing on doing light weights for my upper body and heavy weights for my lower body. I am afraid of losing fat on my butt and hips so i don't want to over do it with weights. I hope i can start training sometime in February. I should be good by then.

My bruises are slowly going away which is great. My legs are still swollen and numb in some places. I will post some new pics for you guys either tonight or tomorrow. I want to take some pics in some sexy underwear. I have no idea what i even look like in them since i haven't worn anything else but my garment in the house. I have not gone outside since I am back home but i will try to walk at the mall perhaps in 2 weeks when my daughter comes over to visit me.

Here Are MY new UPDATED pics. Let Me Know What You Think.

I promised you dolls some more updated pics of my progress. I am still swollen very much and slightly bruised and still a bit of stiff. Its very hard for me to get in and out of bed still so since I came back home 2 weeks ago my hubby removed the box spring from my bed and now i only have the matters on my bed frame so its much easier for me. I took some pics 2 days ago and i forgot to post them on RS so here they are I know in a few months from now i all be looking way better.

Typo Mistake

Dolls i meant mattress not matters LOL

need Some Info On Lymphatic Massages

Well I am getting fed up with my swollen legs and knees. Its hard to walk up a flight of stairs since they are big. I had my hubby massaging me since I'm 2 weeks post-op but I decided that I might need hands of a professional to help me. I made an appointment with a certified massage therapist who specialises in Lymphatic Drainage Massage. My appointment is tomorrow at 2pm. I was wondering how do you get massaged on the front part of your body? I know our butts can't touch the table so how do y'all do it? Do they also massage your legs too? I just need to figure this all out befire my appointment because I doubt he has massaged any females with the type of surgery I just had. How often do you go for these massages...Is it once a week or more then that?

My Massage Update

I went for my lymphatic massage last Saturday and it felt so good. He only massaged my legs because I was telling him how swollen they are and also they are causing me pain. He massaged them for about 45 minutes. He actually is a certified massage therapist and he also teaches 16 different types of massages to individuals. He really knows what he's doing. I decided to buy a package of 6 massages with him. My next session is tomorrow at 1pm and also this Saturday at 2pm. I am thinking of going 2 times a week if I'm not in too much pain from the massages.

I must say im feeling alot better now. Its a slow process but I am definitely doing wayyyyy better then a few weeks ago. Today I am 5 weeks post op. I am eating more on the healthier side and not eating much junk food or complex carbs. I am not a bodybuilder anymore but I still think like one. I calculate in my head how much calories im eating and I always try to eat a low fat protein with veggies and maybe some nuts on the side. I try not to eat much bread so I have 1 slice only in the morning with my eggs and pineapple. I do eat 1 junk food only 2 times a week. I dont want to lose my tiny waist and my nice butt so im watching whats going in my mouth. I will start back my training in March. I miss the gym. I have my own gym in my basement and I used to train people as well. Im getting back into being a personal trainer once my body is 100% pain free and swollen free. I am still swollen in the legs and especially my knees and back too. I will add pics tomorrow to show u my progress.

New Pics !!

Well I went for my 2nd lymphatic massage this afternoon. It felt really good getting massaged at all my swelling sites. I am definitely seeing some good results from it. My 3rd session is Saturday at 2pm. After my massage is finished I feel so tired and very sleepy. I fell asleep in the back seat if my car wheb my husband was driving us back home. I even took a 3 hour nap once I got home. This type if massage is very relaxing and knocks me completely out. I took some pics tonight just to show you dolls in how I look at the moment. I still have swelling on my back which you will see in one of my pics. The swelling around my waist has improved and my legs I think will take more time to heal.

I will add more pics tomorrow.

My Squeem Pics

I just took a few pics wearing my garment and my squeem over it. For those of you that also wear a squeem let me know if it also crumbles up at the waist. Its annoying me! Let me know please.

Lipo Foam & Massages etc…...

Hey Girls, I was looking online for lipo foam all last week and found some on Amazon and also Contour MD but the shipping is so expensive to ship to Canada. First of all Amazon does not ship to Canada and the other site was charging me $54.00 for shipping. The lipo foam is only $7.50 for each sheet which is 8 x 11. I wanted to buy 4 sheets, the shipping is way more then the product. I don't know why its so expensive. I actually decided to not get any at all, I don't think i need it as much as i thought. The massages are helping me a little and I am also drinking arnica tea once a day for the swelling. Arnica tea is great but you can't drink too much of it and also not for long periods of time either. I will take it for 2 weeks straight then i will stop using it. I found this tea in a latino grocery store. It was only $2.50 for a small bag.

