"Paging Dr. Jimerson" Ready or not here I come!

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After reading so many post and seeing so many...

After reading so many post and seeing so many women go from an alright body to a OMG body made me go ahead and start the first steps. My sx is scheduled for for 11-5-2013 and I'm super excited already. My hubby is also excited but after making the consult this morning all I've done is worry. I'm worrying about what the people on the job will think with all that extra behind me.

I'm 5'9 and weight 160lbs and I've been wearing booty pads for about 8 years and it makes me have a small butt but none the less when Dr. Jimerson get finished with me I know I'll have a big transformation and the thought of them judging me is deficult right now. I'm also worried that if I don't get a big booty then I'll regret it later after all I've waited a lifetime for a butt.

I love seeing all of the before and after pictures on here as it inspires me to stay on track to getting that blessing of a butt. During lunch today I went to the mall and I got scared thinking about having to start over again buying pants to fit my new butt but thats just a small worry. I have stupid questions and stupid fears but none the less I'm having them.

Do big booty women have to buy pants with stretch in them to cover the entire tail? After he widdle the tummy down what size shirts will I need?

I called Monica today to see if I paid off my...

I called Monica today to see if I paid off my balance sooner if I could move my date up to around July and she said it was very possible. I'm going to re-evaluate my finances this weekend and see if my hubby will go ahead and pay for the SX by the end of April instead of Oct. Everytime someone post a new picture or have gone through the sx okay it makes me want to go ahead and get it over with so I can at least hae a body by the end of the summer 2013.

July 19th can't come soon enough!

I got my LOC from the Dr ofc but not sure if Monica at Jimerson's ofc has received it or not. I've just now started to get my supplies together and I feel I'll pack light instead of over packing so my list is really a short one. I want to thank all the VETS for still posting and actually letting us all know what supplies we really need during our recovery. I will be staying at a Residence Inn that has a full kitchen and two bedrooms and a living space since my mom and hubby will both be joining me. I have 3 list of things to bring. Grocery list, supply list and clothing list. I started last week getting therapeutic massages in all the area where I'll have fat removed from to get my nerves use to being touched. I'm really afraid of the pain that most people warn us about even though I work out a lot I still know that this procedure is something serious and the pain will remain you for about 2 weeks that it's no joke so I'm preparing myself. I may have mentioned before that I'm 5'9 and weighed 160lbs but since I got my sx date I've started to put on more weight just to be sure I have enough fat to transfer. I was told last week that I'm at 173lbs and I hope that's it because it's really been tough holding all this extra weight as a matter of fact I actually got a little depressed but it's slow going away now.
Support: My support system is outstanding! Everyone from family to friends are supporting me and wishing me well and that makes a big difference. My mom was a little offended that I didn't like the body that she and my dad blessed (cursed) me with and I told her that it's just time to improve since I'm 48 years old I wanted anew me.
The biggest problem I'm having is how in the world will I be able to not sit for 4months because I will not hurt this investment at all. I've been doing strengthening exercises in my legs but I highly doubt that will be enough.
I feel it's time to unveil my before pic's this weekend and be a real trooper like most of you ladies on here have done.
However - My wish pic's will be of pictures of real patience and not photo shopped pictures of stripper/models. I honestly believe that I could never ever look like those women and nor do I want to look like them. I want to look like me with a waistline, hips and big butt! To start off I want a big butt because I do know that it will get smaller after the swollen goes down and the 20-30% absorption happen. I want it big enough that once I start working out again I can get it the way I've always wanted a butt to be on me.
I don't have much advice for the ppl that have already gone through the sx but the ones that hasn't I want to put emphasis on living healthy and eating healthy. The journey starts before the sx in order to maintain it once the sx is over.
To all my BBL sista's out there I wish you all well!

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