7 weeks post op..425 cc Sientra tear drop shape!! Love them!

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5'3" 126 lbs. I have read so many reviews on this...

126 lbs.
I have read so many reviews on this site and am do thankful to all who have posted. I have been embarrassed to post my own before pics..but, I want to help others going through the process as well! More on my story in a bit, but I am having my ba in 3 short days and couldn't be more excited. Going with Sientras, under the muscle, between 350-400 cc's.

More about me..

I am a 39 year old mother of two..Unlike many of the stories I have read on here, I have not always wanted breast augmentation. (Not that there is anything wrong with that).. I had nice perky c cups when I was younger and even d's when pregnant and nursing. This past year I lost some weight and that's when I really started thinking that I should do something about my breasts. I just want them fuller and not so sad looking. My PS did say that I could benefit from a minor lift if I wanted to go that direction. I was adamant that I did not want the lift. I know some women are very happy after a lift, but I don't think my goals require that, so I wasn't willing to cut up my breasts for what, for me, would have been a minor improvement. So, we are going with 350-400 cc, under the muscle. I think it is going to give me the fullness and natural look that I desire. My PS also did not recommend High Profile for me as he said I have a wide chest and the HP's would torpedo out on me. Final size and profile to be determined on surgery day, which is in a few days! Filled all of my prescriptions and have been "nesting" getting the house clean and ready for recovery. I have a very supportive husband who has been helping me prepare every step of the way. I would also like to thank all of the ladies who have already shared their stories! They have been so helpful and I think I have a very good idea of what I'm getting into. Also, my goals with augmentation are improvement, not perfection. I do not expect perfect boobs..they are slightly uneven now..they will be slightly uneven aftwards. They are a bit saggy now, they will be a bit saggy after...just looking for the fuller, sexier chest of my youth to start my 40's with!

Bras recommended by my PS

Do you think I have enough meds? LOL!

Twas the night before surgery...

So, I have showered with my antibacterial soap, put on my anti-nausea ear patch and having some final sips of water before bed. Tomorrow is the big day..I have to be at the surgery center at 6:30, so getting to bed early so I can get my kids ready for school before hand. Thinking positive booby thoughts! This site has given me confidence in knowing what I am heading into with surgery and recovery..thank you ladies! Will post when I can tomorrow!

On the other side..

So far, so good! Just returned from surgery center. In pain, but not so bad if I don't move! My doc called husband in middle of surgery asking if he could go bigger...felt like that would give me the look I wsnted, so went with 425! Can't see them until tomorrow as they are all bundled up. Write more later ;)

In a lot of pain..

Sorry I haven't updated, girls. I guess I'm one of those lucky ones who gets immense pain with this procedure. I've hardly even paid attention to my results yet, as I am trying to just get through the pain. When I lay still and don't move, I am ok, but any movement causes my chest to freeze up and tighten. I really hope today is a turning point for the pain. I definitely have frakenboob and lots of swelling still. Will update more of my story when I'm feeling better..hopefully very soon!!

Don't mean to scare you ladies!!

I just wanted to say that I hope my post about the pain doesn't scare anyone..just wanting to be honest! I am also only taking Tylenol with codeine as I tend to get sick with heavy meds!

Turned the corner!!!

Well, ladies, last night and this morning have been so much better!! Yes, I still have discomfort and tightness, but I feel 10,000 times better than I did on day 2. That was definitely the roughest for me. I only had my bandage off for short time during showers, so don't have pictures yet, but definitely riding high with frankenboob shape. I know from all that I've read, my final results will take time, so I'm not concerning myself with size and shape right now, just recovery ;). Still no bowel movement, so took my second dose of dulcolax this morning. It has been a whirlwind the past few days..lots if pain and I felt like an invalid. For all of you ladies preparing for surgery, please make sure you have someone to help you through the first couple of days and give yourself plenty of time to heal! I hope all of my boobie buddies from last week have turned the corner as well!! xo


Well, here are some frankenboob pictures..I think after they drop and fluff, they will round out the bottom of my breasts nicely!