Has this happened to anyone…. whenever i get massaged on a certain spot on my body that spot that was massaged itches like CRAZY the entire night and i cannot sleep at all. I was up all night and went to bed around 7am. I even put benadryl ant-itch cream but that doesn't work, liquid benadryl don't even work for this. It is such a pain in the ass! I love getting massages but they leave me itchy that same evening and i can't sleep. I am 6 weeks post op today and i can't wait to get to 3 months post-op so i can sit on my new booty.

My 6 Week Post-Op Stats

Hey Dolls....A few ladies have asked me about my stats at the moment. Here they are;

Bust: 36DD
Waist: 26
Hips: 52

I pray that I don't lose too much inches in my booty. I am 6 weeks post-op today. My waist fluctuates between 25 - 26 inches. I guess it could be the swelling or sodium retention. I will definitely add some pics tomorrow or Thursday.

Typo Mistake

LOL Typo Mistake - I meant on my booty not in my booty.

Booty Pics

I took some pics just now to show u dolls my booty. My booty booty measures 44". It has lost some size due to swelling. I feel like it needs more fat on it. Can you dolls give me some feedback. I will ask my hubby to take pics of me tonight in a dress or clothing.

More Pics

More pics to show you. Here im wearing a size small squeem with lipo foan underneath. My squeem isnt as tight as ut used to be. I just ordered a new waist cincher in a extra small size. It looks like the top part of my garment except it stops at the waist. They call it a vest corset and its made with rubber. I will wear this from now on once I receive it next week. I ordered it from
I cannot wear the garment which I got from Dr.Cortes because its making ny right butt cheek swell up. I called Deanna this week and she said I dont need the garment right now and to wear a corset instead. I have 3 beautiful waist training corsets but when I tried it in the back of the corset was digging in my butt so I decided to buy this great rubber corset from Amazon for about $70.00.

My New Waist Cincher

Bought this one from Anazon

Update With My Garment & More Pics

Hey Cortes Dolls, I am having some issues wearing my garment from Dr.Cortes's office. I decided to check on Ebay for different garments and I came across this type of garment, its a thermal bottom lifting panty. I will wear this with the new waist cincher that i bought this week on Amazon. I added a pic of the shorts that i just bought last night. I will let you know how that turns out for me.

I did get a few msgs yesterday from a few of you saying my booty looks nice which it does …but…I am not totally happy with my results. If you look at my pics from a month ago until now you will see a huge difference. I know i was swollen then and now I am swollen a lil bit still but not much. Mainly swollen in my inner thighs and lower back. I know i got to wait another 4 months before I see the end result. Maybe most of the fat that was injected in my booty didn't survive, I am not sure. I really wanted a hugeeeee ass but that's not what i have right now. I am not saying its not a nice booty, it is a nice cute one… but i was expecting more projection with a 500cc butt implant.

Updates On My Booty

Hey Cortes Dolls,

Want to clarify myself a bit better regarding my booty. I do love my results and my new butt. I think Dr.Cortes is an excellent surgeon and i think very highly of him. I really do think he is one of the best surgeons out there when it comes to bbl and butt implants. I am happy that i went to him for my surgery 2 months ago. I will post a few pics now so you can all see that i just might need a few retouches. I do like my butt a lot but i just need more fat injected in it and i might need more fat to be taken out of my lower back so my butt will stick out more. You can see a few rolls in my mid back and I don't know if it is fat or swelling. I would also want my lower back to be lipo'd, just above my implant incisions.

My Black Corset

I took a few pics today to show you what I wear everyday. I usually wear a maxi dress with this tight black corset on. I wear the corset all day and I wear my garment at night. I am still waiting on my faja corset and my bottom lifting panty. I don't know why they call it a panty. .. its looks a lot like iur bottom half of our garments. I will let you all know when I receive it. I will take pics in it too. Well my inner thighs till this day are still a bit numb and a tad swollen. My flanks I think are still swollen and so is my lower back. I must say I do like my booty girls and I adore Dr.Cortes's work. I honestly think I will need a revision in 4 months from now. I might want a bit more fat on my tush and lipo some areas that perhaps still have a bit of fat. I haven't started back at work as yet but I am thinking of going back this Friday or next Monday. I need to save some $$$ for my husband and I to head back to Houston. I was suppose to get my breasts redone this summer but now that will have to wait till next year and concentrate now on perfecting my booty.

I have a bit of cellulite in my legs and I was wondering what is the best remedy for that. Let me know what worked for you.

Great product For Incisions Dolls

I just found a great product for scars and incisions on Amazon. It is called Scaraway Professional Grade Silicone Scar Treatment Sheets. I read some really good reviews on this product. Unfortunately they don't sell it in Canada as yet so I had to buy it either on Amazon or Ebay. I found a great price for it off of Amazon so I decided to purchase it. I will use it for an entire 2 months and let you all know how that works out for me. I am sure it will do wonders for my new incisions from my surgery. They are sheets which you can cut to whatever size you need it for. You can just cut it and put it on all your incisions and they last for 1 week once you put it on. I have been using Kelo Cote gel which wasn't too cheap either but i don't see it working much. I bought it off of Make Me Heal. I also wanted to state that i will no longer be buying from Makemeheal ever again! I bought 2 Ann Cherry garments, one was a size medium and the other a small. Once i received it i opened the size medium and tried to put it on but they are made soooooo damn tiny. I could only get it over my knees and that was it. I took it off and put it back in the plastic bag to resend it back to them along with the size small. I had to pay $25.00 to resend it back to them! Once they received it they tell me they can only refund me for the size small not the medium size garment. They said the one i tried on was dirty and they could not refund me. I decided to call my credit card company to open a dispute with makemeheal. I know they are lying and i want my money back. The sizes they post on their site for their garments can be slightly deceiving. I will from now on buy my garments from Ebay which i did less then 2 weeks ago. I am still waiting on my garment and faja corset.

About My Massage Therapist

A few of you had inbox me asking how often i went for massages and if I am still going. My massage therapist was a male and he was pretty damn amazing with his skills. As you all know, my inner thighs were soooo swelled up and numb ever since surgery but I noticed that since even the first day of getting massaged from him that the swelling was slightly going away and the pain in them was subsiding. I had purchased 6 massage sessions with him that first day and he gave me a slightly cheaper price. He integrated different massage techniques in ever session. He would do lymphatic massage, cupping therapy and acupuncture. I did this 2 times a week for 4 weeks. I stopped seeing him for my massage sessions since 2 weeks now so my husband now massages me every 2 days at night before I go to bed. he might not massage me for a full hour but he does give me a very good massage for about 30 to 40 minutes each time. I do believe in order for the swelling to go down you must get massaged at least twice a week. If you can't afford going to a massage therapist just get your boyfriend or husband to massage you and if that's not an option then ask your mom or sibling. You will definitely see a great improvement within a week or so. It worked for me :-) I am still slightly swollen on my back and my booty is still rock hard. It has not fluffed up as yet.

New Pics Girls

I just took these pics in my bedroom today. Hard to take pics all by yourself but I managed. My husband is a professional photographer so I rather he takes them but he isn't here right now. I decided to do a professional photo shoot this week with my hubby.

Just Received My New Butt Lifting Panty

Well i finally got my thermal bottom lifting panty from Marboston on Ebay. I originally received them last week but they were so damn tiny! It was a size medium but i really needed a size large. I asked them in an email what size would i need for my dimensions and she told me size large. She told me to resend the size medium and she will mail me a size large right away. They were very helpful and get back to you right away when you email them. Here is a few pics of what this panty looks like. Its actually very comfortable and it snugs your butt real well. I am still waiting on my waist cincher vest from Amazon, should be arriving within a week. I am still wearing my corset everyday and ordered a new one from this store on Ebay. The store is located in Brooklyn, NY and i have bought a few waist cinches and corsets from this store in the past. They also custom make corsets for just an extra $10.00, its so cheap. Most of his corsets run between $40.00 and $60.00 which is very inexpensive. These corsets are the real deal! They are the waist training corsets with double boning. If you need the info to purchase it just send me a msg. You will not be disappointed dolls.

My Sexy Photoshoot Pics

I did a photo shoot with my husband last weekend. My hubby is a Professional Boudoir & Wedding Photographer. Here are a couple of pics of the shoot that we did in my bedroom. I will take more pics on Saturday again.

Here is another Pic

Why won't it let me put up more pics?! I will retry again

Started To Train This Week

I wanted y'all to know that i started light weight training at home. I have been weight training for the past 15 years. I was a personal trainer for many years and trained people from my home. I have a full gym in my home so i don't need to go to a gym. Now i am training every 2 days for about 30 to 40 minutes each session. I still can't sit down so I do exercises that i can do standing up or on my knees. I am not training to lose weight, i am doing to feel good about myself. I am not doing any type of cardio right now either. I do a full body workout at each workout. I do 1 exercise per body part. I also started to do squats with only 15lbs dumbbell. It is called a Sumo Squat and you only need 1 dumbbell for this. I hate gyms so this is why i have been training from home for many years. I know doing squats will enhance my butt even more.