Forgot to add..

My PS decided during surgery that teardrop shaped implants would give me the extra volume I wanted to round out the lower part of my breasts with a more natural look up top..so I woke up up with anatomical 425's. I trust my PS that this will give me the result I am looking for.

Day 4 post op in surgical bra

Here they are..very hard, high, and swollen still!!

Feeling Good

Way too nervous to tie this suit tight, so when tied, should have more cleavage and lift. But love the look even untied! Feeling better today as well! Still dealing with that "engorged" feeling when I get out of bed and walk around.

Every day gets better!

Hi Ladies!
Well, I have to say that it is amazing how quickly our bodies heal..and how much progress I have made in just a few days. I have gone off the pain meds (had to so that I could have a BM) and am feeling much more like myself. Yes, I feel a constant dull ache on my chest, and I can feel where my incisions are, I get periods of that engorgement feeling, and sometimes shooting nerve pains..but they are all manageable and not more annoying that a mild headache now. It is frustrating that I cannot do all of the things that I would like and still have so many limitations, but I just have to take things day by day and be thankful for the progress! My breasts are still VERY high and VERY hard. I'm expecting the dropping process to be very slow and am prepared that patience will be required in the months to come. I am happy with the way they look so far and feel that when they drop, they will take on the shape and size that I was hoping for! I will post more pics soon! Just want to let all of you ladies that are in the early stages of recovery to know that it will get so much better..in just a matter of days! So hang in there!

My results are changing daily...and I LOVE it!

Comparison pics showing changes that happened in only 5 days! Still have lots of dropping and filling of my lower breasts to go. Loving how they are changing!

1st post op appt!

Well, I had my first post op appt yesterday and all seems to be going well! Doc told me I can ditch the granny surgical bra and wear some more loose fitting, relaxed non-underwire garments! I can also sleep flat on my back or side. My incisions look good and he recovered them in a special tape that promotes healing that I should change every 3 to 4 days. I have textured anatomicals, so massages are a no-no, but he showed me some "push-down" exercises where I push down on the top of my implant to help them get in position. They are still riding pretty high, and left is behind right in dropping. He also said if I felt like it, I could wrap an ace bandage around the top of my implants when I sleep at night to help them work their way down..

I have to say I've been pretty amazed at my results so far. I went in knowing I was borderline for a lift, so I left it up to my PS to give me the best result possible and so far I am very pleased. My doctor still expects the lower portion of my implant to push out the lower part of my breast further to raise my nipple even more..although, I know it will probably never reach the "ideal" position without a lift. But, I can see that my results will most likely exceed my expectations at this point. I didn't go in for perfect breasts, but for fuller, more youthful breasts. I also wanted to emphasize how important it is to have a surgeon that you trust and to let him/her guide you. I was sure that I did not want to go over 400 cc (wanted 350) and that I wanted round implants. When I woke up, I had 425's and they were teardrop shaped anatomicals. But there were very specific reasons why I needed that size and those implants to get the result that I desired. The shape of my breasts, the amount of skin I had, the size of my chest, the size of my hips..so many factors affect how a certain size implant will present on you! So, basically, I'm saying not to get hung up on a number! My breasts do not feel too big for me at all..and I doubt I would have been happy with the 350 implant...

Anyway, what I'm feeling right now about 11 days post op... very little pain, some nipple sensitivity (by the way, I had feeling in my nipples the day I came home from surgery and still do!) I'm having some sort of "sore" skin..that's the best way to describe it..and a "sore" feeling around my incisions. I still get those little boob freeze ups here and there, but they are dwindling more and more each day! I feel very used to my size already and can hardly remember what it felt like to have those empty bags on my chest! Doc also reminded me to take it VERY easy still as I am still in the stage at risk for bleeding/hematoma which would require surgery and starting all over again! Can't imagine having to do that, so I'm fighting my impulse to get up and go and just taking more time to rest and smell the roses (code for netflix, people magazine, and afternoon naps).

P.S. Went shopping for some new shirts today and got myself stuck in a tight fitting long sleeve t-shirt!! I could not get my arms up high enough to get it off..I thought I was going to have to call the attendant in there to help me. I was seriously freaking out that I was going to have to wear the shirt out of the store! So, I'm sticking with the looser fitting clothing until I'm a bit more pliable. :) I'll update with some more pics soon!

12 days post photo ;)

2 week boob-iversary!!!

Well, today is two weeks since my BA. I have to say it feels like 2 months! I have been doing great, and then a few minutes ago, while doing push down exercises on my left breast (which is riding high), I has shooting pains that almost took my breath away!! Anyone else have these? I'm imagining it's nerve pain from my implant dropping lower?? Anyway, I have to admit I'm getting a bit stir crazy not able to go to gym or do my regular routine..but trying to keep my eye on the prize! We are having a cold spell, which doesn't help. The new girls are not appreciating the winter weather! Hope all my boobie sisters are doing well!!

A little scare...

So, things had been going really well at my last update as far as pain...but I was still aware that my left breast was more painful than the right..then a couple of days ago I started noticing more pain at the top of my left breast. I thought I must have just overdone it and tried to rest a bit. Finally, last night, I was actually in tears from the pain. When I took a deep breath, I would feel a sharp pain at the top of my chest that would sort of radiate through my back. I, of course, was thinking the worst, that I had a late hematoma or infection. I called my PS this morning and got in right away..The good news is that he thinks it is nothing serious. He believes it is an inflammation of my ribs or possibly even my lung (pleurisy). He did listen to my lungs and they were clear so he told me to take anti-inflammatories (Aleve or Motrin) on a constant schedule for the next 10 days. After only one dose, I can already feel a huge improvement! So much relief..I think I have been suffering with this pain for quite some time and had just thought that my left breast was being more difficult. Hopefully, in a few days, it will be completely resolved. He said I will probably feel much better in couple of days, but to continue the full course of treatment. Maybe this is the reason that my left has been so reluctant to drop. Let's hope so. :) Anyway, feeling a bit relieved and hope for continued improvement!

Rough Week- ER trip and recovery setback

Well, I haven't updated in the last week..been back on the road to recovery after a scary ER visit! The Aleve that my Dr. gave me for the lung pain that I was having would only work for a short time and then come back with a vengeance..Last Wednesday evening, it was so bad that I just couldn't stop crying and knew that I needed to be checked out again..I called the Dr. on call at my PS office and he sent me to the ER to get an x-ray. When I get there, they first take an EKG and tell me they are checking my blood for "markers" that might suggest a blood clot. Well, my bloodwork came back and that marker was elevated. So, of course, I freak out and my body starts shaking uncontrollably. They have to give me a sedative to calm me down so that they can do an MRI with contrast dye (an IV going through me during the MRI). On top of that, they did x-rays, etc. I got very lucky that I had a very good ER doctor who talked to my PS on the phone to find out exactly how the surgery was performed. She then came in and told me that the MRI results showed NO blood clot. It was such a relief. Such a scary moment when you have young children. Her official diagnosis was Pluerisy, which is an inflammation of the lungs..what my PS initially suspected. She said it is very painful and some people even think they are having a heart attack with it. She suspects that the inflammation was caused by trauma during my surgery. She prescribed me a strong anti-inflammatory and also narcotic pain meds to make me more comfortable..and lots of rest. So, I was back in bed again, back on pain meds, back to no BM's! It was a rough couple of days and I started wondering if I would ever feel normal again. I actually wanted to rip these breasts off of my chests a few times! The good news is that the medication has been effective and I can no longer feel any of the secondary pain caused by the pleurisy. Hopefully, it is cleared up for good.

I will say that I am feeling so much better now and feeling excited again about the future with my new additions. But, right now, I am less focused on how far they are dropping each day, how perfect they are, etc. I just have a much bigger picture perspective on everything...just happy to be healing and feeling better each day. The results will come. They will not be perfect..but they will be better than what I started with and as long as I'm feeling good and healthy, I will be happy.