Sculptor Body Massager

I was online late last night and discovered this unique item by fluke on Youtube. I then googled it to read some reviews about it and people talk very highly about this great item called the "Sculptor Body Massager". I went to Amazon and read all the reviews these people wrote about it. Here is one of the reviews that I found interesting; "I bought this to use on my abdomen post lipo for break up some of the lumps. I used it on the highest setting with the nubby attachment. I should've started using it at 2mths honestly, if you cant afford lymphmatic massage post lipo I suggest this."

Product Description
Helps slim, shape and relax the body, lightweight and convenient to use; portable design; single control button with adjustable massage settings; breaks down unwanted fat and helps burn calories; provides benefits of workout without the exercise.

Well I decided to purchase this great portable massager. I can't wait to try it out and see some great results from it. I will let you dolls know how well it works once I receive it. I am more then positive this gadget will do amazing things on my body.

Hey I Received My Waist Cincher Today Dolls!

Girls I was sooo excited today because i received my waist cincher from that Ebay store i told you all about. I went to the courier company today to pick it up. They told me yesterday that they came by at my house to drop t off but I wasn't home. I was ticked off about that cause I was home all day yesterday. I doubt they even rang my bell to give me my parcel…anyhow I got it today and took some pics as well to show you how it looks. I am going to order another one tomorrow in a satin type of material because this one i received today is in a red PVC which is nice but i don't want to wear this every single day. I will switch it up so i can wear both during the week. This is how i usually run it… I put my waist cincher and my lifting butt panty on between 10am and 11am and wear this all day until 1am. Once its time for bed i take it off and sleep with nothing on but a t-shirt. I know wearing this waist cincher has given me some type of good results. I did not like wearing the squeem because it would not fit properly and it would roll up on the sides and in the back, it would never fit me well when i had it on so i dumped it. This waist cincher is the best thing to pull in your waist and flatten your back and sides. I got to tell you, I am feeling very good since last week. I am up and working out 4 days a week and I am trying to eat as clean as possible, but i do get some cravings now and then which is ok.

I still have not sat on my ass as yet. I am 3 months post op today dolls. I will try and sit on my husband's birthday which is coming up on March 18. I am still laying on my back and will do so until then as well.

A Few More Pics

Here is a few pics of the waist cincher which was custom sized for me.

A Few Pics On My Figure

I decided to snap a few pics for you girls. I like the body that Dr.Cortes gave me, I am not swollen anymore. Everything seemed like it settled and looking good. My concern when i look in the mirror is a bit of fat that is situated on the lower part of my tummy, my waist is still the same and i would like it a bit smaller, my back still has some fat on it…I can see fat rolls when i look in the mirror, I hate it. I wish I can fix it right now but I got 3 more months to wait… :-(

Another Pic

My husband took this pic of me today. I bought some nice Calvin Klein pants a few weeks ago and wore them for the first time today. He said my butt looks good in them.

I Received My New Vedette & Waist Training With A Corset

Hey Cortes Dolls,

I am doing ok and I wanted to let you all know that I purchased this amazing pushup panty from Marboston on Ebay. I bought a black panty and it fits great. It is a Vedette 910 and I paid about $55.00 for it and I might buy another one in a different colour. I am also buying another waist cincher from my favourite store on Ebay tomorrow. I am thinking of a black silk one this time. I wear my waist cincher between 10 to 12 hours a day. I cannot sleep with it because it is not too comfortable to sleep with. I have done lots of research on corset waist training on Youtube these past few weeks so I am quite dedicated to wearing my corset 6 or 7 days a week so I can get a smaller waist. My waist is still 27 inches right now but I want it down to a 24 inch.

My Revision In July

I haven't updated in quite a while so here it goes. I am having my revision done on July 10th with the amazing Dr.Wilberto Cortes. I want to fix a few flaws that I have. I really need my entire back lipo'd, bra roll, my stomach and waist. I also have an indent on my right outer thigh which bothers me. I have a lot of cellulite on both of my outer thighs which i will ask if he can lipo it to remove the cellulite. I never had cellulite in my life until I had to gain weight for my first BBL and butt implants. I do love my butt that Dr.Cortes gave me. I am so happy that I chose him to do my surgery.