Although most of the real "pain" is gone, I still have lots of little discomforts.. still have muscle spasms here and there, sore flaky skin, super sensitive nipples, cold sensitivity, tightness in my chest at times and tightness in my back muscles. After all is said and done, though, I am very happy with my results so far and will most likely be a "worth it" vote in the end!


Seemingly overnight, my girls have some projection! It seemed like they were somewhat flat and compressed from the side...they suddenly seem bigger and now have the teardrop shape!

One month old!!

My new boobs are one month old today! I'm still so amazed I was able to get the result I have without a lift..my ps expects that I will see continued improvement with my nipple moving up as the implants drop a bit more. They are textured, so he told me it will be a slower process, but I already love them, so I'm good with that! He gave me the ok to hit the gym again, swim, and wear an underwire bra if I choose! He just told me not to work my pecs..my only restriction. My left is still a bit achy and needs to drop more, but that was the side with the inflammation, so that's sort if expected. They are getting softer and looking better in clothes all the time. Also got my ER bill from my visit last week...$8500!! I have insurance but still have to pay $1,000 out if my pocket! There is seriously something wrong with healthcare in this country...but that's another subject. ;)

Double D-va???????

So, I made the obligatory post boob job trip to VS today to get measured and pick up one underwire for now. I was floored when I measured 34DD. I don't feel that big at all..in fact this morning I was thinking I could have gone a smidge bigger! Am I in denial about the size of these babies? When I first started this whole thing, I thought I wanted a full "C". Apparently, that's not what I wanted..or else I in my head that DD's were much bigger than they are. Anyway, that made me feel better about my size..DDD's would make life difficult finding bras and bathing suits that fit! From B to DD with 450cc!! ;)

5 week awesomeness!

Today is exactly 5 weeks since surgery! Geez, it feels like it's been so much longer. I have gone through so many "stages" and changes over the last 5 weeks. I've been very honest about all of the challenges of my recovery, so I wanted to be just as honest about the awesomeness of week 5 for me...here's some of the goodies that I've experienced this week:
1. Best thing ever..I've had long periods where I don't "feel" my boobs...I mean, not at all. I began to wonder if I would always feel the implants there!
2. My skin has stopped being sore..flaking and peeling. My nipples are still a little sensitive, but nothing like they were!
3. My breasts are getting MUCH softer..they even shake! I was brushing my teeth and looked in the mirror and those girls were jiggling all around!
4. I'm sleeping on my sides again..and sleeping that way all night! No discomfort at all!
5. I'm really not having any more "morning boob" or muscles seizures. When it's cold, I may feel them tensing up a bit, but nothing like they were.
6. I'm not self-conscious of them any longer. They are looking very natural and enviable in clothing and I'm quite proud of them!

Of course, I am still going through the daily thoughts...is my left going to ever fully drop? Are they going to settle anymore? Will my nipples raise higher? Should I have gone bigger.. etc etc. But, I'm becoming much less obsessed and am just focusing on enjoying them! Just wanted to give some encouragement to you girls in the early stages... and I've decided to officially change my vote to "worth it". :)

OMG! These boobs are causing me major issues...

...with my checking account that is! I can't stop buying new shirts, sweaters and bras. I go into the dressing room and come out wanting to buy everything. That has never been the case before. It really is amazing how much more balanced I look. I'm going to have to slow down on the retail fun! I also went back to the gym yesterday. Jogging felt a bit weird, but I was fine after...then just did some lower body work on the weight machines. Coming back slowly since I've been an invalid for a bit now. Definitely looking forward to Boobies' First Christmas...will be fun to take them out to all the holiday events. ;)

7 weeks post op..425 cc Sientra tear drop shaped! Love them!

I am so happy. Love the improvement in my breasts. Love my proportions, love how I look naked and in clothes...natural looking and youthful and full. I sometimes wish id gone a tad bigger, but very happy! ;) when I look at my befores, can hardly believe that's me. I don't remember what it feels like to have those saggy ol' bags!
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