I spoke with Lucy this week and she is so sweet. Actually all the staff is very nice and caring. I gave my deposit for my next surgery today and my surgery date is on July 10th. I just don't know at what time as yet but Lucy will be emailing me all the info as soon as she can. By fluke my surgery date is the same as Ladyb2011. I have wanted to meet her for the longest time so I can't wait to meet her the day before our surgery. She is such a sweetheart and a very kind and helpful person. She had helped me out quite a lot before and after my 1st surgery last December. Without her I swear I would of been clueless and lost. Now this time around it will be way easier for me since I have done it before and i know what to expect after my surgery. My husband will be coming with this time, the first time he couldn't come. I just booked myself in a hotel very close to the hospital. I can walk to the hospital the day of my surgery. I stayed in Conroe on my first surgery and the cab ride each way is $120.00!! I am playing it really smart this time and i will be saving a lot of money by staying in Houston. I have been getting a few private msgs from a few of you asking me to post some new pics. I will be taking some tomorrow and I will add them then. am super excited all over again for my round 2. I am counting down the weeks now.

Suggestions On Gaining Weight?

Hey Cortes Dolls, I just created a new BBL Part 2 page. I rather start off with a new page for my upcoming surgery with Dr.Cortes. I just added some wish pics that I love and want to look similar too if i can. I got an email from Lucy this morning telling me that Dr.Cortes saw all these wish pics and that he can give me what I want but i need to gain at least 10lbs. Damn!! I hope i can do it by July. Does anyone know how to gain weight without eating too much junk food? My pancreas flares up if i eat tons of greasy fried foods so i try to not make a habit of eating like that too much. Any suggestions dolls?

Here Are Some New Pics Of My Body

Well first of all I want to say Happy Mother's day to to all the moms on RS. I am spending my Mother's Day at home just relaxing. I did take a few pics today to show you girls what I look like at the moment. I can say that I do love my booty but I detest the fat all over my back, it's annoying me!!! My waist has gotten a bit bigger due to me trying to gain some weight. I have no idea what I weigh right now but i will weigh myself tonight to find out. I need some advice dolls, do you think that fat all over my back will disappear after Dr.Cortes lipo's the crap out of it? I want aggressive lipo on my back, flanks and tummy. I want to add more fat to the top part of my butt cheeks so it looks exactly like my wish pic. I am not sure how much more weight i should gain. I will continue eating the way i am and try to gain another 10 lbs.

Oooops Here Are More Pics.

Here are more pics.

This is the type of booty and waist that I want.

Here are some pics I want to show Dr.Cortes at my pre-op. I want this waist to hip ratio like in these 2 pics and I want my backside to look like that girl in white. I want a sexy ass bubble butt to parade in lol. I want to be flawless girls. I think Dr.Cortes can make it happen, that's how good he truly is. I have so much faith in this doctor. Most girls don't want a fake ass looking big butt but guess what, I do! LOL. I want it round and stuck back and more of a voluptuous butt if that is possible for me to have. I definitely want to look like a Jessica Rabbit look alike. My husband wants this more then I do hehe…we are both excited about my upcoming surgery. To be honest, I am not in the least bit nervous. I am more edited to have this type of look that i want so badly. What y'all think?

Typo Error

I meant I am more excited to have this type of look.

9 More days Before I leave For Houston

Can you believe i have 9 more days to go? I am nervous all over again. I am praying that everything goes super well for my revision and that i get my desired results. I don't want to be set back for disappointment. I am hoping by adding some fat to my upper butt cheeks i will get that bubble butt I have been wanting this entire time. Don't get me wrong, Dr.Cortes gave me a great butt shape but I am not looking for an upside down shaped booty, I was a round sexy bubble butt. I need some fat injected in my hips as well because they look squarish now, they are not shaped in a round fashion, it bothers me a lot. I am fed up of eating and gaining weight. I am glad its almost all over. Tired of seeing these damn rolls on my back, grrrrr want them all gone. I want a fatless back and no fat under my armpits and bra roll. 1 more week of work then I am off.

A Few More Updates…..

I finally paid my entire surgery today. I guess its finally kicking in now that I am really doing surgery next week. I am trying to organize myself all this week and pay all my bills too so I have less things to worry when i am away. I can only be off from work for 2 months and no more. Last time i was off from work for almost 4 months, it was horrible.

Can someone tell me if they have had their inner thighs lipo'd and till this day you still have some numb sensations on your legs and knees. I am not sure if i should lipo my inner thighs, I am afraid my situation gets worse. Well I did weigh myself today and I am at 158lbs at 5'1". I have NEVER felt so yucky in my entire life.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Decided to change surgeons so my surgeon will be Dr.Wilberto Cortes. He's the man!

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